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Winter 2014 Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 4
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New Year, new you right? I certainly hope so. Many people don't make new year resolutions because they fall off the wagon right about now. Studies show that winter (and what a yucky one it has been) is the perfect time to take stock in your life. These cold rainy, cloudy days are the perfect time to reflect on what is working and what is not. Take the practices that are, obviously keep them, and discard ones that don't make you a better person.


The New Year is time to adopt new behaviors, like eating better, working in some exercise or meditation. So take this time of cancellations and closing due to bad weather as a gift. A gift to work some kinks out of your life and welcome in new beneficial ones. 


Hopefully you will find some help with my new programs, The Weigh Less (you could win $1000.00) and Back Stabilization. For more information, read below or visit us online.

In Health and Happiness,

New Year, New You, The 10 Best Things you can do for you Body.
As we go forward into 2014, my gift to you is 10 easy (well most are easy) things to do for your body that make a huge difference to your health. Enjoy and read on.

1. Sleep - said it once, say it again. This one is so important that I will be reminding you of it until the cows come home. And since I don't own any cows, that means as long as I can type. If you don't believe me, get one of the new trackers and log in your sleep, take stock in how you feel the day after a good night's sleep. Not the night you think you got, but one that actually shows you had good restorative sleep. There are too many benefits to mention all. Some keys ones, flushing out toxins (for those of us that have less than perfect diets), improved memory, brain function, and my favorite weight loss.

2. Meditate - All right stop rolling your eyes, this does not mean you have to practice 30+ minutes a day (although that would be nice). Start slow, 5 minutes then work up to more. Studies show even with as little as 10 minutes a day, you can lower your blood pressure, get better sleep, increase your immunity (and with the colds going around this year, 10 minutes is worth it). Produces longevity and better quality of life, and in some cases increased cognition. 

3. Water - drinking warm water with lemon is alkalizing, which supports detoxification from all the stuff we encounter and put in our bodies on a day to day basis. Stimulates bowels, enough said on that topic. It boosts energy with less issues than those pesky 5 hour energy drinks or the super duper hyper cups of coffee.

4. Floss - yes, flossing does more than just keep our teeth from having food stuff sticking out from them. It prevents gum infections, even small ones can get into your blood stream and cause general inflammation...general draggy not right feeling. 2 minutes to floss is well worth it.

5. Probiotics - Not activia, try some with less processing. There are some very good pills out there, as well as other less chemically inclined yogurts, Kefir is a good one, I love Fage. Probiotics keep the gut healthy, which will improve overall mood. A lot of stuff is link to the gut, the happier the gut, the happier the person. Mainly because one of the biggest producers of Serotonin is the gut.

6.  Skin - Clean up your skin care routine. Does anyone read the ingredients of all the products that you put on your skin? Lotions, toners, moisturizers etc. It all adds up and our skin is the biggest organ in the body. It helps to loofah in the shower, and loofahs are bio degradable so it helps the environment too. Look out for sulfates in products, they strip the skin of protective barriers.

7.  Wear Sunglasses - Wearing sunglasses with 99-100% UV absorption actually decreases cataracts. The bigger the sunglasses the better. I guess we are all going to look like big  bugs, but big bugs that can see.

8.  Fiber - This is another one that has been around for a long time. It does not mean you go and eat bran muffins all day. Veggies have fiber and vitamins, yeah for vegetables, not to mention you can pretty much eat these all day everyday ( a variety please), as much as you want. It will help to increase longevity, weight loss, regulates cholesterol, reduces inflammation, cuts risk of diabetes, and lowers blood pressure.

9. Green Leafy Stuff - incorporating a green leafy salad at least once a day, can reduce risk of certain cancers, weight management (it actually cost a body more to digest most greens), regulates digestion. 

10.  Warm Up - To many of us take the short cut of jumping right into the workout, we are stressed for time and it is just easier to get it over with. Doing a dynamic (meaning moving) warm up can decrease injury substantially. It also increases performance, increased performance more calories burned. Cool downs are also important to bring the body back to its restive state.

Now instead of trying to go out and do all these wonderful ideas at once, add one every two weeks. I did not put them in any particular order, so pick the easiest one out there. Practice it first, then add another one in once the initial one has become ingrained in your daily life.  If you are having trouble figuring out fun ways to incorporate these into you day, call me.
Want to weigh Less and Win Money? Introducing the Weigh Less Program By Life Energy Fitness LLC


Yes, you read that correctly, participate in The Weigh Less Program and you could win $1,000.00. Do you really need to read further? 


Now for those that need more information. 


We know from loads of studies that dieting alone does not work, and exercise alone does not work (unless you are under the age of 30). This is mostly because you are trying to pin short-term solution to a long-term issue. As soon as the weight is off, we start to bring back all our old habits, the ones that got us not feeling so good about ourselves in the first place. So why don't they work? Because they don't address the 800 pound gorilla in the room: our mindset and emotions. The Weigh Less Program by Life Energy Fitness does.

One of the most difficult things we have to do is change our behavior, whether it's giving up coffee (yup, just did that) or simply finding an extra 30 minutes to go see the doctor on a regular basis. We ascribe so much of our self identities to our daily routine, that in order to make a shift, we need help.

That is where the Weigh Less Program comes in. This program: 

  • Makes small but permanent changes over time.
  • Works to improve all aspects of your health and wellness, diet, exercise, life style.
  • Works with your schedule: only four in-studio sessions and four phone conference calls.
  • Consists of small groups so you get your questions answered and have the support of a community.
  • Is facilitated by professionals in their field.
  • Is flexible; if you need more support, you can arrange for extra one-on-one sessions at a discount.

Need more motivation, how about the one who has the biggest change over the program will win $1,000.

To register:
Call 301-275-3579
Email: info@life-energy-fitness.com
Website:  www.life-energy-fitness.com 


Life Energy Blog: Stand Up, Sit Down Desks

We love to go through phases in our society. Some are wonderful like health clubs (0k, maybe I am a little biased).  Others fall into, what were we thinking, like MBT shoes ( I am wondering if five fingers won't be far behind). Lately I have been approached from several different clients and interior architects about stand up, sit down desks, and are they really worth it. The answer is a resounding yes!. Read More 


Why Did I just eat that?
Have you ever eaten something and then thought "why did I just eat that"? New studies are showing mood has more to do with it than you think. When we are in a good/happy mood, we tend to be able to make better food choices. When we are in a poor mood we tend to make not so great choices (sour cream donuts anyone?). Researchers are saying this is more to do with big picture vs immediate gratification outlook.

When we are in a good mood, we tend to see the long term benefits of making a food choice that is good for our health. We can weigh (no pun intended) the consequences of putting something that might not agree with our system short or long term into our bodies. Conversely when we are in a bad mood, we see just the trees, the immediate reward of the good tasting but bad for us food and pretty much nothing beyond that.

What does that mean for us as far as diet and wellness goes? It might serve us to stop focusing on how intense our workout was, how many calories we ate, how much we weigh each day and focus on how to be happier, how to have a better outlook on a day to day basis. For ideas on how to work on improving mood, read my newsletter from Fall 2012.

In Health and Fitness,
Sharon Bourke
Grand Poobah
Life Energy Fitness LLC