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October, 2014

Lots of kudos for the content-rich September issue. That balances this issue--which is light on copy. That's because when this Web Words hits your inbox, I'll be having eye surgery. I have a small macular hole in my right eye. The prognosis is good, but I will have to stay heads-down for a few days afterwards. I should be able to use my iPad, so keep those cards and letters coming.

Please remember to sign up for the webinar I'm doing with John Stahl. See details in the article below.

The headline on the right column is taking a clue from the subject lines of the political emails in my box these days. Please read it and remember me when you or someone you know wants to sign up for Constant Contact.

Finally, you'll notice I'm back in my winter attire in the photo. Bring on the winter. If you want to know how I feel about that, check out this article from last year's winter issue of Berkshire Magazine.

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Marketing Online & Offline - Upcoming Webinar
Web Tips - Remember Attachments
Marketing Online & Offline
If you ask most solopreneurs for their biggest challenge, the answer is almost always marketing. They are really good at what they do. They can even deal with sales because that involves a one-on-one conversation with prospective customers about what they do. But marketing--that's another matter.

If marketing is one of your bugaboos, you should join John Stahl and me on Thursday, October 23 at 4 PM for our collaborative webinar "Online & Offline: Effective Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Profits." There is no cost and you can sign up here.


John is going to inspire participants not only to create a marketing strategy, but also to actually enjoy carrying it out. He'll help you answer questions like these:

*  Who could you collaborate with to increase business for both you and your strategic partner? (Hint: John and I are doing just that.)
*  How can you connect effectively with former customers to rekindle previous business relationships?
*  What methods can you use to get referrals from existing clients?


Of course, I'll be talking about email marketing. I'll be considering these issues:

*  Why email marketing is worth the effort? What results does it produce?
*   How can you create valuable content that inspires your audience to open your online communications?
*  How can you get assistance to simplify the process of getting started? (Hint: I'm offering an hour's free consulting to new customers to help them launch their first campaign.)

Any questions? Be in touch. And remember, sign up now. Looking forward to having you participate in my first-ever webinar.
Web Tips



Did you ever get an e-mail with a subject line that said "Attached are the notes from Friday's meeting," but they weren't? I won't ask if you ever did anything silly like that yourself.

But if you have, here's how to keep it from happening again. Train yourself when you write the word "attached" or "here are" in the body or "Friday's Notes" in the subject line that you attach the document right then.

Actually, the software should do the reminding for us.
Let's hope those programmers get to this sometime soon.

And Finally . . .

Shawenon Communications collaborates with small businesses, solopreneurs, professionals and not-for-profits to get their messages across in the written word.

We specialize in electronic communications, including e-zines and other forms of email marketing, Web sites and social media.  We also ghostwrite articles and other business communications. As a solution provider, we resell www.shawenon.com



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SO turtleneck cropped
Just today I got a Constant Contact email from someone I've known for a very long time. It was extremely well done, and I would have been delighted to receive it, but for one thing.

The sender had signed up for Constant Contact on the corporate website--not through the links in my newsletter. That means I don't get credit. And with my health challenges, I need all the credit I can get.

If  you or anyone you know wants to use Constant Contact please, please be in touch with me.

Let me know how I can help you with Constant Contact.



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