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November 2013

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Wireless Medicine

Tips for Choosing  a Medigap Plan

Sleep Helps Detoxify the Brain

Sweet Lorraine

 videoFun video showing the capability of humans.  

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 (Hadouken! - Levitate)
PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 (Hadouken! - Levitate)

 clientsWhat Our Clients Are Saying About Us: Home Care Pulse 2013

Home Care Pulse, an independent quality management agency, randomly surveys our clients on a monthly basis.  Here's what one of them had to say last month: 

"The office staff at Assisting Angels is very friendly and flexible when I call to make changes."
--E. R.
Boise, Idaho

"I am very confident in the office staff. They have always worked hard to find a caregiver for me even with short notice."
--G. N.
Boise, Idaho

Butternut Squash Bread Pudding:  
If the cold has sent you searching for comfort food, this savory dish will cheer you inside and out.

Curious about squash varieties? also has a Types of Winter Squash gallery.
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November brings anticipation of feasting, holidays, family and gratitude. We pray you will be near those you love most this year and that your biggest concern is raking leaves before the first snow.

We also hope these articles encourage and inform. Happy Thanksgiving!

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 The Team at Assisting Angels Home Care 

Results in Real Time--Wireless Medicine

Dr. Eric Topol, leading cardiologist says the smart phone is changing personal medical care. Using digital tests he can receive results immediately, while still sitting with the patient.

It could eliminate billions of dollars wasted on unneeded screenings and tests.
NBC video "Wireless Medicine"

Using a modified iPhone he produces a cardiogram during the visit. "These days, I am actually prescribing a lot more apps than I am prescriptions." 

He also says the phone can become a lab, providing blood saliva, urine, or sweat tests. Looking to the future: it may be possible to save even more and perform these tests remotely. Then send the results to your doctor.   
Tips for Choosing a Medigap Plan

Medigap plans are private health insurance purchased to cover costs Medicare does not. has a detailed explanation.

Senior Spirit has tips on Choosing Betwedoctor.jpgen Original and Advantage, Medigap options and ways to determine if it could save you money in the long run. 

There is also a list of illegal practices and potential scams to beware of when speaking to a Medigap representative. For example: be wary if they claim that a Medigap policy is part of the Medicare Program or any other federal program. Medigap is private health insurance. 

For more tips, also see "How to compare Medigap policies." Additionally, you can find out which insurance companies sell Medigap policies in your area.  
Sleep Helps Detoxify the Brain
There is a previously unrecognized system which drains  waste form your brain while you sleep at night. Medical News Today says it "Clears away toxins or waste products that could be responsible for brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders."

These findings, published in Science Translational Medicine, do suggest a link with people who have neurological disorders and show difficulty accessing the brain's cleaning mechanism.

See our resource page for Healthy Sleep Tips.
"She gave me 75 years of her life."
Fred Stobaugh, 96 years old
A Letter From Fred - *OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY* Oh Sweet Lorraine An Amazing Song Written by Fred! 
A Letter From Fred - Oh Sweet Lorraine 
read an ad for a song writing contest in the local paper, one month after his late wife passed.

He decided to sit down and write one to her.

He didn't meet the requirements of the contest, but his love so moved the Green Shoe Studio that they decided to surprise him with a gift. They added music and professionally recorded his song. It went viral.

You can hear the song "Sweet Lorraine" near the end of the video and see his reaction.

Brenda Critell, President / CEO
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
A native of Boise, Idaho and a 4th generation Idahoan. Brenda founded Assisting Angels Home Care in 2006.

Skip Critell, VP/COO
Director of Operations and Community Liaison for the Treasure Valley

Sherry Atwell, Office Administrator

Manages Operations and Scheduling of Direct Care services



Rebekah Calkins, CFO 

Manages billing, payroll and financial affairs 






 Sonya Harris

Sonya Harris, Client Care Coordinator

Provides quality client care and supervision of direct care services for the Treasure Valley.


About Assisting Angels Home Care  

Serving the state of Idaho, Assisting Angels Home Care, Inc. has been providing personalized care at home with supporting services since 2006. Assisting Angels uses certified personnel for supervision and monitoring of all direct services, has no minimum requirement for hours for accepting clients, and does not charge separately for travel to and from the job location. All employees are bonded and insured. Complete screening and thorough background checks are performed prior to any person having contact with one of our clients or patients. Assisting Angels provides a wide spectrum of personalized in-home care services, including live-in care, general homemaker, personal care, and private duty nursing for all ages.  

Visit or call 208.344.7979 (Boise), or 208.733.2550 (Twin Falls) for more information.