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As part of the
kitchen renovation
featured in
last month's newsletter,
the powder room
was relocated and
given a makeover.
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The Tramp Art mirror frame was custom made  by Fran Phillips of Mulligan & Phillips.

Tramp Art*
I love the whimsy and joy in these pieces. Feast your eyes on this Pinterest board!
And another.

*Small pieces of wood,  
primarily from cigar boxes and produce crates, were whittled, notched and carved into geometric shapes, then stacked in layers to produce small decorative objects like boxes or frames by itinerant artisans, mostly between 1870s - 1940s. 

Tips for Natural Moth Proofing

Moth larvae thrive during spring and summer in the dark, doing damage to your clothes, carpets and blankets.
  • The #1 tip is to keep things clean. Moths love the smell of sweat. Launder clothes and blankets before packing away for the season. Vacuum regularly.
  • Avoid toxic chemical mothballs. Use cedar blocks, cedar oil, lavender sachets or homemade essential oil-soaked cotton balls.
  • Set pheromone traps for the male moths to reduce mating.
  • Spritz fragrant water near (not on) wools and silks. Moths don't like anything that smells clean or floral.

Read here for water spritz recipes and here for more tips. Happy Spring cleaning!  

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