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October 2012  



Welcome to Luscher Farm's Community Garden Newsletter!


Remember to be sure to get your required four hours of work completed so you will be able to return next year. The remaining workparty is October 13, 10am-12pm. Another option for completing your hours is to give me a call before you plan to come out to work so I can have some chores ready for you.  The work projects change daily.


Please bring your small recyclable plastic bags to the farm.  Gardeners use a lot of them when they take home veggies from their plots.  Also save plastic gallon milk jugs and their lids.  We can use them to hold down winter garden coverings for the vacated plots.  These can be dropped off in the tool shed. Thanks!


Karen Davis

Luscher Farm Coordinator


Things To Do This Month

  • Harvest sunflower seeds; use for birdseed or roast for personal use.
  • While you are clearing out your garden plot, plan where you might plant next year's veggies so that you are rotating the crops to a different spot and maybe put up the trellis for the early peas.  You'll be glad you did next spring!
  • Dig and store potatoes: keep in a dark area with moderate humidity, with the temperature at about 40 degrees. Discard potatoes that sprout.
  • When clearing your garden for the season, put any undesirable or invasive weeds in the dumpster rather than the compost pile.
  • Pick up a copy of "When to Harvest your Vegetables" from Karen.
  • Ripen green tomatoes indoors. Check often and discard rotting fruit.
  • Locate and purchase garlic for planting next month.
  • Keep an eye out for yellow jackets and report nests to Karen.



October Garden Activities


Saturday, October 13th        10a-12p

Community Garden Work Party


Autumn Wreath Class 

Since ancient times the wreath - a simple circle of leaves, boughs or flowers - has served as a symbol of honor, faith or celebration. A wreath of golden wheat, mini-pumpkins or cornhusks celebrates the harvest. Learn how to decorate your home, both indoors and outdoors, with the beautiful handmade wreath you will create.

To register, click here.

Saturday October 27   2-4p

Class # 4325710

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Tilth-Putting Your Garden To Bed
Be ahead of the game this season and join us for a hands-on demo putting your garden to bed.  We cover sheet mulching/composting, cover crops and how to protect your soil.
To register, click here 
Sunday October 14    10-11:30p
Class # 4326023
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 Classes at Luscher Farm

Who Is In The Garden?

Visitors here at the Farm!


I spotted one praying mantis last week in the Community Garden and one in the Children's Garden. They are extremely hard to see, so as you are cleaning out your garden debris for the winter keep a sharp eye out for things headed to the compost pile. They are most often spotted clinging to old foliage. If you want to encourage them to return to your plot leave some wooden structures up over the winter. They will lay their egg sacks (between 100-200 eggs per sack) attached to wooden posts about 6-10 inches above the ground. Their very favorite spots are the under side of the garden benches. They are awesome to watch as they hunt for their prey!!


Wooly worms are also appearing. Growing up, I loved them because they were so cute. They always seemed to be in such a hurry, and I thought  they are anxious to find a cozy place to spend the winter. I'd take them inside and found that they differ from other insects' metamorphose stages, as they spend the winter in their "wooly" coats. Adults said they were suppose to be able to forecast a snowy winter which sounded great. I later learned their correct  name is  Pyrrharchia isabella. And no, the width of the stripes doesn't forecast future school closings, they indicate age. I like the children's version better. (See photo in Things To Do This Month)

 I hope you find these monthly newsletters interesting and informational. They are sent out the fourth Thursday of each month. Please tell me if there are topics you would like me to include in future
If you have any comments  or questions you may reach me at or 503-638-0376.  

See you in the garden,
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