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* One-Month Spring Hermitage
* Self-Not Self & the Creative Process Retreat
* Wynn Fricke on Wisdom Through the Moving Body
* 10th Anniversary Fundraising
* Preview November Concentration Retreat
Plan ahead for November...
November 1-18, 2014
at San Geronimo Lodge
"... in the footprint of the Buddha..."
Marcia 2011 close-up Nikki very close
Marcia Rose &
Nikki Mirghafori
Guidance offered to experienced students for development & nurturing of deep concentration leading towards Jhana in the lineage of Burmese meditation master Venerable PaAuk Sayadaw.
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Vipassana, Brahma Vihara & Concentration Guidance Available....
 Just a few spaces left....
April 4 - May 2, 2014
at San Geronimo Lodge
in Taos, New Mexico
(April 4-18 or April 18-May 2 Options)

Guiding Teacher:
Marcia Rose

A unique opportunity for experienced Dharma practitioners to enter a supportive space of solitude & silence for intensive, 
independent meditation practice.
    The guiding teacher will offer support to Hermitage yogis through regular Dharma talks and private interviews. Individual daily practice schedule is flexible. In consultation with the teacher, students decide upon a course of practice that may be directed specifically towards Vipassana/Insight, Brahma Vihara, or Samatha /Concentration practice... or some combination of the three.
Marcia Rose lives in Taos, NM.  She is the founding & guiding teacher of The Mountain Hermitage.  She has been studying & practicing Buddhist teachings and meditation with Asian and Western teachers since 1970,  primarily in the Theravada-Vipassana tradition. Marcia is dedicated to offering these ancient & timeless teachings in ways that make them accessible & authentic for contemporary culture. 
San G tulips en masse
One Month/28 days:
$2200 - $2500 - $2800
Two weeks/14 days:
   $1100 -$1250- $1400

Partial Scholarships Available
Application Necessary

Wynn Fricke on Wisdom Through the Moving Body...
    Dance as with other movement practices, demands heightened awareness of the body - the Buddha's first foundation of mindfulness. Like an instrument, our bodies are tuned with mindful attention. Whether mastering a step, improvising freely, or choreographing, we are connected into the world of touch and sensation. We gather the mind within the physical experience. We listen to the body as we learn its rules and impulses. We are embodied.
    The moving body provides unique feedback from our nervous system.  Kind attention to the body through movement nourishes the body and generates its own form of intelligence. It is basic to our sense of well-being.
    Bodily sensations also reveal states of mind.  Mental tensions, emotions, and imagery felt and expressed within the physical terrain can be a source of  insight and creativity. With the support of our movement and meditation practices, the mind-body relationship can be seen more clearly. 
    In dance and with the movement practice the body itself is the instrument of creative expression, and can highlight one's personal identification with how the body looks, feels and  moves.  This heightened vulnerability is an opportunity to explore the sense of self as it manifests in the form of bodily contraction. 
    For instance, in a moment of humiliation there is a feeling that "squeezes our hearts" as Ajahn Chah describes. Fear, doubt, clinging, and self-aggrandizement can be observed in our bodies again and again. These moments of self-consciousness are potent opportunities for insight. Observing the arising of self-view, free from judgment is a source of joy - the joy of release.
    We can make an intentional and courageous practice of learning about suffering and its release through our disciplines of movement.

     Wynn Fricke, a choreographer, dancer & somatic movement educator, will be teaching movement at the Self-Not Self & the Creative Process Retreat in July. She has worked with Zenon Dance Company & serves on the faculty of Macalester College where she teaches Experiential Anatomy, the Mind-Body Connection & other somatic-based courses. Wynn is a long-time practitioner of mindfulness meditation & co-founder of Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis.
Self-Not Self & the Creative Process...
TWO WEEK RETREAT: July 11-25, 2014
at Columbine Inn in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Guiding teacher: Marcia Rose
with Movement Teacher Wynne Fricke  
& Writing Teacher Sean Murphy
Sean very close Wynn very close
This very special retreat offers a unique opportunity for Dharma students to engage in two weeks of practice grounded in the Vipassana teachings & practice with an orientation towards investigating 'not-self' in relationship to the creative process. 

Along with sitting, walking, Dharma talks, individual practice interviews & some group discussion, we will explore the flow of creative energy in relationship to "self-view" via movement/contact improvisation, seeing/drawing, & writing. One need not have experience with any of these creative modalities to participate in the retreat.

 Sliding Scale Fees - Two weeks: $1310 - $1460 - $1610
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