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Events in August

Balboa Park Exposition Designers

1915-1935The Making of the Dream City


Souvenirs & Keepsakes:

Memorabilia of the 1915 & 1935 Expositions


Art of the Park, 100 Years of Art in Balboa Park (1915-2015)


Exposition Memories: The music,

literature and decorative arts of

the 1915 San Diego Exposition


Silent Movie Sundays at the Adobe Chapel

Showing The Black Pirate (1926)


Art of the Park Garden Show


Walking Tours

Bankers Hill

Historic Seventh Avenue

Marston Gardens


Group Tours

Did you know you can arrange to take a group of friends and family on your own VIP private tour of the Marston House and its four centennial exhibitions any day of the week? We offer this for all our walking tours too! Groups must be a minimum of 12 guests. More information

Most Endangered List
of Historic Resources
St. Luke's Chapel, built in 1897 and attributed to Hebbard & Gill

Historic resources create a distinct sense of place and a sense of well-being. Preservation of these assets contributes to our quality of life, aesthetically, emotionally, and even has positive effects on our health. Amazingly, although study after study has proven these significant benefits to our daily existence, many historic buildings and sites continue to be threatened or lost forever.... Read more.

Advocacy Notes
By Amie K. Hayes
National Trust for Historic Preservation - This Place Matters

The month of August often coincides with thoughts of the future as the summer ends and a new season begins. The close of SOHO's summer brings these great programs: This Place Matters; a citywide study on the LGBTQ community; an update on the city grant award to study the LGBTQ community; two new historical designations by the Historical Resources Board; and a call to action for residents to become involved in your community's planning process.


As a partner with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, SOHO is also participating in the This Place Matters campaign to bring visibility to important historic... Read more

Tyler Hackworth

We are happy to introduce the newest member of SOHO's operations team, our Tours and Outreach Manager, Mr. Tyler Hackworth. Tyler's' work for SOHO will center on group tour development and management, and community outreach. He will also be involved with museum exhibits and as a key member of our events production team. He will be actively involved in our San Diego Cultural Heritage Tourism Alliance program which we hope to launch later this year or early next. Read more.

Centennial Souvenirs
Our 1915-2015 Panama-California Exposition Centennial collection includes carefully selected, 21st-century mementos and souvenirs of beauty, quality and significance like this puzzle with its fantastical buildings, gardens and attractions of San Diego's 1915 Panama-California Exposition transported millions of visitors to exhilarating places. Today, 100 puzzle pieces are your ticket to captivating scenes of the historic world's fair in Balboa Park, the city and the bay. This puzzle takes its fanciful artwork from sheet music for "San Diego (You're the Best City on the Coast)," published in 1913 by The Song Shop in San Diego.

San Diego puzzle, 8.25"x11.75" in a silver-tone keepsake tin,
with lyrics - $14
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