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A Summer Recipe
Thanks to teammate Brenda Bishop for sharing her family's famous Blueberry Kuchen recipe. Enjoy!
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"...it's about creating so much clarity that there is little room for confusion, disorder and infighting to set in."  

Lencioni has identified
Six Essential Questions for creating clarity, but is it really that basic?  Has he found the magic wand to automatically generate success? Of course not.  But these questions are essential!   Here are the first three...
  1. Why do we exist?   How is your family business making "the world a better place"?
  2. How do we behave?  Core values matter - they define your business's personality.
  3. What do we do?  Define this in clear, ordinary terms, but make sure everyone is on the same page.

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action popularized the idea of articulating your "WHY".  He explains,

"Why? How? What? This little idea explains why some organizations and some leaders are able to inspire where others aren't... Every single person, every single organization on the planet knows what they do, 100 percent... But very, very few people or organizations know why they do what they do. And by "why" I don't mean "to make a profit." That's a result. It's always a result. By "why," I mean:  What's your purpose? What's your cause? What's your belief? Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?"


(click here for the complete TED Talk by Simon Sinek)


Creating clarity will not be achieved with a series of buzzwords or inspirational phrases. Come to the September 18 Forum to learn more with Bill Yoh of Day and ZimmermannAs a G3 leader, Bill will share insights for creating clarity from his experiences in a family enterprise with over 21,000 employees in over 150 locations globally. The remaining 3 critical questions will be reviewed and you will leave with the tools necessary to lead your own family business team through the discernment of these questions. 


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