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Keynote Speaker Announced for TMA Europe's Pre-Conference Banquet

Andrea Giovanelli has been announced as a keynote speaker for the TMA Europe Annual Conference in Rome next month.

Mr. Giovanelli, who is currently advisor to four Italian banks (Banca delle Marche, Banca Etruria e del Lazio, Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara, and Cassa di Risparmio di Chieti) being restructured under the supervision of the Bank of Italy, will be addressing guests at TMA Europe's pre-conference banquet being held on Thursday 9th June at the Grand Hotel Plaza.

His speech is called "Italian NPLs - A Moving Stage for Innovators" and will focus particularly on ongoing innovations and market trends.  
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Where the Distressed Debt Market Is Going and What You Need to Know to Handle It

For over the five years of this conference the talk has been about the €1 trillion and rising of European NPL's and the opportunity for the restructuring profession, but painfully little progress has been made, particularly in the corporate distressed loan sector. Portfolio offerings have been short on the depth of information buyers need to commit their money and in many cases the banks' ability to sell at realistic rates is hampered by inadequate provisions. Such is the gap between provision and reality that one really has to wonder that in some cases it may not be just the bank that is under water but the sovereign, too. How does the Eurozone banking system resolve this conundrum without tipping the whole edifice over?

Well clearly this is not just a buy sell transaction exercise, nor a "delay and pray exercise." The bid offer spread gap is too great and time will not heal bad management performance. So some lateral thought is going to be required. And if it can't be by increasing the provisions, it must be by increasing the underlying value of the loans. Corporate performance enhancement is not a quality one associates with banks so it will be left to the service platforms buying the debt to add that value. This is an opportunity for a marriage of funds' cash with turnaround professional expertise. There has been no lack of enthusiasm from the turnaround profession's side. How are the funds responding?

How much, where, when, how, and by whom are the questions this conference will explore. What lessons have been learned to date and how is that affecting the tools that restructuring professionals have at their disposal.
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How to become an EACTP Fellow

Members are being reminded of the process by which they can be upgraded to Fellows.
The membership category of Fellows was created to recognise those senior members of the profession, who are known as leaders in the turnaround field, who have already been admitted to membership. 
The number of Fellows is restricted and admission to this category of membership is at the discretion and invitation of the Standards and Admissions Committee (SAC).
Ian Gray, Chair of the SAC, said any nominations for Members to become Fellows would be considered by the committee.
"If names are put forward either by the Member themselves, or ideally if they are recommended by another, we will consider them for Fellowship, but they would have to meet the criteria we have set, and all members of the SAC would have to agree."
Dr Lukas Fecker, President of TMA Europe, was admitted as a Member of EACTP in November 2014, and  in early 2015 was invited by SAC to become a Fellow.
Dr Fecker, the founder and CEO of Innovation Brain, who has more than 20 years of turnaround experience and who has worked with leading financial institutions across the globe, said: "It was a great honour to be recognised in this way - I was delighted to take up the invitation to become an EACTP Fellow."
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