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As we go to press, the news that the ill advised Jacobs/Sanders plan to redesign, develop, and bring paid parking into Balboa park has reared its ugly head again. You can be sure we will keep you apprised.

And now please, enjoy the July issue of Our Heritage News.
SOHO President's Monthly Message
By Jaye MacAskill
Even though I've lived in San Diego for more than a decade, I still think like a tourist. For all the millions of lucky people who get to visit San Diego every year, there are millions more who only wish they could be here. I try never to take these facts for granted, which...Read more
Events Calendar
The book so many have been waiting for!
The History & Mystery of the Whaley House
July 2
SOHO's latest publication telling the story of the Whaley House, Thomas and Anna Whaley and their family, and the home's haunted reputation, is available for purchase at the Whaley House Museum Shop beginning Saturday, July 2.

Published under SOHO's imprint Our Heritage Press, The History & Mystery of the Whaley House illuminates the history of the pioneer Whaley family and their magnificent 1850s brick mansion, dispelling myths and providing rediscovered facts and information about this popular...Read more
Silent Sundays Film Series continues
at the Adobe Chapel Museum

The Viking (1928)
July 10 · 7:30pm
"The Viking definitely serves its purpose as a Technicolor showcase. It has a richer palette than most contemporary color films, getting closer to genuine blue for seas and skies. Cinematographer George Cave and perennial Technicolor consultant Natalie Kalmus hit a visual home run...Read more
All Things Gill Coming to SOHO
SOHO is featuring Irving Gill, San Diego's most prominent architect and a trailblazing early Modernist, for a six-month celebration called Irving Gill: Progress & Poetry in Architecture beginning September 23 and 24. SOHO and 12 other museums and institutions, 11 in San Diego County plus the University of California Santa Barbara's AD&A Museum, are part of a multidisciplinary collaborative united...Read more
Iconic Caliente Mural Not Designated Historic
SOHO was greatly disheartened by the inability of the Historical Resources Board (HRB) to designate the Caliente mural under any criteria. 

The HRB listened for the second time to public testimony and deliberated about this iconic sign for over two hours at its June 23 meeting. While AECOM updated its severely deficient report,
California Theatre
Time for an Encore, Not an Overture

A new project for the California Theatre site (downtown at 4th Avenue and C Street) proposes the complete demolition of this local icon and historic resource. Overture, the name of the 40-story tower with mixed-use development, was discussed at two public design review meetings in early June. First, the Pre-Design Subcommittee for the Downtown Community Planning Council (DCPC) met on June 7; the next morning, the...Read more
Peruvian Pepper Trees
San Diego's Signature Historical Tree

This past April I went down to CalTrans' offices for a special meeting about the Peruvian pepper trees (Schinus molle) of Old Town. The city had invited citizenry to comment on their proposed project to remove and destroy some 18 or more pepper trees as part of their plan to improve sidewalks along Juan Street. 

There were a number of people in attendance including city engineers, arborists, archaeologists, and historians. Luminaries included Bruce Coons, the executive director of Save Our Heritage (SOHO) Organisation. Almost everyone...Read
Car Clubs Rally at the Marston House
Heritage tourism is a driving force in the San Diego economy. Locals and visitors seek out San Diego's rich cultural, historic, and natural resources, making preservation and conservation important components to sustain our thriving city. Tourism is San Diego County's third largest industry and heritage tourism is an important part of this well-oiled machine. According to the 2016 San Diego Tourism Industry Research report, tourism employs over 180,000 locals, delivers over $9 billion annually and brings more than 30 million guests...Read more
Mexicali Millennials Organize
First Jane's Walk
In May, a Mexicali group organized a free tour called Jane's Walk in celebration of the centennial of the birth of Jane Jacobs, the urban activist and author of the classic book Life and Death of American Cities (1961). The group "Algo por El Centro" (Something Through Downtown) promoted a walking visit to the city's historical downtown that put local tourists in conversation with people who live or work in the...Read more
Spoiler Alert
Meet SOHO's Jeopardy! Contestant

Ellen Green joined SOHO as Museum Staff Coordinator in May. Originally from Milwaukee, she majored in German and French at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She taught at the
 middle- and high-school levels for several years. In the mid-1980s, Ellen vacationed in Southern California, and a few months later, made San Diego her home. She has worked in ...Read more
Triumphs and Tragedies
Hillcrest LGBT History Tour by Lambda Archives

· Do you know how Hillcrest became "the gay neighborhood?"
· Have you read the hate crimes plaque on University Avenue? Did you even know one is there?
· Ever read the stories at the base of the Pride flagpole?
Join the walking tour, get a peek into the secret garden, and more. 

Lambda Archives' guided Hillcrest walking tour will next be held on July 13 and 14 at 6:15pm. Meet at the corner of Third and University Avenues, outside...Read
Museum Conference Energizes SOHO Staff
Laura Lover, Curatorial Affairs & Programming Coordinator, recently returned from Washington, D.C., where she attended the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting and Museum Expo. She is a member of the programming and communications committees of the Rising Arts Leaders of San Diego, and received a grant from the organization to...Read more
Annual Call for Board of Directors Nominations
SOHO is seeking nominations for its board of directors by Friday, July 29, 2016. Any member in good standing may submit his or her own name for consideration. 

A director is expected to attend monthly board, addressing preservation and other issues, establishing policies, and directing SOHO's assets to...Read more