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It is with great pleasure that NQC announces the winners of the 2015 NQC Quality of Care Awards. Each year our review committee carefully reviews the applications we receive and discusses their merits at length, struggling to choose our winners. The review committee is consistently impressed by the quality of work being done at each of our applicants. NQC and the HIV/AIDS Bureau wish to express their thanks to everyone who applied and encourage you to look for the announcement for next year's Quality of Care Awards.


Take a look at the work of your award winning peers and keep in mind that they will be presenting on future NQC TA Calls.




Clemens Steinbock

Director, National Quality Center

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> NQC News | 2015 Quality Award Winners


NQC is pleased to announce this year's Quality Awards winners. Congratulations! Each year, NQC and the HIV/AIDS Bureau recognize Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees and individuals living with HIV who have shown either exemplary performance or leadership in key quality management aspects. Many thanks to everyone who submitted nominations.


Award for Consumer Involvement: New Horizon Family Health Services

NQC changed the parameters for Consumer Involvement Award this year to reflect how an organization and a consumer were working together to improve services. One very strong application was received and NQC is pleased to present them this Award. 


New Horizon Family Health Services, located in Greenville, South Carolina, established its Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Consumer Advocacy Board (CAB) in January 2014. From the very start of the process, Inez Morris expressed her interest and joined the team. She researched information on CABs and built her knowledge about quality management by attending quarterly consumer quality improvement meetings, training sessions, and webinars. At the same time she recruited other consumers to join the CAB. In addition to her leadership on the CAB, Ms. Morris serves on the planning committee for the annual state STD/HIV conference, is a peer support facilitator for the Women Involved in Life Learning from Other Women (WILLOW), facilitates a women's HIV support group, and does numerous presentations for churches and neighborhood groups each year.


In recognition of how consumer voices at New Horizon Family Health Services resulted in a meaningful engagement of people living with HIV and how Ms. Morris became an active partner and advocate for improving HIV services, we are pleased to present them with the 2015 NQC Quality of Care Award for Consumer Involvement.


To learn more about their efforts, visit our NQC website and read their profile | www.NationalQualityCenter.org/Awards


Award for Cross-Part Improvement Efforts: Arizona Regional Group

The Arizona Regional Quality Group (ARQG) formed in 2008 with technical assistance from the NQC. Initially, in 2008, the group consisted of the Part C and D grantees in Maricopa and Pima Counties. In 2009, the Part A and B programs formed a similar group. Both groups soon recognized the value of working together and further expanded to include HIV Surveillance and HIV Prevention programs. By 2010, all Arizona Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees were participating in the ARQG.


Early on, the ARQG focused on identifying and developing statewide quality indicators. To effectively benchmark results with other agencies, both locally and nationally, most ARQG members enrolled in the in+care Campaign. The group integrated information from the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy, HRSA/HAB Revised Performance Measure Portfolio, and various models of the HIV Care Continuum. After much discussion, standardized Care Continuum definitions and calculations were recently created so that its members can use to benchmark their outcomes, compare data, and consistently measure health disparities.


For their dedication to quality and their exceptional teamwork, we are pleased to award the 2015 NQC Quality Management Award to the Arizona Regional Quality Group.


To learn more about their efforts, visit our NQC website and read their profile | www.NationalQualityCenter.org/Awards  


> NQC ShareLab - Sharing Improvement Interventions   


Ever thought to yourself - I wish I could quickly and easily figure out what quality interventions people have tried to solve my clinic's problem? NQC ShareLab is here to help!


After our planning, programming, and field testing with Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees, NQC is pleased to announce that ShareLab, our newest quality improvement resource for you. ShareLab allows you to access improvement strategies of others and share your own interventions to foster a community of learners. This simple to use online application allows visitors to explore improvement interventions related to retaining HIV infected individuals in ongoing HIV care. Currently, ShareLab include retention interventions by in+care Campaign participants. In addition, registered users can enter additional retention interventions of their own, rate posted strategies, and reply to entries made by others. A range of search and navigation features allows great flexibility and access to information. Currently, NQC ShareLab has already more than 75 registered users and over 800 individual interventions.


Looking to figure out what other HIV programs are working on? Check out our newest online resource.


Also, share your successful improvement strategies and interact with your colleagues across the country.


