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45th Annual European Summer Residential 

Gestalt Therapy & Couples Therapy   
Training Programs
Couples:  July 10 - 16,   2016 
 Gestalt:    July  17 - 29, 2016
Maceira, Portugal
45 minutes North of Lisbon on the Ocean
We are very pleased and excited to be taking GATLA's summer Residential Training Programs to Portugal in 2016.  We will be at the O Hotel Golf Mar 45 minutes north of Lisbon overlooking the Atlantic Ocean: 
Couples Therapy Training 
July 10-16, 2016
Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D. &  Rita F. Resnick, Ph.D.  
This workshop will include daily opportunities to watch the Resnicks' do live clinical work with real couples working on real issues (several model couples needed). All work will be related to the theory - hopefully making both more meaningful.  Participants will work "hands on" with couples with live supervision.   Small group sessions are scheduled to give each participants a space to process his/her reactions to the day.
Rita and Bob Resnick are International Couples therapists who have been together for 43 years and are frequently happily married.
Join us for a fresh, solid and new perspective on relationships and marriage. Bring your biases (you must have them), your ability to perceptually reorganize (hopefully) and your sense of humor (please). You do not have to be part of a couple to attend.
MODEL COUPLES NEEDED  The Resnicks are inviting 3 or 4 demonstration "Model Couples" to join this workshop. Model couples participate in all discussions of the clinical work. The workshop is inclusive and transparent. Please contact Bob Resnick for additional information at +1 (310) 826-7750 or

Couples Therapy Training Workshop: July 5 - 11, 2015
Before March 30, 2016 - Early Registration
Basic Group: $1795.00 
Advanced Group: $1995.00
After March 30, 2016
Basic Group: $1,995.00 
Advanced Group: $2,195.00
Model Couples: $1,045.00 (per person)

Single room supplement: $450.00
Gestalt Therapy Training   
July 17-29,2016

Core Faculty:   Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D., Rita F. Resnick, Ph.D., International Guest Faculty and Distinguished Gestalt Visitors.

For our 45th Annual Summer Residential Gestalt Therapy Training Program we are offering our renowned 9-day 12-night Gestalt Therapy Training Program with five training levels from Introductory to Master Class. The program offers learning in large and small groups, individual therapy for members of the Introductory, Advanced and Advanced Intensive groups by participants in the Clinical Practicum and Master Class with Faculty and/or Group Leader supervision, cutting edge theory as well as personalized feedback to help participants develop their own style of working.  Additional aspects of this program that distinguish it from other training programs in Gestalt Therapy include:

STRONG COMMUNITY  International in scope - participants from 30 different countries. Internationally trained faculty.     

FIVE LEVELS OF TRAINING  Introductory - Master Class, interdependent groups,
interweaving theory, supervision, group work and personal therapy.
SMALL GROUP PRACTICE  Practice Gestalt methodology under the supervision of a Trainer. Group Leader or a member of the Clinical Practicum or Master Class.
FACULTY COMMITTED TO DIALOGUE  We are constantly evolving and changing our program based on feedback and proposals from participants, from advances in psychological science, as well as Gestalt theory and practice.   
DISTINGUISHED GESTALT VISITORS  (DGV)  Again in 2016 we will host several Distinguished Gestalt Visitors invited from both Europe (pending) and the U.S.  These guests will offer supervision and add their perspectives to the mix. Our confirmed DGVs are:
            Peter Cole, LCSW                           (California, USA)
            Iris Fodor, Ph.D.                               (New York, USA)
            Robert Mosby, Ph.D.                     (California, USA)
            Daisy Reese, LCSW                        (California, USA)

Early Registration (Before March 30, 2016):
            Individual Registration Basic/Advanced Groups: $3345.00
                    Group of 5 Registering together (Basic/Advanced Groups): $3095.00 (each)
            Individual Registration (Adv Intensive, Clinical Practicum, Master Class): $3595.00,
                    Group of 5 Registering together(Adv Int, CP, Master Class): $3295.00 (each)
After March 30, 2016:
           Basic/ Advanced Groups: $3595.00

          Adv Int, Clinical Practicum, Master Class: $3895.00

Single Room Supplement: $900.00

Discounts May Not be combined.  Those attending both the Couples and the Gestalt groups will receive a 15% discount on both program

 Until our website is updated, to register contact Rita Resnick
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Hope to see you all in Portugal  A wonderful country, a spectacular hotel and the best people in the world.
Rita & Bob and all GATLA Faculty