Lakeside Chautauqua 
 March 2016
Only 10 Days to Participate in our Bumper Sticker Challenge
Spread some Lakeside love this month by supporting Lakeside Chautauqua in a meaningful way.

Please consider giving a gift of $20 or more to the Lakeside Fund before Thursday, March 31. As a token of our appreciation, we'll send you a Love Lakeside bumper sticker (pictured).

Each generous gift has a direct impact on the quality of the Chautauqua program, as well as the maintenance and upkeep of Lakeside's historic buildings and gardens.

Special thanks to these Lakesiders who are spreading the love across the country:
  • Jane drives from Florida to take part in the Lakeside Chautauqua experience. That's one long car ride. She'll be proudly displaying her Love Lakeside bumper sticker across six states and 1,000 miles of highway. Special thanks to Jane for her love of Lakeside.
  • For 17 years and counting, Jennah's family visits Lakeside all the way from New Mexico. They'll be showing off their Love Lakeside bumper sticker across Rt. 44 and Rt. 70 this summer. Thanks for your Lakeside love. .    
  • Joy's family drives from Minnesota. They say, "Although it's always too long, it's always worth it when we get there." The family drives more than 950 miles and across four states to get to Lakeside. Special thanks to Joy's family and their love of Lakeside
We're setting out to add the Love Lakeside message to 150 cars across the country. Will you help us reach our goal?
Before you return to Lakeside, don't forget to send us a picture of your car and bumper sticker! Email
When you arrive, you'll see just how your generosity is impacting the Lakeside Chautauqua experience for all.
Lakesiders Share
their Stories
We asked our Facebook followers:
How many miles do you ride in the car when your family visits Lakeside?   
Our farthest traveler was from New Mexico with more than 1,500 miles.  
Here are some other locations Lakesiders are traveling from: 
191 miles from Avalon, PA
- Maureen 
231.7 miles from
Wheeling, WV
- Tiffany
145 miles from Beloit, OH
- Rebecca
706 miles from
Minneapolis, MN
- Joy
802 miles from Atlanta, GA
- Kathryn
288 miles from Chicago, IL
- Steve
556 from Albany, NY
- Grace