A CEO NEWSLETTER - November 2015
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CEO Collective 2015 CEO Summit Recap - Leadership Development, Scaling Sales and Getting Personal

Trying to find a day that meets the schedule of more than 40 CEOs, organizing the speakers, the meals, and the fun (you've got to have fun), is no small task. My team jokes that it's like planning a wedding. This year was our 9th Summit, so we'd like to think we're getting the hang of it.

While the planning can be stressful, each year I come away feeling the same -- excited and inspired. Our goal is that the Summit be a valuable tool in the lives of our member CEOs. I was pleased to see such high marks on this year's evaluations and that 100% of the CEOs said they found the retreat valuable.

Missed the Summit? Here's a recap of many of this year's topics:

 > Read Melissa's take on this year's topics and speakers

The Raffoni team Melissa, Ed, and Erin with the 2015 Summit attendees at Wentworth by the Sea in New Castle, New Hampshire.

2015 CEO Collective Summit Agenda Covered How to Grow the Top Line, Build a Kick-Ass Team, and Have the Right Tools to Get Out of the Weeds and Do the Job of a CEO 

Each year, the CEO Collective Summit agenda is packed with valuable topics presented by informed speakers, thought-provoking discussions, and, yes, even some fun. This year's topics included the state of the economy, culture development, exec team development, M&A, scaling sales, the role of marketing, how to have a thriving business and a rich personal life, and much more.

CEO Collective 2015 CEO of the Year Awards

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Raffoni Group CEO Collective Awards!
CEO of the Year Award - Collective 1
Jon Abbott

CEO of the Year Award - Collective 2
Dave MacKeen
CEO of Eliassen

CEO of the Year Award - Collective 3
Beran Peter
CEO of the Year Award - Collective 4 
Steve Scott

Key Exec of the Year Award 
Ian Baynes
Director of Global Marketing of AW Chesterton

Thank You to Our Partners and CEO Panel Participants

Special thanks to this year's partners who shared their expertise:
And thank you to the CEO Collective members who participated on panels:
Pictured: Dave MacKeen, CEO of Eliassen; Stephen McGee, Director, Bigelow, LLC; Peter Bransfield, CEO of RYPOS; Jeff Hiscox, CEO of Newmarket International; David Cohen, CEO of Firestone Financial; and Rob MacLeod, Managing Director of Bigelow, LLC.