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November 2012
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Montezuma Road Bicycle Safety
Capital Improvements Priorities
September Police Statistics
Code Compliance Complaints
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November 14 Meeting to Feature  Presentation on Bicycle Safety on Montezuma Road

In response to community members concerns on bicycle safety along Montezuma Road, the guest speaker at the November 14 CACC meeting will be Brian Genovese, Senior Traffic Engineer, Multiple Modal Program, Transportation Engineering Operations Division, City of San Diego. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. at the College Rolando Library.

The City staff recently conducted an assessment of bicycle facility conditions between Fairmount Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard.  The corridor study, which includes a review of bicycle crash data and recommendations for improvements, will be presented . 



CACPB Selects Capital Improvement Project Priorities for the College Area



At the October 10 joint meeting of the College Area Community Council and the College Area Community Planning Board, a public hearing was held to determine the College Area's most critical Capital Improvement Program needs.


After input from community members, the following were determined to be the top six needs (in order of priority):


  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements for all of Montezuma Road, including determining the feasibility of a two-way bike lane on the north side from Collwood Avenue to Fairmont Avenue
  •  Improving pedestrian corridors on Reservoir Drive by installing sidewalks on the east side and installing sidewalks and street lights on the west side of 70th Street between El Cajon Boulevard and Alvarado Road
  • A joint use park at Tubman School
  • Pocket parks throughout the College Area 
  • Mobility Study of El Cajon Boulevard, including walkability on the Boulevard and sidewalk improvements
  • A pedestrian footbridge across Montezuma Road near Hardy Elementary School.



Police Statistics for September 2012


At the October 10 CACC meeting, the SDSU Police and San Diego Police provided some interesting recent statistics. On Friday September 28, a maximum enforcement night was conducted with participation by San Diego Police, SDSU Police, California Highway Patrol, San Diego City Schools Police, California Public Utilities Commission (charter bus safety division), USD Police, Southwestern College Police, California Alcoholic Beverage Control, and San Diego County Probation Department. 


The statistics for the night were:

4 DUI Arrests: 2 Drunk in Public Arrests, 7 Minors in Possession of Alcohol Citations, 1 Drug Arrest, 5 First Response Notices (disturbance warnings), 12 Administrative Citations ($1000 fines for excessive noise), 5 PUC Bus Safety Code Violations, 8 Other Arrests, 19 Misdemeanor Citations, 42 Traffic Citations, 55 Traffic Warnings, 50 Field Interviews, 56 Citizen Contacts, 2 Vehicle Impounds, 1 Detox (Alcohol) Transport, and 2 Alcohol-Related Hospital Transports.


In addition, 16 party buses were stopped.  Of those, 5 received PUC violations (as included above), and 4 were deemed unsafe by the CHP and removed from service. A second maximum enforcement night was held the last weekend in October.


The SDPD Eastern Division community liaison, Sergeant Dean Thomas, provided statistics for C Squad operations for the month of September:


11 Drunk in Public Arrests, 1 Narcotics Arrest, 71 First Response Notices, 22 Administrative Citations, 6 Social Host Ordinance (Alcohol) Citations, 9 Minor in Possession of Alcohol Citations, 38 Minors in Consumption of Alcohol Citations, 6 Other Misdemeanor Arrests, 36 Hazardous Citations, 18 Non-Hazardous Citations, 13 Traffic Warnings, 90 Field Interviews, 26 Citizen Contacts, 16 Parking on Lawn Citations, 11 Detox (Alcohol) Transports, 7 Transports to Hospital or County Mental Health.  Although most of these are for the College Area, the C Squad is responsible for proactive enforcement for the entire 50 square miles in the Eastern Division, including Mission Valley (East of Highway 163), Serra Mesa, Kearny Mesa, Birdland, San Carlos, Tierrasanta, Grantville, Del Cerro and Allied Gardens.



 Code Compliance Complaint Forms


You can now fill out your code compliance forms online at:





CACC Participates in BOO! Parade 

and Carnival as a Sponsor


The CACC participated this year by having a booth at the B))! Parade Carnival.  Below is a photo of CACC President,  Doug Case (left) and Board Member Joe Jones enjoying the weather.  (Note our new banner in the background.)


The next photo is of Board Member Maurize Rios all dressed for Halloween as a "potted bush."  (Look carefully at the photo to see his face.) He scared an awful lot of people with his very cleaver costume and disguise.


Boo Parade Festival Booth 1  

Boo Parade Festival Booth 2