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As we all head into summer, we are reminded that spring was a time of renewal. And so it was for our Consumer Advisory Board (CAC) as well. NQC is pleased to announce that our new CAC members have been chosen and are ready to contribute their talents and ideas to help improve HIV care across the country.  


Since our inception, NQC has ensured that consumers have a powerful voice in shaping our trainings, publications and in keeping NQC focused on the importance of consumer involvement in quality improvement.  


It is my pleasure to introduce the members of the 2014-2015 CAC to you. Please join me in welcoming them to the NQC family!




Clemens Steinbock

Director, National Quality Center


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> NQC News | New Members Join the NQC Consumer Advisory Committee
> NQC News | Positively!: New HIV Self-Management Videos
> Consumer Perspective | David Pable
> Quality Tip of the Month | Helping Consumers Find Their Voice
> National TA Webinar | Cascade versus Continuum of Care

> NQC News | New Members Join the NQC Consumer Advisory Committee  



In 2013, NQC restructured its Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) to include a total of 13 appointed persons living with HIV from across the country representing Department of Health and Human Services region. NQC is pleased to announce the new CAC members, who will each serve a 2-year term. CAC members provide NQC meaningful recommendations on the NQC's services. They also agree to participate in Ryan White Regional Learning Networks and Collaboratives in their areas.


Jeff Allen - An advocate for 27 years, Jeff has been active in a number of organizations in the Daytona, Florida area.


Dawn Bryant - Dawn is a peer advocate at Erie County Medical Center, in Buffalo, NY, where she also serves as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board.


Jennifer Bullock - Jennifer is a member of Arizona's Ryan White Planning Council and also active with the Black AIDS Task Force.


Dennis Creedon - Dennis works for Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Infectious Diseases Institute as a part-time client advocate.


Kneeshe Davis - Kneeshe is working with Project ARK's Treatment Adherence Program in St. Louis, MO, which targets individuals that are newly diagnosed, starting HIV medications, and/or struggling with adherence.


Paul Goulet - For over 26 years, Paul has been working in the field of HIV. He currently works as the Consumer Office Director at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of HIV/AIDS.


Elaine Henderson - Elaine serves as Supervisor of HIV Services for Care Alliance Health Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Hank Jensen - Since 2007, Hank has been a member of Minnesota's HIV Services Planning Council.


Martha Sichone Cameron - Martha is currently the Policy and Advocacy Manager for The Women's Collective, a community health and human service agency in Washington, DC.


Fred Smith - He is a member of the Alameda (CA) AIDS Research Coalition, East Bay HIV Faith Collaborative, and the Collaborative Community Planning Council.


Don Steward - Don serves on the Board of Directors for Peers for Positive Change (Santa Rosa, CA), a grassroots nonprofit organized to reduce stigma, promote HIV awareness, provide prevention education and support and advocate for the newly diagnosed and those affected by isolation and stigma.


John Tenorio - John is part of the Pueblo Community Health Center (Canon City, CO) EIS Consumer Board. He became Chair of the Board in 2009.


Matthew Tochtenhagen - Matthew is the current HIV Quality Management Program Coordinator working with AIDS Help and the Monroe County (FL) Health Department.


Learn more about our CAC Members and activities | http://nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/5847/8795.


> NQC News | Positively!: New HIV Self-Management Videos


Positively! is a comprehensive set of HIV self-management videos, features testimonials, conversations, narrative, and animation to provide key messages about HIV and emphasize health literacy concepts. The project is a result of collaboration among people with HIV, providers, health educators, and health literacy and media experts.  
Positively! is primarily aimed at newly diagnosed individuals and provides a wealth of information on HIV infection. Positively! is also a valuable education tool for any provider who deals with newly diagnosed individuals or individuals that need assistance/education on managing their HIV infection. The videos includes:


  • Newly diagnosed individualsspeak to the concerns of learning they have HIV;
  • How HIV passes from one person to another, how to stay safe, and HIV myths;
  • What HIV does inside the body;
  • How HIV medicines work;
  • Managing HIV andliving long and strong; and
  • Tips for facing life's challenges. 

The project, which was developed over three years, was led by Evelyn Bradley.  Evelyn began this project when she was an NQC Fellow while also maintaining her position at the Baltimore City Health Department Part A Program.   

View the videos | http://nationalqualitycenter.org/Positively/story.html

> NQC e-Newsletter | Volume 6 | Issue 70 | June '14


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Consumer Perspective | David Pable 


A chance encounter led David Pable to make some major changes in his life. David volunteered to participate in a survey on sexual health and HIV knowledge, primarily for the $30 incentive. Based on some of his responses, the interviewer suggested that he might want to get involved in the South Carolina HIV Task Force. At the same time, David and a friend were talking about HIV services in their community and decided to apply for the South Carolina HIV Planning Council.


"When I realized that I could help myself and other people, opportunities started to come along," says David.


Since that epiphany, David has become a member of the consumer advocacy committee at the Wellness Center, Roper St. Francis Foundation (Part C), in Charleston, South Caroline . He is a voting member of the South Carolina HIV Planning Council and chairs the Needs Assessment Subcommittee. He is also on the Executive Committee of the South Caroline HIV Task Force and chairs the Consumer Empowerment Committee.


For more than two years, David has chronicled his increasing involvement in advocacy in a journal. Not only does he log his experiences but he also sets goals for where he wants to go with his advocacy activities. These goals have included increasing his skills and becoming more involved at the national level. He has achieved both these goals in the past year: he participated in NQC's Training of Consumers on Quality in spring 2013 and took part in AIDS Watch in Washington, DC this past April. Also at the national level, he has been invited to participate in the Office of National AIDS Policy's White House meeting focusing on HIV and the South, which is taking place this month.


Participation in the NQC's consumer training has helped David assume a leadership roles in his advocacy work. As chair of the Planning Council's Needs Assessment Subcommittee, David used the survey development skills he learned from the NQC to ensure that they were asking the right questions that would result in useful responses.


Participating on so many committees has resulted in David playing a unique role at both the community and state level.


"There is a lot of overlap across the groups and I can act as a liaison," says David. "I can take information from one level to the other and back. It helps people to understand what is going on at the community, regional, and state level." 

> Quality Tip of the Month | Helping Consumers Find Their Voice


As our newly reorganized CAC indicates, NQC takes consumer involvement very seriously. To help others in the Ryan White community enhance consumer participation in their own organizations, NQC has developed and compiled a number of resources and tools. These include materials designed to help consumers develop the skills they need to effectively participate in quality-related activities as well as tools for organizations to help them integrate consumers in their quality programs.


An example of these resources is the NQC's Making Sure Your HIV Care is the Best it Can Be.

This training curriculum, available in English and Spanish, introduces people living with HIV to performance measurement, and helps build the skills consumers need to actively contribute to improvements in their own care.  The curriculum is presented as a facilitator guide designed for HIV patient educators, and outlines an interactive, modular workshop providing HIV care consumers with information and skills-building experiences in self-advocacy.


Another example is the newly developed Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ).  This is a comprehensive course, modeled after other NQC national recognized face-to-face trainings, that helps consumers become active participants in an organization's quality improvement activities.  This training is available to grantees to adapt to their local use.  Printed facilitator guides will be available within the next 30 days.  To request the Guide | info@nationalqualitycenter.org  


These materials are available on the NQC website.

> National TA Webinar  


Due to scheduling conflicts, the June National TA Call is cancelled.  Please check the website for the July National TA Call. 

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