February 2015
Grey and white kitchen with pops of color
Inspiration: I can find it just about everywhere!
The value of bees... and bats!
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Grey and white kitchen with pops of color ~
Project of the Month



These clients didn't like their existing kitchen, which had what they called the whole 'Home Depot aesthetic', plus the typical lack of counter space and storage. I started with their vision of a white kitchen, and for warmth and interest brought in soft grey tile. The result is a bright, fresh and welcoming space that delights the whole family. See the entire project including before and after photos here.


Inspiration ~ 

I made a video that frames my philosophy and where I find my inspirations - everywhere! I truly have no problem finding invigorating, dynamic inspiration all around me. It's called 'An Eye for Design - have you seen it?

An Eye For Design ~ Tracey Stephens Interior Design
An Eye For Design ~ Tracey Stephens Interior Design

Mindful Living & Green Design ~ 

Putting a price on the work of bats & bees

Most of us take for granted the service that ecosystems provide. This thought provoking Radio Lab episode investigates the economic value of nature's service to the world. What does an apple farmer do when pesticides kill off the bees and they are no longer available to pollinate the orchard, as happened in China
I help smart homeowners upgrade to stylish, functional healthy kitchens and baths.  What's on your wish list?

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