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Happy spring! Hopefully, we have seen the last of harsh weather. Just as spring is a time of renewal, NQC has renewed its commitment to rewarding grantees by way of our Quality of Care Awards. For the past seven years, NQC and the HIV/AIDS Bureau have recognized those grantees that have outstanding quality management programs. This year we have new award categories in keeping with the shifting priorities of the epidemic. NQC encourages you to be recognized for the excellent work you do. Please visit nationalqualitycenter.org/qualityawards and download the application and submit an application.


For those of you that have attended either the Training-of-Trainers Program or the Training of Quality Leaders Program, you are eligible to attend the Training on Coaching Basics Program. Our next session is being held in Dallas, TX from June 17 through June 19, 2015. More our newsletter.




Clemens Steinbock

Director, National Quality Center

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> NQC Offering | ShareLab - Sharing Adaptable Interventions  


Ever thought to yourself "I wish I could quickly and easily figure out what quality interventions people have tried to solve my clinic's problem?" NQC ShareLab is here to help!


After our planning, programming, and focus groups with Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees, NQC is pleased to announce the ShareLab is open for business. The website allows visitors to explore the body of improvement interventions submitted to NQC by in+care Campaign participants. In addition, registered users can enter additional interventions of their own and can rate and reply to entries made by others. A range of search and navigation features allows great flexibility in the way people relate to the information. Currently, NQC ShareLab has more than 75 registered users and over 800 individual interventions (not de-duplicated).


Looking to address some service challenges? See what others have done.


Also, tell us your improvement stories and interact with your colleagues across the country. We will feature them!


Access Sharelab | http://www.nqcsharelab.org/


> Apr. 2015 | Issue 77 | Vol 8 

> NQC 10-Year Anniversary
Milestones and Highlights

Tell us how NQC has helped you!

> Upcoming Events | April - June

April 1 | in+care data submission due


April 16 | National TA Call | The Games People Play - The Importance of Games in the QI Process


April 17| NQC Quality of Care Awards due


June 17-19 | Training on Coaching Basics, Dallas, TX


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Improving HIV Care.

> NQC Offering | NQC's Game Guide: Learning Doesn't Have to be Boring


Over the years and our many trainings, NQC has witnessed firsthand that training activities are most successful when they are interactive and fun. This experience is backed up by adult learning theory-adults learn by doing and not just by listening.


NQC regularly incorporates games into our trainings and over 20 games are compiled in 
The Game Guide: Interactive Exercises for Trainers to Teach Quality Improvement in HIV Care. Some of the games are classics in the quality improvement field, some come from other disciplines, and some are NQC originals.



The purpose of the guide is to make these games available to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program community and beyond by describing how they work and clarifying the lessons they help to teach. It is organized around five "critical concepts" for quality improvement-ideas that the people need to understand and be comfortable applying in quality improvement activities. These critical concepts are:

  • Measurement
  • System skills
  • Developing changes
  • Testing and making changes
  • Cooperation skills


The concepts come from a series of articles that appeared in the 
Annals of Internal Medicine in 1998. The series was edited by Donald M. Berwick, M.D. and Thomas W. Nolan, Ph.D. While the 
Game Guide may seem to be all about fun, the concepts are very much based on evidence.

View the Game Guide | Click Here  
Consumer Perspective | Eddie Orozco

Sometimes we all need just a little push to take the next step. Eddie Orozco had been a member of the Medical Care Subcommittee of the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership for over 6 years. The subcommittee focuses on eliminating disparities and improving health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH). It makes recommendations to the Partnership-the regional Miami-Dade EMA planning council. After Eddie attended the NQC's Training of Consumers on Quality (TQC) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in December 2014, Eddie re-assessed his level of involvement.


"I set a goal to become part of the planning process-to become a voting member of the Partnership," says Eddie. "I submitted my application and it was accepted."


Not only does Eddie bring his own experience as a PLWH to the table, he also has direct experience about the challenges faced by others-both infected and at risk. Eddie is an HIV program facilitator with Pridelines Youth Services. Pridelines is dedicated to supporting, educating, and empowering South Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth in a safe and diverse environment. In his part-time role, he leads four support groups per week, coordinates bi-monthly lectures, and also plans social events. His work is focused both on young, at-risk individuals and PLWH. He has also been certified to provide HIV counseling and testing by the Florida Department of Health. Prior to working for Pridelines, Eddie was a volunteer peer counselor-he has lots of hands-on experience about what it takes to access and stay in care.


In his new role as a member of the Partnership, Eddie is looking forward to bringing his own experience and the experience of the people he works with to the table.


"I want to be involved in making sure that everyone receives high-quality care," says Eddie. "We need to make sure that they are taken care of and are listened to."


While the training moved Eddie to get involved on a larger level, it also made him look at ways he could support his own organization.


"Pridelines is looking to expand our activities," says Eddie. "I can provide suggestions related to quality improvement, which is important to the expansion process."


Eddie also acknowledges his important role in giving others a voice and being a role model.


"The more people that get involved, the more change will be accomplished."

> NQC News | There's Still Time to Sign Up: Training on Coaching Basics: June 17-19, Dallas, TX 


NQC is committed to building the quality skills of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees. Quality managers play an important role in building capacity on the regional and local level. NQC's Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) helps quality managers build the skills of others-leveraging their expertise within their organizations and communities.


The TCB is designed to close any educational gaps of quality managers and to the increase quality improvement competencies. It also builds their capacity as quality leaders to coach other HIV providers on quality improvement. The TCB is a 3-day face-to-face session plus pre-work activities and post-course work. Participants will:

  • Increase mastery of effectively coaching HIV providers to establish and sustain effective quality management programs and quality improvement teams
  • Enhance ability to conduct organizational assessments, provide constructive feedback, and develop effective action plans based on assessment findings
  • Improve confidence in understanding behaviors and interventions that promote a systems approach to quality management by using partnerships and shared vision
  • Improve self-awareness of individual coaching style and of personal working style and limitations that may contribute to interpersonal tensions


The TCB Program is designed for individuals who work in Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded grantees, are instrumental in managing existing quality management programs, have successfully completed the Training-of-Trainer (TOT) or the Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program or both and are charged in assisting other agencies within their HIV/AIDS network with advancing their quality management programs and quality improvement activities.


For more information and to sign up | http://nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/5847/37251

> April 16 | National TA Call | The Games People Play - The Importance of Games in the QI Process


Our call this month will examine the use of games as effective training tools.  NQC has incorporated games into its face-to-face trainings as a means of both imparting QI knowledge and doing it in a supportive, fun environment.


By participating in this call, you will better:

  • Understand the learning theory behind the use of games as teaching tools
  • Understand the roles of games in the quality improvement arena
  • Understand how people learn and how use a game to illustrate a concept.
  • Understand the different ways in which games can help to build your process, strengthen your team and promote ongoing effort
  • Understand the different types of games and how they help ignite different pieces of your quality improvement program


If you don't have a copy yet, NQC suggests downloading the Game Guide before the National TA Webinar.  Printed copies are available on request.


Meeting information
Topic: The Importance of Games in the QI Process
Date: Thursday, April 16, 2015
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