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Family Fun

NEAF Solar 60 w/ student
Even a 5th grader can use it...10-year-old Xu Fu took this photo of the Sun (inset) with his smartphone and the Solar 60 telescope.
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Test Report

ATT iEQ30 article   
Check out this test report on our iEQ30 inside the latest issue of Astronomy Technology Today



The iEQ45-AZ German EQ/AZ GOTO mount is the latest development of the premium iEQ45 mount series. It's the same high performance iEQ45, but now in dual mode EQ and AltAz.

Includes pier.
(OTA and powerweight not included)

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More Arrivals? That's right... Earlier this spring we announced the arrival of a new type of equatorial mount--The ZEQ25. Now, we are happy to announce a new SkyTracker camera mount. The SkyTracker has been selling-out world-wide since it first came out this past December. Well, we've made some changes to it that we think you'll like.

 Photo of the Month
David A Bennett M45 500px
This month's photo comes from David A. Bennett using the iOptron SkyTracker. David took this picture of M45 using a Nikon D5100 with a 300mm, f/5.6, ISO 250, and 30 x 30 second exposures.

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SkyTracker 3302WThe New-er SkyTracker
Ever since it came out -- the SkyTracker camera mount has been selling out world-wide. This month not only will we be shipping more SkyTrackers, but they'll have a couple new features. We've increased the payload to 7.7 lbs. and added an adjustable AZ base (for easier polar positioning).The SkyTracker is a simple way to take beautiful photos of the night sky without streaking or star trailing. 
Available worldwide.
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Skytracker with Polar Scope regularly $448 USD
For a limited time only $399 (price in US and Canada)
#3302W shown here. Available in white or black finish

#3305 ball head and #3307 AZ Base

Skytracker, polar scope, tripod and ball head package.
The Tech Corner

For this month's Tech Corner we're looking at the new iOptron ZEQ25 -- the mount that puts the weight of the payload at the center of gravity allowing for greater natural stability.
The gears of ZEQ25 are spring loaded with gear switches at both R.A. and DEC. So the tension adjuster (knob on top) should not be fully tightened when slewing or tracking. Ideally, the tension should be tight enough to remove play, but not so tight to cause excessive pressure to the motor gear. To download the latest Quick Start Guide click here

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