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July 2014

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With knowledge, skills and a supportive environment, people can improve their health.  As partners in health, California Project LEAN (CPL) can assist you with meeting your program goals to create healthier schools and communities.  Take a look at our 2014 Training Catalog outlining trainings and technical assistance that can be tailor-made and delivered in English or Spanish.

We look forward to helping you meet or exceed your program goals.
In health,
Project LEAN

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Somali Parents are Ready to Take Action

California Project LEAN Provides Training to Local School District Wellness Council in Kern County 

In partnership with the Kern County Department of Public Health, California Project LEAN (CPL) staff provided a training, "Local School Wellness Policy: Revisions and Implementation" to 12 members of the Standard School District Wellness Council in Oildale, California. Read more 

Urge Congress to End Taxpayer Subsidies for Junk Food Marketing to Children

With one-third of kids overweight or obese, should U.S. taxpayers be subsidizing junk food marketing to children?  Under current tax law, companies are allowed to deduct expenses for advertising and marketing unhealthy foods to children.  Please help us to end that obesity-promoting tax loophole. Read more

New Research: Kids Like Healthier School Meals!

We all know that healthier school meals improve kids' diets. But did you know kids' like them? Read more

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Somali Parents Trained
Kern County School District Training
California Project LEAN Panels at the School Based Health Alliance
Stop Tax Payer Subsidies for Junk Food Marketing
Kids are Eating Healthier School Meals
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a1ContSomali Parents Taking Action for their Children's Success (continued)


"More Physical Education, better access to water, and safe routes to school." These are three of the many advocacy points raised and discussed during a Parents in Action training with more than a dozen East African immigrant parents in City Heights, a community in San Diego.

City Heights is one of the 14 Building Healthy Communities sites in a statewide initiative funded by The California Endowment to build resident capacity to improve community health through policy,

systems and environmental change.

In collaboration with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Center for Community Health Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch (NEOPB) and United Women of East African Support Team, 15 hours of training was provided in English and Somali using CPL's Parents in Action Guide and Parent Lesson Plans.

Parents learned about the many factors that determine the health of a school's environment and how these factors influence their children's academic success. At least 13 schools in the San Diego Unified School District were represented by the participating families, leading to lively discussions of similarities and differences in access to physical activity opportunities, especially for girls, Physical Fitness Test scores and school policies regarding allowable foods and beverages for celebrations and fundraisers.

The Parents in Action training is just the beginning. Parents have pledged to continue to meet and further develop their action plan, building on the momentum, energy and excitement that resulted from learning and working together for a common cause: creating healthy school and community environments that lead to their children's success.


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a2ContKern County Public Health and Standard School District Invite California Project LEAN for Local School Wellness Policy Training (continued)

The Standard School District Wellness Council is a dynamic group comprised of food service staff, school board members, public health partners, parents, and teachers among other health experts and advocates and is currently in the process of revising and updating their Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP).

CPL staff led the Wellness Council through the process of reviewing and assessing the strength and comprehensiveness of their LSWP as well as helped them to identify goals for their LSWP revision efforts. CPL staff informed the group of current LSWP requirements, shared best practices, and provided information on school meals, competitive foods and beverages, physical education and physical activity opportunities.

Congratulations to Standard School District Wellness Council as they continue to expand upon the work they are already doing to support student and community health!


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a3ContCalifornia Project LEAN and Partners Bring Local School Wellness Policy Guidance to Seattle, Washington (continued)

On Tuesday, July 1st, California Project LEAN (CPL) participated on a panel about Local School Wellness Policies (LSWPs) and the role School Based Health Center (SBHC) staff can play at the School Based Health Alliance National Convention held in Seattle, Washington.  

Since LSWPs are usually crafted at the
district level and then disseminated to the schools, SBHCs have not traditionally been involved in the development, implementation or monitoring of such policies. CPL Program Manager, Katherine Hawksworth along with two

Hallways to Health (an initiative

between School Based Health Alliance and Kaiser Permanente) cohort members, Mizan Alkebulan-Abakah, who works with La Clinica del Raza's SBHC's based in Oakland Unified School District in California and Sara Trivette with Albany Area Primary Health Care, working in Dougherty County schools in Georgia, provided information about the importance of school based health center staff members' involvement in LSWP efforts. By the end of the session, audience members learned about key LSWP requirements and how SBHC staff can actively be involved in the implementation of a LSWP, including action steps they can take in support of LSWPs at their schools. 

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a4ContUrge Congress to End Taxpayer Subsidies for Marketing Junk Food to Children (continued) 

Food companies spend nearly $2 billion a year advertising and marketing food and beverages to children.  While companies have made some progress reducing unhealthy food marketing to kids over the past decade, the overwhelming majority of foods advertised to children are still of poor nutritional value.  Legislation pending in Congress would end that subsidy by prohibiting companies from deducting expenses for advertising and marketing unhealthy foods to children and adolescents.  This legislation would provide an incentive for companies to decrease unhealthy food marketing further. 

We need your support to end taxpayer subsidies for junk food marketing to children.  Please urge your members of Congress to support tax policies that encourage healthy eating habits and cosponsor the Stop Subsidizing Childhood Obesity Act. https://www.cspinet.org/takeaction/#


a5ContNew Research: Kids Like Healthier School Meals (continued)


The first national surveys of school leaders show that the majority of students like the new healthier lunches schools are offering after USDA's improved nutrition standards went into effect in fall 2012.  


Please share the study, to help support healthy nutrition in schools:


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About CA4Health
The Public Health Institute (PHI) was awarded a Community Transformation Grant to implement CA4Health in 42 small/rural California counties with a population of 500,000 or less. CA4Health seeks to reduce health disparities and provides funding to 12 small/rural counties and non-financial resources to 30 others.
CA4Health focuses on the following four strategic directions:

California Project LEAN serves as the Healthy Eating Active Living Strategic Direction Lead providing support to the CA4Health counties as they work to  facilitate the adoption of healthier beverage standards for meetings, vending and procurement in places like schools, community organizations and government. Check out California Project LEAN's Beverage Standards 

About California Project LEAN
California Project LEAN, a program of the Public Health Institute, works to advance nutrition and physical activity policy in schools and communities in order to prevent obesity and its associated chronic diseases. California Project LEAN efforts center on youth, parent and resident empowerment approaches, policy and environmental change strategies, and community-based solutions that improve nutrition and physical activity environments. For more information, go to www.CaliforniaProjectLEAN.org.
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