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TimeSteps Creates its own Channel. You can too.

Anyone can create their own YouTube Channel.  

It's simply a place on to collect and organize all your favorite YouTube videos by subject (also known as a playlist.)  For a business like TimeSteps,  a channel on YouTube is the home page for an account named "TimeSteps Productions, Inc." All I did is set up the account name, the account type, and then add the public videos our clients have already uploaded, and any user information they've entered.  The key here is that the videos should be approved for public viewing.  No proprietary or employee-only videos should be uploaded.


The playlists (subjects) I've listed are "Science and Technology,"  "Documentary Profiles," "Colleges and Universities," "Animation," and "Historical Retrospectives," and under these headings there are ten videos (with more to be posted soon.) People can view one video or watch an entire playlist uninterrupted. Plus viewers can add comments for each video posted. 


I customized the page by adding a picture and of course our logo with a brief description.  You can also  change the background and color scheme of the channel page, if you'd like as well.


How do viewers find out about it? We drive our clients  to our YouTube Channel from our website, in our correspondence (as part of the signature) and in newsletter articles like the one you are reading.  So take a look and feel free to leave a comment if you see anything you like.

From the Library of:
Marilyn Petrokubi
The Search for Meaning in the 21st Century

by James Martin  


Meaning of the 21st Century book cover Futurist James Martin (author of Pulitzer nominated, The Wired Society) passed away this summer. His insights will be missed, but his legacy lives on in his books and the school at Oxford University that he has endowed: the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization.   This book, The Search of Meaning in the 21st Century, is a crash course about all the issues facing civilization today, but thanks to Martin, we can face them with solutions instead of despair. 
Martin looks at challenges that threaten human existence on Earth - among them: over population, water shortages, climate change, nuclear proliferation, poverty and unchecked technological advancement.
It's not a pretty picture, but happily, he holds up a candle of hope and offers it specifically to the young people of today - the "transition generation." He tells us that if the "best and brightest" can act responsibily to address the challenges we face, we may have a chance of surviving in the 21st Century. And he tells us how... 
After reading it, I too have become a convert in thinking that it should be every parent's responsibility to read this book and then give it to their college age children for discussion.
It's food for thought and more importantly inspiration for action. Check it out.
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