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Ask any CEO, "What is your company's strategy?" and I bet you'll get a variety of answers depending on that person's definition of the word strategy - ranging from Michael Porter's classic teachings on the "barriers to entry", "differentiation", and "focused trade-offs"...to Webster's basic definition of simply having a plan to achieve a particular goal.  


Define it as you will, my intent in this post is to encourage you to go beyond the definition and understand the importance of building a Strategic Scorecard to support your strategy. > Read more

By Ed Barrows, Strategic Facilitator

In Melissa's article, What a Strategic Scorecard Is and Why You Should Care, she discussed the importance of having a strategic scorecard. I couldn't agree more - strategic scorecards are an essential way to track the progress made in achieving strategic goals and help teams focus effort and improve problem solving. Keep in mind that strategic scorecards are not the same as operational dashboards - tools to manage operational/ functional goals - although they do have some of the same elements. To have an effective strategic scorecard requires clarity regarding four essential elements: goals, measures, targets and actions. > Read more