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January 6th, 2017  -  Vayigash
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Monday, January 9 
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Tuesday, January 10 
Boys' Basketball @ Fenway (Var only 5:00) 
Wrestling @ Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall (6:30)

Wednesday, January 11 
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Thursday, January 12 
Boys' Basketball vs. South Shore Christian (JV 5:30, Var 6:45) 
Girls' Basketball @ Pope John (JV 5:30, Var 7:00)

Friday, January 13 
End of Fall Semester

Maimonides Wrestling Shabbaton (through Sunday)
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D'var Torah 

by Rabbi Dov Huff
The meeting of Yosef and Yehuda in this week's parsha, as powerful as it is in the Yosef story, has much grander and more profound implications for Am Yisrael over the course of its history. The breaking apart and eventual reconciliation of Yosef and Yehuda is a paradigm of a complex relationship which would play itself out in the history of their descendants.
The divide between Yosef and his brothers, led by Yehuda, is emblematic of the tension between these two leaders, whose descendants would eventually divide into two competing kingdoms - one called Yosef, or Ephraim, and the other called Yehuda. We are informed of this break through the prophecy of the navi Achiya Hashiloni, who interestingly, and appropriately, uses the tearing of a new garment, much like Yosef's kutonet, to illustrate the impending split. Eventually the tribes under the flag of Yosef are cast away and lost among foreign nations, and the yearning of the Jewish people, like the sentiments expressed by Bnei Yaakov over their lost Yosef, becomes one of vekareiv pizureinu mibein hagoyim - reunion with our lost brothers.
In this lies the relevance of the haftorah connected to this week's parsha. Hashem tells the navi Yechezkel to take two sticks and carve "Yosef" on one and "Yehuda" on the other. Hashem miraculously joins the two sticks into one, and the prophet prophesies about the reunion of the Kingdom of Yehuda and the lost 10 tribes of the Kingdom of Ephraim. The prophecy ends with a beautiful vision of the reunited nation settling in the land that was given to Yaakov.
Vayigash eilav Yehuda is our story of hope and geulah. The reunion of the shvatim, the return of the lost brother, is our redemption story. Perhaps the tale of Yosef and his brothers is one that in many ways charts the course of Jewish destiny, and their reunion signifies our ultimate redemption and salvation.
Thoughts of the Rav 

by Rabbi David Saltzman   

At the beginning of their encounter in this week's parasha, Yehuda approaches Yosef and engages him in debate. On the surface, this is a recapitulation of the events leading up to the conversation taking place. On a deeper level, the Rav explains, it is a battle over which character trait would represent the leadership of the Jewish people throughout history. The question being decided at the encounter is: Who will be the king?
In this debate, Yehuda represents g'vurah and Yosef is chesed. Hashem chooses Yehuda and the trait of g'vurah because the leader of the people must have the ability to acquire and defend, to possess and protect, for the sake of the people. Leading a sacrificial life is good for an individual, but a king cannot be sacrificial at the expense of his nation. A leader must be demanding, ready to defend, insistent and strong. That is g'vurah.
Rabbi Huff Visits 2016 Alumni

Rabbi Huff spent this week on his annual mid-year trip to Israel, visiting many of our young alumni. He says, "This trip is always recharging because I get to see the fruits of our labor - educated, passionate young adults, in the next phase of their growth."


Alumni Newsletter Online

The monthly alumni newsletter for December is now online, and can be found here.  This issue's articles include:

  • Five 2014 Maimonides Graduates on Active Duty with the IDF
  • Alumna's Research Aims to Help U.K. Avoid Fracking Liabilities
  • Three Siblings Recall Student Years at Maimonides Educational Institute
  • One Graduate Reaches Pinnacle as an Airline Pilot, While Another Gets a Head Start on His Ascent
  • Gelman Family a Major Tournament Sponsor, Honoring Leland '82, z"l
If you would like to receive the alumni newsletter each month, contact Mike Rosenberg at (617) 232-4452 x 405 or mrosenberg@maimonides.org.

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Full size toothpaste and deodorant are needed for Hope and Cure, a Newton-based organization that provides hygiene products for adults and children in need.

Family Table, the area's only kosher food pantry, is an organization that Maimonides supports throughout the year with donations of whole wheat crackers and canned salmon.

Collection boxes are located in the Brener (outside the Elementary School office) and Saval (outside the Upper School office) buildings. Your donations will be greatly appreciated!

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The online calendar can be customized to show only the divisions and events you wish to see.  See 
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