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Volume 2, Issue 8
September 2012

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Alzheimer's and the Bathing Battlegrounds
Employee Spotlight - Ali Gonzales
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Message from Brenda
Alzheimer's and the Bathing Battlegrounds

Who knows why an extremely confused person doesn't want to bathe? It could be fear of falling, feeling cold, modesty issues, the inability to understand what is expected, the inability to sequence and/or follow directions, or the inability to recognize the difference between feeling hot and cold.

Sonya Harris
Sonya Harris
Client Care Coordinator


Here are some well-known tips which caregivers can follow when giving a person who has Alzheimer's a bath:

  • Prepare the bathroom in advance: Turn up the heat and gather all supplies to within easy reach.
  • Simply state that it is time to "wash up" or "clean up" before a meal or snack.
  • Keep the conversation light and talk about anything other than bathing.
  • Take it one step at a time: fill the sink with warm water and encourage hand washing. Never leave a person feeling exposed: each time an article of clothing comes off; replace it with a clean item.
  • If agitation occurs, back off and try again later.
  • Sometimes you have to resort to the seven-day bath: bathing one body part per day.
  • Bring a bath-in-a-basin to the person.  

Employee Spotlight

Ali Gonzales
Ali Gonzales
Ali Gonzales
has really "stepped up" during the six months she's worked at Assisting Angels.

Ali currently studies Phlebotomy at Stevens-Henager College. She loves to spend time with her siblings, and considers her 16-year-old sister her best friend.

Ali's favorite pastimes include going on adventures downtown with her friends, long boarding, hiking to Table Rock and floating the river.

Her willingness to always learn something new makes her a terrific asset to Assisting Angels. Ali says "I just go with the flow and see where life takes me. One day at a time."

The grateful staff of Assisting Angels

From the Office
Sherry Atwell  Office Manager
Becky Sall_new
Becky Sall Administrative Assistant
Call Back
When you receive a call or an email from the office -- please call us immediately -- even if you have to refuse an assignment. Let us hear back from you


Leaving Early

If your client asks you to leave your assignment early, please call and let the office know so we can note the reason in their file.


Flu Season 

We are approaching the cold and flu season. Make a funny graphic to remind yourself: WASH YOUR HANDS!  WASH YOUR HANDS! And remember: if you are ill, running a fever, etc., please do not go to your assignment and expose the client to your germs!  Call the office as soon as you notice your symptoms and let us find a different caregiver or move the assignment to another day!


Rebekah Calkins
Administrative Assistant

Fee Increase

Idaho Health and Welfare's Background Department has announced a fee increase from $55 to $60 effective October 1, 2012. Please keep this in mind when you are notified that your fingerprints and background are about to expire. (Every 3 years you are required to submit a new background check.)fee increase 10_1_12

 What's new: now you must come into the office to sign up for your background check appointment.  You will print out your application and Sherry will notarize it, then you will take he whole application with you to your appointment. It would be best if you call the  office before you come in to apply, to make sure Sherry will be here.



CNA Needed

Do you know someone who needs a job? We are currently looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant. Click here to view our Craigslist ad.  


The office staff - Becky, Rebekah, and Sherry    

Message from Brenda

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Costco is offering a special on their membership again this year. If you are interested, you can find the flyer here. Just print it out and bring it with you to your nearest Costco. 


Special membership offer is available: September 4 - December 31, 2012


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Brenda Critell




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