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Volume 3, Issue 1
January 2013

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Healthy Communication
Employee Spotlight--Our Three Supervisors
From the Office
Message from Skip
  sonyaFive Ways to Protect Your Child in Flu Season
Sonya Harris
Sonya Harris
Client Care Coordinator

Washing Hands1. Make sure your child gets this season's flu vaccine.

2. Practice good cough etiquette and social distancing.

3. Keep hands and shared objects/surfaces clean.

4. Stay healthy.

5. For children with the flu, treat symptoms and keep them comfortable.  

spotlightEmployee Spotlight   

This month we wanted to introduce you to our three supervisors: Monica Miriello

Monica Rose Miriello (say mary-yellow)  
Favorite food: any vegetables-oh, except okra
Pet Peeve: the phrase "On Accident"  should be "By Accident"
How you reward yourself: game of Free Cell

Name: Renaie Gonzales 
Favorite food: Chinese Food Renaie Gonzales
Pet Peeve: Biting Nails
Furthest from Boise, ID that you have traveled:  Honolulu, Hawaii
How you reward yourself:  I workout at a gym, makes me feel better and energized

Name: Sonya Harris
Favorite food: Mexican
Pet Peeve: Broken promises from my loved ones
Furthest from Boise, ID that you have traveled: Mexico, I have made Sonya Harrisseveral trips into Mexico over the years. I love the climate, people, food and culture.  
How you reward yourself: I love to pack up my car with KFC fried chicken, a blanket, bottled water, my family and my dogs, I just pick a place on the map and take off for the day.

The grateful staff at Assisting Angels 
officeFrom the Office
  • HIPPA reminder: DO NOT discuss your client with another client or family member! It is your responsibility to maintain confidentiality of all information that is entrusted to you.
  • New Agreement to Standards form has been added to Yearly Evaluation papers - specifically addressing the buying, selling, or trading between caregiver and client that are strictly prohibited by this new policy. The Code of Conduct that all caregivers sign states "No money shall be exchanged between caregiver and client." This will be discussed at your yearly evaluation.
  • After Holiday Party - mark your calendar for February 7th - 6 pm - Grand China Buffet on Fairview! More information will soon be coming your way!!
  • aQuire January Training Contest

Starting January 1, 2013 through Jan 31, 2013

Caregivers are able to log in to our aQuire training site and access training modules.Applebee's Gift Card The caregiver who completes the most modules in January will receive a $25 Applebee's gift card. 2nd place is a $10 gift card. Training must be completed &  employee must click on "get certificate" in order for the course to be posted to their employee ID.  The certificate does not have to be printed; it can be printed at a later date for the employee.

Employee must be in active status to participate (working scheduled assignments).

Any questions contact Skip Critell, Operations Manager, 344-7979

  • Your W-2's are ready - you can pick them up at the office Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. If you do not pick them up they will be mailed on January 31st.

Becky Sall_new
Becky Sall
Administrative Assistant

Rebekah Calkins
Rebekah Calkins Administrative Assistant  
Sherry Atwell
Sherry Atwell 
Office Manager


The office staff - Becky, Rebekah, and Sherry    

brendaMessage from Skip

Skip Critell
Skip Critell Operations Manager


Some winter driving tips to help us survive:

  • Watch for shaded areas on the road & ice on overpasses--they don't thaw as fast & can be slick.
  • Carry an extra coat & gloves.
    icy roads
  • Check the air pressure in your tires & antifreeze in the engine--don't forget the windshield washer fluid. They make some for winter (-20 degrees) that doesn't ice up the windshield.
  • Energy bars or snacks are handy if you are stuck or
  • If you have to walk, keep your hands out of your pockets in case you fall--easier to catch yourself!
  • Keep the gas tank half full & allow extra commute time--and drive safe!


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