CSBA NewsletterDecember 2014
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CSBA Officers
Brad Pankratz
1st Vice President
Dion Ashurst
2nd Vice President
Steve Godlin
Carlen Jupe
Past President
Bill Lewis
Executive Committee
Brent Ashurst
Russell Heitkam
Buzz Landon
Larry Lima
Mike Tolmachoff
ABF Delegates
Bill Lewis
Dion Ashurst
Mike Tolmachoff
New Committee Chairs
African Honey Bee
Brock Ashurst 
Alan Mikolich
Bill Lewis
Bee Times
Meg Ribotto
Public Lands
Mike Harrel
Bryan Ashurst
Eva Andrews
Patti Johnson
Alan Henninger
Jackie Park-Burris
Troy Bunch
Mike Tolmachoff
Dr. Elina Nino
Roger Everett
Bob Miller
Ladies Auxiliary President
Amanda Wooten
Ladies Auxiliary


Amanda Wooten

Vice President 

Alissa Wooter
Ila Hohman 

Sandy Tabako 

Ladies Auxiliary Update

Hello fellow ladies and CSBA members. I want to take the time to introduce myself as your new Ladies Auxiliary President. I am the wife of Robert Wooten and the daughter-in-law of Glenda & Shannon Wooten. I work in the office of Wooten's Golden Queens, Inc. in Palo Cedro, CA. I am looking forward to working with the ladies this year as President.


I would like to thank Barkman Honey for graciously sponsoring the Ladies Luncheon at the convention this year. We had a very successful luncheon. Kaye Kittrell was our guest speaker and she spoke to us about her blog, website "The Late Bloomer" and about urban gardening that entertains and inspires anyone to grow their own food.  Connect to her website here. Thank you, Kaye Kittrell, for sharing your experiences with us and inspiring all of us to grow our own food!


We are looking forward to seeing all of you next year the 2015 convention in Sacramento, CA and remember to connect with the Ladies Auxiliary on Facebook.


      Submitted by Amanda Wooten

Research Committee Update

At the 2014 CSBA Convention, the Research Committee recommended and the Board approved, four research grants totaling $82,972.25. 


The topics include; "Honey Bee Sperm Quality Parameters", "Synergistic Sublethal Effects of Amitraz and Different Pesticide Classes on Honey Bee Workers", "The Effects of Amitraz on the Reproductive Quality of Honey Bee Queens and Drones" and "Real-world Testing of Queen Quality". 


We look forward to receiving the results of these projects at the 2015 Convention.


        Submitted by Alan Henninger

2013 CSBA Pollination Survey
The 2013 Pollination Survey is now linked on the CSBA website's Resources page along with our new Public Lands Apiary BMPs guides for landowners and beekeepers.
Water Issues at CA Border Stations
The California border inspection station at Yermo had no water, even for staff, as of the CSBA Convention. There has been heavy rain and snow since then but the situation may still be bad. If you are bringing in bees from out-of-state and there is a chance of hot weather, you might want to avoid the Yermo crossing.
CSBA Sponsors


Kona Queen Hawaii, Inc
CSBA Affiliated Clubs
Santa Maria Valley Beekeepers Association
Shasta Beekeepers Association
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Manager Needed for a 5,000 Colony Apiary
Manager needed for a 5,000 colony apiary. Winter in CA and summer in ND.  Manage bees, equipment, employees, purchasing, shipping and permits. Class A a plus.  Salary, bonus, benefits and housing. Send resume to PO Box 1170, Waterford, CA  95386 or call David Moreland, 707-337-6104.
BYU YouTube Video
Bee Killers: Using Phages Against Deadly Honeybee Diseases
Bee Killers: Using Phages Against Deadly Honeybee Diseases
Robert Koehnen 
Robert Koehnen Obituary 

Robert Koehen passed away peacefully on Saturday, November 22, 2014 in the company of his wife and family after a full and successful life. - See more here. 
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Brad Pankratz
2015 CSBA President
The President's Word
Hello my fellow beekeepers! November has come and gone and the Holiday Season is in full swing. Hopefully, that finds you with healthy bees and anticipation for a new year. Our state convention was a great success! Thank you to our sponsors, vendors, speakers and members. Bill Lewis, this year's president, did a great job in his preparation and planning of the convention. We raised record amounts at our auction that will pave the way for funding our research proposals for this coming year. As an organization, CSBA is working with the California Department of Food and Ag (CDFA), Project Apis m. (PAm) and other pollinator health groups to help guide their programs. We have also crafted a public lands document which is available on our website for use as a handout and educational tool for beekeepers and landowners. As an organization, you can be assured that we are serving our members and our industry with the utmost professionalism. Our board members and volunteers are a diligent group. As your 2015 President, I urge you to be proactive in your industry and I wish you all the best for this coming New Year. 



Brad Pankratz, CSBA President

Convention Recap & Award Winners
Bill Lewis, 2014 CSBA President, was serenaded by the Music Committee Quartet of  Verdugo Hills Showtime Chorus at the 125th Annual Convention in Valencia, CA.      Photo: Meg Ribotto
Bill Lewis congratulates and passes the gavel to the 2015 CSBA President, Brad Pankratz, at the 125th Annual Awards Ceremony.                                                      Photos: Meg Ribotto
2014 CSBA President's Award, Carlen Jupe
2014 Beekeeper of the Year, David Bradshaw
2014 Honorary Beekeeper of the Year, Greg Walls
2014 Young Beekeeper of the Year, Brent Ashurst
2014 Distinguished Service Award, Meg Ribotto
CSBA 2014 Convention Evaluation Surveys
Convention evaluation surveys were not distributed this year. If you have any feedback about the 2014 convention, please let us know so we can improve our process! Feedback can be sent to Carlen Jupe, CSBA Secretary, at castatebeekeepers@hotmail.com.
CSBA 2015 Membership Dues

Remember that only those paying by the end of December 2014 will be in the 2015 Paid Membership Directory and any current members not renewing by February 25, 2015, will no longer receive the Bee Times.
Attention All Bee Times Recipients
If your subscription is based on CSBA membership and you haven't yet renewed for 2015, please do so at once to avoid missing any issues in 2015. You can register online or download the form and mail in a check by going to our Events page

If you have been receiving a subscription because you represent a publication, please disregard the above information.
Project Apis m. Update

Project Apis m. has presented at several beekeeper meetings and most recently the Annual Almond Industry Conference where we initiated sign-ups already for the 2015 planting season for honey bee forage. The 2014 'Seeds for Bees' project was a success, enrolling nearly 150 growers and 3,000 acres for food for honey bees. We will continue to work hard to get almond growers and other landowners near our 1.7 million almond-pollinating colonies to plant at least a 20 acre average this coming year for additional forage to benefit our bees.

PAm submitted comments for the Federal Pollinator Strategy, outlining Varroa, Nutrition, and Pesticides as the three top challenges beekeepers face. PAm also stressed that when forming policy for honey bees, commercial beekeepers need to be at the table to help set those policies. In recent PAm and CSBA research calls, the number of research submissions to combat Varroa did not adequately represent the seriousness of the challenge. PAm will be working hard to cultivate new researchers, new studies and innovative biological controls for this pest. Project Apis m. will be attending the national beekeeper meetings in January, reviewing the current state of honey bee research, meeting with scientists and interacting with industry leaders as we continue to provide the service, the science and the programs needed to help our bees and our beekeepers.                                                                                       Submitted by Christi Heintz

Be sure to visit the CSBA booth if you attend the ABF Conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California, January 6 - 10, 2015.