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Volume 3, Issue 4
April 2013

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  sonyaBlog Talk Radio
Sonya Harris
Sonya Harris

I'd like to let you know about an entertaining and useful resource on blog talk radio.  


"Nurse Savage on you Side" is dedicated to helping seniors remain in their own homes longer with better health and improved quality of life, as well as supporting the families and friends helping them.  


She also wants caregivers to be successful and help decrease caregiver burnout.


You can listen in for empathy, support, answers, insights and humor in what is often a very challenging field: caregiving. Listen to the latest episode here. 


spotlightEmployee Spotlight   


Amanda Wolters was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas but raised here in Boise. At about ten years old, her grandmother became diagnosed with dementia. Amanda's grandmother declined very quickly and she needed to be moved several times to different facilities.

Amanda Wolters


A few years later, Amanda and her mother began to discuss the possibility that if grandma had received better care -- she might have had a better end and a slower decline.  


Amanda had always been interested in health care, at a young age she was concerned for other people. When a few of her friends became CNAs, she decided to enroll in 2010. A big motivator was to work in an assisted living facility and help with the quality of life for the clients. "I love being a CNA," she says, "It effects my self esteem to provide for the needs of others."


Amanda has been with Assisting Angels since January. She says home care is amazing because you can see people in their natural environment. There is nothing to distract you from your client. 


Family is important to Amanda. She spends her free time with her own family or her boyfriend and his family. Naturally, she thinks about her grandparents when caregiving. "As caregivers we can have a huge impact on expanding a client's life."


We are very pleased to have such a quality caregiver on our team.   


 The grateful staff at Assisting Angels 

From the Office

Due to recent complaints and incidents, the following changes in policy have been initiated:  

  • If you are interested in changing your schedule in order to take on a new client, please call the office and let us know. When we have new clients entering the system, we look for caregivers who are available for that time slot. If no one is available and no one has told us they would like a change - then we hire new caregivers. We don't know what you want unless you tell us.
  • If you have an open day on your schedule, please let us know if you make plans and are NOT available to fill a shift that day. Just because you have nothing on your schedule, that does not mean that we won't call you to fill-in and expect you to be available.

  •  And that brings up the last item - PLEASE RETURN OUR CALLS. If you do not return our call, we cannot fill a schedule or offer you a new assignment. It is very frustrating for the office staff if you do not return our calls. Call us even if you are going to say "no." From this point forward, if you do not return a call, it will be documented and will reflect poorly on your yearly evaluation, and will affect your merit raise. Once you have 3 unreturned phone calls on record, you will be written up for corrective action. If violation of this policy continues, disciplinary action will result, which may include termination of employment. We have to be able to count on you.

 Please, if you leave our employ - we need at least 2 weeks' notice in order to cover your assignments. This is a common request for most businesses and also just good business etiquette - especially if you want work references from us in the future. We appreciate you giving us this notice

Becky Sall_new
Becky Sall
Administrative Assistant

Rebekah Calkins
Rebekah Calkins Administrative Assistant  
Sherry Atwell
Sherry Atwell 
Office Manager

The office staff - Becky, Rebekah, and Sherry    

brenda Message from Skip 


Skip Critell
Operations Manager

The aQuire Training contest has started! Log in & check out all the new courses available. These are at no added cost to our employees. Most are 1 hour and some are 2 hours. You can access aQuire Training here 24 hrs a day from any computer with internet.


After logging in, go to My Courses in the center of the screen. Scroll down to your interest title & click to open. There will be the course, followed by the quiz, and then you get your certificate. Always go to the end -- you don't have to print the certificate, but go to that point to make sure you get credit.


These are excellent accredited classes provided by aQuire, a national training company. If you have any questions or problems, contact Skip at the office, or any office staff can help you. Please take advantage of this new expanded opportunity.
Home Care Pulse
Home Care Pulse, an independent quality management agency, randomly surveys our clients on a monthly basis.

HCP Trusted Employer
Here is a recent quote from client D. D. about caregiver
Ann B.

"She does not stop from the time that she gets here to the moment she leaves."

Thank you, caregivers, for the obvious impact you have on your clients' lives!





How to redeem: you must bring your Assisting Angels badge with you at the time of service and mention this discount.

Caregivers -- take some time for yourself!

Oliver Finley Academy of Cosmetology has offered a generous discount to Assisting Angels Caregivers. 

Oliver Finley provides a wide range of salon and spa services to help you feel and look rejuvenated. Prevent caregiver burnout and make an appointment by calling 208-658-1115. 

Oliver Finley is located at 6843 N. Strawberry Glen Rd. Boise, ID 83714 on the corner of

Glenwood and State. map Offer subject to change.  



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