Access ShareLab | http://www.nqcsharelab.org/ 

Sharelab Instruction Manual | Click Here 


If you have any questions, contact us Michael Hager, MPH @ michael.hager@health.ny.gov 


> Provider Corner | Opportunities for Optimizing Consumer Input: Positive Champions, Ormond Beach, FL


After years of being an important voice in raising awareness around HIV and addressing HIV-related stigma in Northeast Florida, Positive Champions has been expanding their focus. This is a natural outgrowth of their past work and their close involvement with the National Quality Center. Now, Positive Champions is becoming more involved in enhancing the quality of HIV care provided in the region in collaboration with the local planning consortium and AIDS service organizations.


"We are moving into an advisory role, working with case managers to identify areas where care needs to be improved," says Jeff Allen, Positive Champions' founder. "We are a part of the system and we are working within that system."


In conjunction with the consortium, Positive Champions is organizing quarterly focus groups of consumers. Data collected from the groups are used to inform the consortium's decisions. The first focus group took place in July and focused on the upcoming re-competition of the region's case management contract.


The focus groups are promoted at all of the clinics, hospitals, and Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded providers as well as local libraries. Jeff has met with case managers to enlist their help with enrollment.


"We emphasize that participation is easy, people should not be intimidated in any way," says Jeff. "We even have translators available if people do not speak English."


In addition to the focus groups, a new consumer advisory group (CAB), coordinated by Positive Champions, has been incorporated into the consortium. The CAB has developed a process for soliciting input from other consumers and resolving care-related issues.


"If a client has a concern, rather than going directly to the provider they can use the CAB to help them navigate the process," says Jeff. "Some consumers are afraid to raise their concerns. They feel like they don't have a voice."


Consumers can now approach a member of the CAB with an issue. The CAB will record and document it, report it to the lead agency, take the issue to the service provider, and work to mitigate it until it is resolved.


To ensure the success of these new activities, Positive Champions has increased training opportunities for members. In recent months, members have received training related to health literacy, cultural competence, effective engagement in HIV care, and how to engage men who have sex with men.


"As we look to increase our role in quality-related efforts, we recognize the needs to build our skills," says Jeff. "I use the information I have gained from the NQC as a basis for this work."


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> Consumer Perspective | John Schoepp


"If you put your mind to it," says John Schoepp, "You can work with people with different levels of knowledge and different experiences and come out with something successful."


Currently, John is working with lots of people. At Elmhurst Hospital Center's Immunology Clinic in Queens, NY, he is a member of the HIV program's consumer advisory board (CAB) and is active on the quality management committee. John also participates on the consumer subcommittee of NYC's Part A planning council and has recently applied to join the needs assessment and care integration subcommittees as part of the process of applying to be a voting member of the council.


Being involved in quality improvement at various levels allows John to serve as a conduit of information. As a member of the CAB, he hears directly from other consumers about issues related to the services provided. John also coordinates the consumer survey, which is another important source of feedback.


"I have added questions designed to obtain information about how services can be improved but I also try to get a sense of consumers' knowledge about services," says John. "It is surprising that people, even long-term patients, do not know some of the basics about available services. This can have an impact on the quality of care they receive."


John brings issues raised by the CAB and the consumer survey to the quality management committee.


"I work directly with staff and am involved in the whole process," says John. "This has resulted in services being changed to be more consumer friendly and more responsive to their needs. Sometimes changes are made in a matter of days."


As he has become more and more involved in the quality of care, John has had opportunities to hone his skills. He attended the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC in 2012 and an NQC Training of Consumers on Quality in 2013.


"The quality improvement team mentored me from day one so I have always felt able to participate in the process," says John. "Getting out and seeing what others are doing, whether here in New York or around the world, has allowed me to bring back new ideas to the CAB and the quality management committee." 


> National TA Webinar | Patient Navigation and Retention| Aug. 20


This month NQC will be presenting an emerging paradigm in how providers enhance the experience of their patients and how the patient navigator can be a vital component in retention.


Learning Objectives:

     - Understand what patient navigation is

     - See how the role of the patient navigator has

           expanded over the years

     - Learn how patient navigation can enhance


     - Voices from the field: learn how one

           organization is using patient navigation.


Meeting information
Topic: Patient navigation and Retention
Date: Thursday, August 20, 2015
Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Meeting Number: 643 288 797
Meeting Password: nqcwebinar123

To start or join the online meeting
Go to https://meetny.webex.com/meetny/j.php?MTID=m82f1a7bf596fb46e810377726b58af46

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