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I want to take this opportunity to invite you to a very special National TA webinar hosted by NQC in June. Dr. Julio Montaner is the Clinical Director for the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Montaner has published extensively on respiratory complications of AIDS and antiretroviral therapy and he pioneered the use of adjunctive corticosteroids for AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. His later work played a significant role in establishing the relationship between the development of HIV resistance to nucleoside analogues and clinical progression of the disease.


Dr. Montaner will be discussing the HIV cascade in British Columbia and also treatment as prevention. NQC invites you all to join us for this very special presentation from an internationally recognized expert.

Wam regards,


Clemens Steinbock

Director, National Quality Center


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> NQC News | Focus Group Participants Wanted-Register Now!
> NQC News | Fostering Participation from Part A/B Grantees in HIVQUAL Regional Groups
> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update
> Real World Quality: Joyce Case
> Consumer Perspective | Jonas Nicotra
> NQC Consultant Spotlight | Barbara (BJ) Boshard
> National TA Call l Dr. Julio Montaner to Present

> NQC News | Focus Group Participants Wanted - Register Now! 


In the near future, NQC will hold two focus groups to help us identify and understand the current needs of Ryan White grantees. NQC regularly relies on focus groups to draw on the experience and expertise of our grantee partners. The topics of the groups are:

  • Engaging Quality Improvement Leaders as Champions for Local Improvements
  • Effectively Documenting Interventions of Quality Improvement Projects


Please consider joining us for one of the focus groups. They will be 90 minutes in length and be conducted via telephone.  Details will be provided when you sign up.  NQC appreciates the many thoughtful ideas grantees have shared with us in the past. They have helped us serve the Ryan White community as an effective resource for quality improvement. Please join us and let your voice be heard.


To register | Click Here

> NQC News | Fostering Participation from Part A/B Grantees in HIVQUAL Regional Groups 


Through HIVQUAL Regional Groups, Ryan White grantees meet regularly to promote successful quality improvement interventions through peer learning. HIVQUAL Regional Groups activities are based on local needs and enhance the coordination of HIV care and collaboration by local providers. Currently there are 23 HIVQUAL Regional Groups across 24 states and Puerto Rico.


With the integration of HIVQUAL activities into the National Quality Center (NQC) in August 2013, the scope of the Regional Groups expanded to foster participation of Part A and B grantees in previously established groups consisting of Part C and D grantees. NQC highly encourages cross-Part collaborations. If you are a Part A or B grantee and are interested in joining an existing Regional Group, find out where the closest one is to you by clicking here.  To join, simply download the NQC by going to the On-site Technical Assistance page of the NQC website and click on the TA Request Form link.  To learn more about HIVQUAL Regional Groups contact Darryl Ng at Darryl@nationalqualitycenter.org for more information.


For more information | Click Here

> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update


In May, the in+care Campaign is focusing on adolescent and youth retention. Join us for a variety of activities that highlight the needs of these populations and present strategies for helping young people remain in care.

  • in+care Campaign Webinar: Adolescent Transitions (Presenter: Grady Infectious Disease Program), May 22, 2pm ET
  • in+care Journal Club: Delayed Entry into and Failure to Remain in HIV Care among HIV-Infected Adolescents (Presenter: Dr. Timothy Minniear), May 30 2pm ET


Other May Events: 

  • Partners in+care Webinar: What is Viral Suppression? (Presenter: Dr. Moupali Das), May 21, 12pm ET
  • Partners in+care Webinar - Mental Health and Medical Service Linkage,  May 29 12pm ET


To participate in in+care Webinars:

DIAL: 866.394.2346
CODE: 397 154 6368 #
Webinar room: http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/incarecampaign.

Be on the lookout for new enhanced reports on the Campaign website! The reports will examine data submitted by facility type and compare data across agencies with varying caseloads. Also coming soon are analyses that include reviews of different improvement strategies.


Learn more about the in+care Campaign | www.incarecampaign.org 

> Real World Quality: Joyce Case


Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida (HPCNEF) is the lead agency for Florida's Ryan White Part B Program in the Daytona Beach area. It subcontracts with providers of outpatient services for people living with HIV/AIDS. "We already have the components of a quality management plan in place but we want to go from good to great," says Joyce Case, the Program Director for the HPCNEF.

The connection with NQC grew out of the work of Jeff Allen, a consumer advocate and volunteer with HPCNEF. Jeff is a member of NQC's Consumer Advisory Committee and is active in the Partners in+care part of the in+care Campaign. He has also participated in several NQC trainings.

"Jeff really pushed to get NQC here," says Joyce. HPCNEF received permission from the Florida Department of Health, the Part B grantee, to access technical assistance through NQC.

In April, HPCNEF began the process with an assessment of their current efforts. The assessment, which was led by NQC coach Judy Passela, looked at their current system of care, how they can measure their efforts, and identified gaps.

"All our providers were on alert that Judy was coming," says Joyce. "We stressed to everyone that she was not coming to criticize-it is not about blame and shame-it is about building on what we are doing right and identifying areas where we can improve."

