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It's May, Celebrate National Preservation Month with SOHO!
Give a high-five to preservationists everywhere during National Preservation Month. Why not visit, or revisit, SOHO's six museums and historic sites? When was the last time you strolled through Old Town to tour the Whaley House Museum, where restoration...Read more
The PIPs are back!
Salute the 2016 winners at the 34th annual awards
SOHO will present 13 People In Preservation Awards in the Marston House formal gardens on May 19, with a catered champagne reception starting at 5:30pm. The 34th annual PIPs, as they are known, honor San Diego County residents who have excelled in preservation projects, from homes in a variety of styles to a beloved fire station and a rare railway car being restored...Read more.

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Saving the Historic Caliente Murals
Fallacious report sent back to applicant
About 30 activists supporting designation of the prominent downtown Agua Caliente mural made their presence felt at the Historical Resources Board on April 28, in addition to the 582 supporters who signed the second "Save the Historic Caliente Mural" petition. A dozen of those present explained the trifecta of historic significance these three murals on the California Theatre's exterior walls represent to San Diego and Tijuana. The focus was on the 40' x 80' Agua Caliente mural, which has urged generations of San Diegans, since Prohibition, to cross the border and enjoy racing at the Tijuana...Read more.
2016 Mayoral & City Council Candidates Answer SOHO's Survey
SOHO asked the 2016 City of San Diego candidates for Mayor and the City Council to answer questions about complex issues we know you care about, issues that are critical to the protection, preservation and economic reuse of the built historical buildings, sites, landscapes and...Read more.
SOHO Museum News

Rare San Diego False Fronts get some TLC
Whaley House Museum, Shop, and SOHO offices remain open during restoration
We are excited to be in the next phase of the SOHO's master restoration plan for the Whaley House Complex, made possible by the County of San Diego. Work is being done primarily on the two c. 1870 false front buildings currently occupied by the New Orleans Creole Cafe, and the property's electrical system, which is being upgraded. Since April 11, much of this area has been fenced off and closed to visitors. 

The fašades and verandas of the false front buildings, which were relocated to the Whaley House grounds from...Read more.
Plan your Sundays now for SOHO's
Silent Sundays Film Series
t the Adobe Chapel Museum

The Plastic Cage (1925)
The Plastic Age, starring Clara Bow, Donald Keith, and Gilbert Roland in his film debut. The film was based on a best-selling novel from 1924 of the same name, written by Percy Marks, a Brown University English instructor who chronicled the life of the fast-set of that university. One of the best of Clara Bow's pre-Paramount...Read more.
The BIG Exchange is HERE!
Being a SOHO member includes special benefits May 1-18, when you can get reciprocal admission at 31 museums, historic sites, gardens and more throughout San Diego County! Like SOHO, all of them belong to the San Diego Museum Council, which organized the Big Exchange to offer 18 days of history and cultural enrichment. For free...Read more.
Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month
By Presidential proclamation and Congressional resolution, May is Jewish American Heritage Month. The official website invites us to "celebrate Jewish Americans who have helped weave the fabric of American history, culture and society" for more than 350 years. Visit the site for events and programs nationwide and a resource for school and community leaders.

Here at home, we are grateful to SOHO members Laurel and Stan Schwartz for writing the following brief...Read more.
Preservation Law Approaches 50
SOHO recognizes the momentous occasion

The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) is the nation's farthest-reaching preservation legislation and the culmination of more than 100 years of collective effort to protect America's historic resources. Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association prevented the demolition of Mount Vernon, George Washington's child and adulthood home. The National Park Service was founded in1916, followed by the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) program in...Read more
Mothers Day special for all. Treat Mom and yourself with 10% off, members can double the discount!
In case you missed our sold-out Tea & Chocolate Tasting in March, here are some tasty tidbits about some of the elegant, international chocolate bars being devoured by patrons of the Marston House Museum Shop. 

The chocolatiers who produce them are known as "bean to bar" manufacturers. Most cocoa is sold on the world commodities market in huge lots, just like soybeans and ...Read more.
Give to the cause when you buy a gift certificate or gift membership
Why not commemorate SOHO's many achievements and ongoing preservation work by giving individual ($40) or household ($50) memberships to your family members and friends? Or consider gift certificates for...Read more.