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The National Quality Center (NQC) enjoyed the opportunity to meet hundreds of Ryan White grantees face-to-face at the 2012 AGM in Washington, DC. Grantees visited the NQC exhibit booth in record numbers and met with NQC expert quality consultants to discuss their quality improvement needs. Over 300 individuals attended the NQC workshops and we distributed over 3,000 quality improvement publications. It is always gratifying to see strong commitment to improve HIV care from such an array of providers.


It was also exciting to see how many workshops focused on quality improvement across the AGM beyond the Quality Institutes NQC managed. It is abundantly clear that providers recognize quality improvement as a central component to providing the best HIV care for all patients at all times and put the principles of quality improvement into practice. It was truly uplifting, and NQC salutes all of you for your work and dedication.


Clemens Steinbock,

Director, National Quality Center


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> NQC News | NQC at the Ryan White Program All Grantee Meeting
> NQC News | in+care Update
> NQC News | NQC on Facebook
> Real World Quality: Terry Bray
> Consumer Perspective: Tom Cassady
> Highlights from the NQC Collection | Cross Part Collaboration

> NQC News | NQC at the Ryan White Program All Grantee Meeting


Once again NQC had a major presence at the All Grantee Meeting. There were two Quality Tracks with 6 workshops on various topics in quality improvement principles and practice, and many other quality improvement-related workshops, such as retention, using the NQC Organization Assessment form and how the HIVQUAL Regional Groups can help you improve HIV care. All workshops were led by NQC expert coaches and also featured grantee presenters. The workshops were a tremendous opportunity for exchanging information and learning from peers. NQC also will be contacting grantees that gave other quality-related workshops to collaborate with them on future National TA Calls.


Grantees showed a great deal of interest in NQC publications and talked with NQC coaches and staff about their specific quality improvement issues. Networking sessions were again offered during lunch hours; this year for participants in the HIVQUAL Regional Group and in+care Campaign. These networking sessions offered grantees the opportunity to meet one another and exchange ideas and best practice methodologies.


NQC is also looking for suggestions on how to improve our All Grantee Meeting activities. Please email your suggestions to Kevin@nationalqualitycenter.org.


To download NQC AGM presentations | nationalqualitycenter.org/AGM2012

> NQC News | in+care Update


As we get further into Year 2 of the Campaign, there is a lot going on that moves us toward our goal of improving retention and ultimately, improving health outcomes.


  • They're here! The in+care Campaign has released its enhanced reports. These reports look at retention data in new and exciting ways. Campaign staff is busy putting together a walk through webinar program for campaign participants to introduce the new reports and all they have to offer. The date and time of the webinar program will be released very soon.
  •  December is Project Sustainability Month. The in+care Campaign is working with participating providers to design retention improvement projects that can be sustained over time at low to no cost. We are starting this work now for providers to initiate the planning over the next year for their options in tracking retention and implementing improvements over the long-term.
  • Additional tools and resources continue to be posted on the in+care Campaign website! Visit the site to see what new resources have been added. If you have any tools or documents you would like to share with the Ryan White community, email them to Michael Hager | Michael@NationalQualityCenter.org

Upcoming Campaign Deadlines

Next Improvement Update Submission - December 17, 2012

Next Data Submission - February 1, 2013


Upcoming Campaign Events

  • Journal Club Webinar - Lytt Gardner of CDC Discusses a Low-Effort, Clinic Wide Intervention to Improve Retention in Care | December 12, 1pm ET
  • Partners in+care Webinar - Optimal Wellness for People with HIV with Mark Brennan-Ing of ACRIA and a Campaign stakeholder panel | December 13, 2pm ET
  • Campaign Webinar - Sustaining Retention Projects in Unsure Funding Environments with Amy Sitapati of UCSD Owen Clinic | January 9, 2pm ET
  • Campaign Webinar - Mental Health and Retention with Kevin Moore of the Philadelphia AIDS Care Group and Mike Rollison of Virginia Commonwealth University | January 10, 2pm ET
  • Journal Club Webinar - Medha Vyavaharkar of University of South Carolina - How Can We Increase Initiation Of and Retention In Care Among Persons Living with HIV? | January 30, 2pm ET

Watch for Details on these Upcoming Events

Campaign Webinar - Campaign Data Explained, Diving into the Enhanced Campaign Retention Reports and How to Utilize Them: TBD


Learn more about the in+care Campaign | www.incarecampaign.org

> NQC News | NQC on Facebook


Did you know that NQC has a Facebook page? Learn about exciting developments in the in+care Campaign and other innovative NQC programs and keep up to date with NQC events and activities by Liking our page today!  


Real World Quality: Terry Bray

As quality services manager for the Kansas City Health Department, a Part A grantee, Terry Bray must work with a wide range of providers in the Transitional Grant Area (TGA). Some are large organizations with their own quality staff with quality improvement as their main job function while others are small organizations with one or two case managers who are responsible for quality improvement along with all their other tasks. To meet the diverse technical assistance needs of the providers, Terry has relied on an array of NQC services.

