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Welcome to Luscher Farm's first electronic Community Garden Newsletter and a  brand new growing season!


Community gardens connect people of all ages and backgrounds to the earth and each other. I look forward to seeing my fellow gardeners from years past as well getting to know the new plot holders who are joining us. My hope is that they, like us,  will enjoy new friendships, meet the Farm cats Roxie and Tom and discover the wonders of planting a seed and watching it grow into something for the famiy table.  Seeing novices and experts leaning against their shovels and talking , sharing a packet of veggie starts or a package of seeds, and waving at each other as they come and go from the Farm is what community gardening is all about.

Welcome everyone!!


 Karen Davis

 Luscher Farm Coordinator


Returning Gardeners Orientation Meetings
West End Building, 4101 Kruse Way
Saturday, February 25, 10-11a
Saturday, March 3, 10-11a
Thursday, March 8, 7-8p 
March Work Parties
Saturday, March 10, 10a-12p at Luscher Farm 
Saturday, March 24, 10a-12p at Luscher Farm
Classes at Luscher Farm
Insects and Weeds in the Garden
Get to know bug's mugs and wily weeds that share your plot.
Thursday, March 15 at 7-8p
Class #1325440


Lawn to Lettuce, Lavender to Lilies
Learn how to turn sod into living soil for a productive, organic garden.
Sunday, March 18 at 10-11:30a
Class #2326345 

Winter Gardening Cleanup
Flummoxed by winter pruning? Let Linda, FRCC's curator explain it all to you. 
Saturday, March 24 at 9:30-11a 
Class #2325096

To register for any of these classes and more, click here.

Is It Time to Plant Vegetables? Ask Your Soil Thermometer! 



 After two years of cold, wet spring weather, many gardeners are no longer comfortable resorting to using charts showing when and what to plant by month. That's when a soil thermometer can be a gardener's best friend. An inexpensive thermometer can tell you when the soil is ready for you to plant. (I use an old thermometer that was actually designed for use in the kitchen.)  You can purchase soil thermometer for about $8 at most local nurseries or hardware stores. With information on what tempatures different vegetables germinate at, you're all set. The attached article gives you information on when to plant cool weather crops such as peas and radishes through the more tropical vegetables such at tomatoes and peppers.  For some good advice from Judy Scott at Oregon State,  click here. Just remember the old adage "You can plant in March and May or just in May."  If in doubt - wait.

Did you Know? 
Butterflies taste with their toes!
I hope you find these new monthly newsletters interesting and informational. Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation strives to provide excellence in building community, enriching lives, and caring for the urban and natural environment. If you have any comments  or questions you may reach me at
or 503-638-0376.  

See you in the garden,
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