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SOHO purchased our second 19th-century site with the iconic Dutch-style barn in Santa Ysabel, in the heart of San Diego's backcountry. The Hoover Barn, ca. 1890, is a rare remaining example of wood barn, the likes of which once dotted the region's rural landscape...Read more

As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and take action to honor and protect Mother Earth, we're reminded that historic preservation of buildings, sites and landscapes is part of the solution. As the saying goes, the greenest building is the one that is already built. Read more

Larger issues of economic development, housing, and transportation have very real effects on preservation in San Diego, and your vote for elected officials and ballot initiatives can make a difference. Learn more about local politics and the connection to preservation, and make your vote count.
Vote for Preservation - SOHO's Candidate Survey
SOHO sent a survey to all candidates for the City of San Diego Mayor and City Council to assess how they stand on preserving the built and natural environment. We reminded them that preservationists make up a formidable, well-informed voting block. Watch for the results in the May eNews, on SOHO's website and on social media platforms.
Land Use Meets Historic Preservation
The City's Land Development Code regulates several aspects of the community including eligible locations for charter schools, the distance between parks and marijuana dispensaries, the number of vehicles allowed for home-based businesses, and historical review of development projects. Every few years this code is updated to close loopholes and streamline complex processes. Thanks to SOHO, at City Council's...Read more
SOHO Historic Resources Specialist Elected
to two Community Planning Boards

Congratulations to Amie Hayes, SOHO's Historic Resources Specialist, on her election to the Uptown Planners and the Old Town Community Planning Board! To claim not just one, but two seats on these coveted boards is quite an accomplishment. Amie, who lives in Uptown and works in Old Town, will be our watchdog for historic preservation and other development issues in these two historic...Read more
Saving Horton Plaza Park
SOHO's "Preservation Matters" column by Ann Jarmusch runs every other month in the Downtown News. In case you missed the March column on SOHO's role in saving Horton Plaza Park, its iconic fountain and the current restoration of both, click HERE
SOHO Museum News
At the Marston House Museum & Gardens

Out of the Archives
This month marks the start of a new temporary exhibit at the Marston House called "Out of the Archives." It features objects that originated from the Marston family and the Marston Department Store. It is the perfect opportunity to see items that have been hidden away in the SOHO archives and are not...Read more.
History Collectors: SOHO Members Share Their Collections
The exhibit opened to a
opened to a full house of visitors from the sold out Tea & Chocolate event held the same day on March 20, at the Marston House. This charming exhibit features a beautiful collection of American hand painted porcelain, generously loaned by Carol Davis.

This is the inaugural exhibit of our History Collectors series, which celebrates the rich and varied collections of SOHO members. SOHO would like to thank all our members for your continued...Read more.
Plan your Sundays now for SOHO's
Silent Sundays Film Series
At the Adobe Chapel Museum

Sally of the Sawdust (1925)
This is one of [D.W.] Griffith's more enjoyable films. While this has as much - or more - to do with its starring W.C. Fields in his first leading role, the film is also a showcase for Griffith's direction, making charming use of a good deal of beautifully pastoral location shooting that helps to give Sally an almost-luminous glow. The film is an...Read more.
A Salute to Our Great Volunteers
April is National Volunteer Month! Introduced in 1974, National Volunteer Month promotes and celebrates those who give back to their communities by dedicating their time and energy to important institutions and causes.

The lifeblood of SOHO is our volunteers. With a love for San Diego history and a passion for preservation, our volunteer staff educate and share the importance of our historic museums and sites all around San Diego County and participate...Read more
It's Time for Tea
A line of Marston House private label teas was introduced recently at our Tea & Chocolate Tasting in the lovely setting of the Marston House Gardens. It was one of the highlights of the event, and sales were quite brisk! Decorated with a vintage photograph of...Read more.
Geraniums are back!
Starting this month brilliant hybrid geraniums will once again brighten the Marston House Museum Shop, thanks to SOHO's Geranium George Project and our hybridizer Jimmy Zemcik and program co-founder Linda Zemcik. Reigning favorites, such as plants named for George Marston and Kate Sessions, are bred for year-round blooming in San Diego's mild climate. Bred exclusively for...Read more.
Ten San Diego Historic Sites for a
Storybook Wedding
What could be more romantic than a wedding in a historic chapel, a vibrant classical garden or an elegant early 20th-century mansion designed by one of San Diego's finest architects? The county is rich in historic wedding venues and many are booked far in advance. All of the ten venues on our list of favorites add distinction, character and a vivid connection to San Diego's cultural heritage. Make your wedding a historic one. Here's OUR LIST, in chronological order of date built.