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February 2013  



Hi Community Gardeners!


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Please plan to attend one of the required 2013 Orientation Meetings below:



Returning gardeners must attend one of the following meetings at the West End Building, 4101 Kruse Way.

10-11a Sa 2/23

10-11a Sa 3/2

7-8p Th 3/7

7-8p Th 3/14


New gardeners meetings will be held at Luscher Farm, at 125 Rosemont Road.

1:30-3:30p Sa 2/23

1:30-3:30p Sa 3/2


Karen Davis

Luscher Farm Coordinator


 Things To Do This Month

  • Don't be a fair weather friend! Tom and Roxie, our Farm cats are sad!  We have v-e-r-y few visitors to the Farm this time of the year and they miss people.  Especially Roxie, known as the "Queen of Drool", would gladly take time off vole hunting for a kind word and some petting.
  • Come to the  garden and clean and sharpen tools. It counts for those 4 hours of work you'll be needing. And register the hours.
  • President's Day is my reminder to prune roses, removing old canes and rose hips. Cut hybrid teas back to knee height. Shrub roses and old garden roses can be left taller.
  • As many of you know, this cold weather makes for super sweet veggies.  This happens when it's cold and starches in the plant are broken up into smaller sugar molecules which act like antifreeze protecting the plant cells from damage. The good news for us is that it tastes good too! If you planted winter veggies harvest some, you'll know what I'm talking about.
  • Go after slugs this month or next. Everyone you get will help keep the population low.  You may use organic Sluggo or any other pet and child safe, iron phosphate based product.



Good News - Garden Help Is Available For Hire!!

If you need work done in your plot this year you might consider hiring Luscher Farm's Caretaker, Brice Anderson. Brice is available to do projects you don't want to or aren't able to do yourself. You may contact him directly at 503-313-5478 to discuss details.



Gardening for Year-Round Color

Join popular Master Gardener, Kathy Whitman, and learn how to plan and plant your garden for year-round interest and color. Foliage, blooms, texture, and color work together for different effects. Learn which plants go where to make the most of YOUR garden.

Saturday, February 9 at 9:30-11a

To register click here


Growing Plants From Seed

There are several reasons to consider starting your own plants: 1) They are less expensive; 2) There are many more verities to choose from; 3 )You can grow higher quality plants; and 4) You will get to enjoy the simple satisfaction of growing your own plants from seed to harvest. Learn how from professional gardener Jean Anderson.

Monday, February 25 at 10-11:30a

To register, click here


Make a CSA Share Smoothie!

Use your produce to create a healthy drink that aids digestion and adds energy to your life. One green strong smoothie every day can help you lose weight and feel great. Recipes included.

Thursday, March 7 at 6-7:30p

To register click here


*not in the winter/spring catalog*

Cooking With Fabulous Local Produce

Our local produce is so varied, beautiful and delicious. The winter squashes that shore up all that sunlight for us to enjoy on our plates in the gloomy months, the bright green kales, mustards and collards, not to mention the sturdy roots, are all ours for the taking every day all winter long, especially if you have a 47th Ave Farm/Luscher Farm Winter CSA Share.

Saturday, March 16 at 2-4p

To register, click here


To register for other classes, click here




For 9 years I have been on a search to find and buy an old tractor for the Farm. Not just any tractor but the same type that Rudie Luscher used all those years ago. Well, it finally happened and we are now the proud owners of a vintage Farmall H.


When the Luschers purchased the farm in the early 1940s, tractors were unavailable due to the war effort. Rudie struggled to farm without one for a few years and then found a connection through the dairy industry where he could buy an International Harvester H for his farm. In keeping with the history of the Farm, I wanted to find that same model. Surprisingly, one was located just down Stafford Road hiding in some blackberry briers. Right now it looks like a rusty old thing that no one loves, but we'll be working to change that! Between Community Gardener Faryl Ammon's expertise and direction and the Parks and Recreation staff's dedication, we plan to improve its appearance. We are very much looking forward to sharing it with farmers that remember it in its "hay-day" and young farmers-to-be.


Tractor History 101 in the US - The first tractors were introduced in 1868 and were steam powered. Henry Ford started building the Fordson, a light duty tractor In the 20s and soon had 70% of the market. John Deere, International Harvester, Case and others also began production. It wasn't until International Harvester introduced the larger, more powerful Farmall H in 1939 that draft horses started being replaced on many farms. The H offered a tricycle frame for row crops, a unique spring cushioned tractor seat, a highway running gear and a power source for threshing machines, hay balers, portable sawmills and grinders. At that point the H set the standard for general purpose tractors and soon dominated the market.

More on Community Gardens next month 

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See you in the garden,
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