April 2014
Bathroom upgrade
Inspiration: Pinterest
Time's Running Out
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Master Bathroom upgrade ~
project of the month

The shower was claustrophobically small and dark. The clients did not want to replace the wall or floor tile, so new shower tile had to match or blend with the old.
shower before renovation
The shower footprint was enlarged and a half wall topped with glass was added. Traditional brick pattern wall tile and mini black and white hex tile (in shower niche and shower floor) blend with existing wall and floor tile. To reduce congestion at the shower entrance, the bedroom door hinge and swing was reversed into the bedroom. The soffit over the door was eliminated and a shower light was added.  
shower after renovation  

The pedestal sink did not provide storage or counter surface. The clearance space between shower and sink is narrow. 
pedestal sink before reno 
The pedestal sink was replaced with a custom sized vanity: W24 x D18 at sink plus stepped back W15 x D14 drawers. A surface mount medicine cabinet replaced the mirror. The frilly glass shades on the wall sconce were replaced with retro styled milk glass with hand painted black stripes.

vanity and medicine cabinet after reno
Inspiration ~

I love Pinterest! I use it as a digital file folder to save inspiring images I find on the interwebs. I have created boards for kitchens, baths, color, tile, lighting, etc. At last count I have 53 boards and 2,144 pins. I invite you to follow me on Pinterest.
Mindful Living & Green Design ~ 

Global climate change: Running Out of Time

This got my attention!

The world has only about 15 years left in which to begin to bend the emissions curve downward. Otherwise, the costs of last-minute fixes will be overwhelming. "We cannot afford to lose another decade," says Ottmar Edenhofer, a German economist and co-chairman of the committee that wrote the report. "If we lose another decade, it becomes extremely costly to achieve climate stabilization."

Based on a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Read full NY Times editorial here.
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