In the coming months, HPCNEF will continue working with NQC to analyze the findings of the assessment and develop a new, more comprehensive quality management plan. 

> NQC e-Newsletter | Volume 6 | Issue 59 | May 2013 


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> Upcoming Events | May - June

May 16 | National TA Call | Linkage and Retention

May 13-15 | Training on Coaching Basics, Chicago

May 12-14 | Training of Consumers for Quality, Atlanta

May 21 | Partners in+care Webinar: What is Viral Suppression, 12pm ET

May 22 | in+care Campaign Webinar: Adolescent Transitions, 2pm ET

May 29 | Partners in+care Webinar: Mental Health and Medical Service Linkage, 12pm ET

May 30 | in+care Journal Club: Delayed Entry into and Failure to Remain in HIV Care among HIV-Infected Adolescents, 2pm ET

June 6-7 | Part C/D Initiative Regional Training, New Brunswick, NJ

June 26 - 27 | Part C/D Initiative Regional Training, Charlotte, SC

June 7-9 | Training of Consumers for Quality, Sacramento, CA

> Consumer Perspective: Jonas Nicotra 


With a Master's Degree in Education, Jonas Nicotra is committed to helping other people learn. Since he began participating on various HIV-related planning bodies in the State of Washington in 2009, Jonas has seen how important knowledge and an understanding of the issues are to effective participation. Currently, Jonas is serving on both the Part A and Part B planning bodies and various subcommittees.

"I've seen consumers leave these committees because they feel their voices are not being heard," says Jonas. "Some consumers feel lost due to the lack of knowledge and training and because they do not understand their role in the process."

"As an educator, I appreciate the need for training that incorporates adult learning principles," says Jonas. "It is impossible for most people to absorb information in a short, crash course. The information needs to be broken down and provided on an ongoing basis."

Jonas received much of his quality-related training at the NQC's Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ) workshop, which was held in 2012. Since then, he has accessed some of the tools NQC has compiled from other grantees.  For example, the consumer committee of the Seattle TGA's Quality Management Committee recently conducted two surveys-of consumers and providers. Jonas obtained sample surveys from NQC and modified the questions to fit the TGA's needs. Jonas has also used NQC's resources on how to effectively display data.

"I'm a visual learner," says Jonas. "It can really help to display the data graphically. It helps people to understand it."

In the future, Jonas hopes to encourage other consumers to become involved in planning and quality-related activities by conducting monthly workshops on self management and effective advocacy. 

> NQC Consultant Spotlight: Barbara (BJ) Boshard 


Barbara (BJ) Boshard, MS, BSN, RN became a coach for the New York State Department of Health for the Midwestern states in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas in 2006. Through this one-on-one coaching BJ helped these states to create a unique regional quality improvement group model called the Midwestern Regional Quality Improvement Group. This new approach crossed state boundary lines to provide peer support and cross-Part collaboration for quality improvement projects for several Ryan White-funded grantees in the Midwest region. In 2008, BJ began coaching work for NQC in addition to HIVQUAL, providing coaching for the Cross-Part Collaborative, technical assistance for dental grantees, and one-on-one, short-term technical assistance in Kentucky, New Jersey, and Missouri.

BJ developed her foundation for quality improvement through her work with the Missouri Ryan White Part B program as the Director of Quality Improvement for Case Management. She formed and facilitated a statewide cross-Part project called the Missouri AIDS Case Management Improvement Project (MACMIP) and was the lead for Missouri for the NQC Part B Collaborative, modeled after the Institute for Health Improvement learning collaborative model.

In addition to her coaching work with NQC, BJ is currently the Coordinator for Quality Improvement for the Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. In this role she uses a multi-pronged approach to promote a culture of quality improvement in internal medicine. In this role, BJ's major activities include:

  • Development and implementation of an experiential quality improvement curriculum for medical students and residents;
  • Facilitation of several health center improvement teams and the Internal Medicine Faculty Quality Improvement Team;
  • Coordination of system-based morbidity and mortality conferences for trainees; and
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with the University of Missouri Health System and Internal Medicine for improved patient care. 

BJ graduated with a Master's of Science in Community-Agency Counseling from Pittsburg State University and received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of North Florida. Over the years, BJ has written many journal articles and won various awards related to quality improvement. She is also the author of a children's story, Ollie Oxygen Visits the Amusement Park. 

> NQC National TA Call | Dr. Julio Montaner to Present


National TA Conference Call
Dr. Julio Montaner - Linkage and Retention
May 16, 4:00 - 5:00 pm ET


NQC is holding a special call this month. Dr. Julio Montaner is currently Professor and Head of the Division of AIDS in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  He is also the UBC and St. Paul's Hospital Foundation Chair in AIDS Research, as well as the Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.  He was the President of the International AIDS Society from 2008-2010.


Dr. Montaner will be discussing linkage and retention topics that have arisen through his vast experience in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention. He is an expert and a lead researcher for treatment as prevention and played a key role in establishing the efficacy of NNRTI based highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). NQC invites you all to join us for this very special presentation from an internationally recognized expert.


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