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May 8, 2015                  Parashat Emor          18 Iyar, 5775  

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Dear MS Families,    


Please read on for pictures of today's Yom Orchim, and information on upcoming events.  


I would also like to share with you this D'var Torah from Rabbi David Saltzman, Principal of the Elementary School.
Brian Cohen
Associate Principal, Middle School  
Introduction to Upper School
Dear 8th Grade Parents,

The annual Introduction to Upper School event, which was initially scheduled for May 28, is now scheduled for Tuesday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the shul balcony.

Details to come!  We look forward to speaking with you about life and learning in the Upper School.  We will have a group of colleagues with us who can give you all the relevant information.  In addition to the principals, Mrs. Amy Rosen (Director of Student Life), and Ms. Molly Boynton (US Social Worker) will be joining us.  

We hope to see you there and will be in touch with more information as we get closer to the date.

Mr. Scott Mattoon
Rabbi Mordechai Soskil
Rabbi Dov Huff

Eighth Grade Trip
The eighth-grade students are all set and ready to leave for their trip to Washington, D.C. on Monday morning! Please make sure that all eighth-graders are at school on time. It's important that the bus leaves in time so that we can include all our planned activities for the day.

Yom Orchim

Our students and their guests had a wonderful time at today's Yom Orchim! After joining the students at their classes, the guests had an opportunity to enjoy lunch and a presentation of science, poetry and art created by Middle School students.

It's both exciting and meaningful for the students to have their guests visit, and we are grateful to both the parents and the guests themselves for making this happen.

Here's a small sample of the pictures from this special day. More will be available on our Phanfare website!

Sixth- and Seventh-Grade ERBs
Seventh-Grade ERBs
NOTE: The seventh-grade ERBs will be taking place on Tuesday, May 12th and Wednesday, May 13th, from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. both days. Please note that this is a change from the initial schedule of having the ERBs on Monday and Tuesday.
Sixth-Grade ERBs
The sixth-grade ERBs will be taking place over the course of next week, with one or two sections completed daily.

Please make sure your children are well-rested, calm, and have two pencils with erasers on the days of their ERBs!


Meet New General Studies Faculty

We have several exciting new General Studies hires on board for next school year, who will further strengthen our current faculty team, and we can't wait to introduce them to you!

Please join us next Wednesday evening, May 13, 6:30-8:00pm in the Saval library, so that you can meet some of these terrific people and Mr. Mattoon can share with you the vision that went into their recruitment and what it will mean for General Studies in Middle and Upper School next year and beyond.


Taam China on Monday


While the eighth-graders will be away this Monday, the food they've ordered will still be coming in! Mrs. Vedol will be distributing Chinese food lunches to the sixth- and seventh-graders on behalf of the eighth-graders.  



Middle School Literary Magazine!
Introducing ...
The brand-new Lit Mag
just for Middle Schoolers!

We are delighted to announce the founding of the new Middle School literary magazine! All Middle School students are encouraged to submit:

  Divrei Torah

whether they were prepared for class or for fun.

Submissions can be brought in to Mrs. Vedol or emailed to her at by Monday, May 18.

Electronic and printed copies will be available at the end of the school year.
On behalf of the entire Middle School: Shabbat Shalom!

Brian Cohen

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