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My Own Tiny White Bath ~
project of the month

After 20 years of designing bathrooms for my clients, I finally got the chance to create one for myself. It is tiny (37.5 square feet!) and feels like being on a cruise ship.  One and a half years later, every morning and night as I start and end my day there, I still LOVE it.

Here's a detail of the main floor + shower curb + shower floor:

Click here to see before and after photos and floor plans.  
Inspiration ~
Tile mosaic: Carrara marble plus frosted and clear glass.

I fell in love with this tile when I used it for a client's bath and filed it away for future reference.

Mindful Living & Green Design ~ 
World Water Day - March 22nd

I am so grateful for indoor plumbing, clean water and the ability to create a bathroom for myself. Of course, not everyone is so fortunate. In 2014 768 million people continue to live without safe drinking water, while 2.5 billion live without sanitation. Did you know that one in six people on earth have no access to a toilet? What would your life be like, if that were you?

Solving the world water crisis means both conserving (not wasting) and protecting (not polluting) water.

Here's a 3 minute video about how much water we use every day without thinking:
The Global Water Crisis: How Much Water Do We Really Use Everyday?
The Global Water Crisis: How Much Water Do We Really Use Everyday?

A heartbreaking 1:22 minute video about the lack of clean safe water around the world.
Give Water: Give LIFE- Water for LIFE
Give Water: Give LIFE- Water for LIFE

And closer to home, four decades after the state government vowed to clean up and protect New Jersey's waterways, an effort that has cost billions of dollars since 1972, only one passes all water tests: a brook in a remote, forested part of Sussex County near the Pennsylvania border.
(Asbury Park Press)
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