To guide the TGA's overall quality efforts, Terry took advantage of one of NQC's expert coaches. Over the course of several technical assistance visits, Barbara Boshard helped Terry revise the TGA's quality management plan, identified appropriate performance measures, and reenergized the quality advisory committee. Barbara also worked to strengthen regional collaborative efforts. Kansas City works with Ryan White grantees in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa and Illinois around quality-related issues.

"The collaboration gives me a broader picture of what others are doing and how we can coordinate our efforts," says Terry. "It helps to align our reporting and enhance communication about HRSA's expectations and requirements."

While this position requires Terry to provide leadership on quality issues in the TGA and across the region, Quality 101 is still a major part of the job. "There always seems to be new staff who need training in the basics," says Terry.

To make sure that staff across the TGA has a common language around quality, Terry requires everyone to complete at least two NQC Quality Academy tutorials each year. "It is so helpful that the Academy offers training at multiple levels," says Terry. Most staff complete tutorials at the beginner or intermediate level."

The combined approach of leadership and training has paid off. "All of our providers have quality management plans in place," reports Terry. "Across the TGA there is an understanding about our expectations around quality."

> December 2012 | Issue 54 | Volume 5 

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> Upcoming Events | December - January 

December 12, 1pm-2pm ET | in+care Journal Club | Low-Effort Clinic-Wide Intervention Improves Attendance for Primary care

December 13, 2pm-3pm ET | Partners in+care Webinar | Optimal Wellness

December 20, 3 - 4:30 pm | National TA Call | Cross-Part Collaboration

January 9, 2pm ET | in+care Webinar | Sustaining Retention Projects in Unsure Funding Environments

January 10, 2pm ET | in+care Webinar | Mental Health and Retention


January 30, 2pm ET | in+care Journal Club | How Can We Increase Initiation Of and Retention In Care Among Persons Living with HIV?

> Consumer Perspective: Tom Cassady

"For the average consumer like myself, the training necessary to get up to speed on quality improvement can be a little daunting," notes Tom Cassady. Tom serves as a consumer representative on the North Texas HIV Planning Council. As a council member, Tom is on several committees. He also attends the quality meetings held by the EMA's Administrative Agency, the Tarrant County Public Health Department.

The Administrative Agency selected Tom to attend the NQC's Training of Consumers for Quality (TCQ) workshop, which was held in the spring of 2012. Tom has also completed many of the tutorials in the Quality Academy.

While he has been a long-time volunteer with many ASO's in the Dallas area, Tom notes that often, consumer representatives are employees of the agency. "These people participate in the daily goings on of the ASO," he says. "They know the language and how things get done."

"The NQC training provided great information," says Tom. "I left with a better understanding of quality in general and how to link consumers with providers."

Tom is looking forward to promoting the involvement of consumers within the EMA. "It's important for consumers to be involved and to provide feedback from the community so that providers can do a more efficient and effective job," says Tom. "That will bring better outcomes."

> NQC Coach Spotlight: Judy Pasella

In addition to our staff, the NQC has a team of highly qualified coaches that are available to work with Ryan White grantees to address quality-related issues. When you confront challenges, think of our coaches and what they can offer. In many cases, the HIV/AIDS Bureau's project officers are first to suggest their services. Below we profile one of the many coaches available to Ryan White grantees.

Judy joined our team in May of this year and brings over 25 years' experience in quality management, regulatory affairs, risk management, operations, data management, team facilitation, patient safety, and accreditation. Her credentials include a Master's in Public Administration and professional certifications in both quality management and health care risk management. Judy is also licensed as a health care risk manager in the State of Florida. She has served in a number of settings, including acute care hospitals and managed care organizations, as Director of Quality and Risk Management Services.

Judy's varied experience and expertise in all facets of quality management program development and implementation makes her a great choice to work with both smaller, rural RW programs as well as programs based in urban academic medical centers. In addition, she has strong clinical operations and business process improvement skills.

Judy lives in the Tampa area and has responsibility for the Ryan White grantees throughout Florida that have partnered with NQC. She supports HIVQUAL Regional Groups in Central Florida and Miami/Dade and is currently working to establish similar groups in West Central Florida and Southwest Florida. She is the designated Florida coach for the in+care Campaign and has already logged many miles visiting the grantees.

> Highlights from the NQC Collection | Cross Part Collaboration

To ensure the efficient use of resources and optimal care, grantees within a geographic region should work together to coordinate services. NQC has developed a wide range of materials designed to help grantees collaborate on quality-related activities and beyond.


National TA Conference Call: Cross-Part Collaboration

December 20, 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET

This month's call will feature grantee presenters to discuss cross-Part collaborations. Learning objectives include:

  • Discuss the benefits and necessity for cross-Part collaboration
  • Discuss how to initiate and sustain cross-Part QI alignment of measures and quality goals
  • Discuss how to engage consumers in cross-Part collaborations
  • Identify strategies from other cross-Part collaboratives to build momentum to work across funding streams
  • Share best practices from peers involved in cross-Part collaborative processes


To Register | Click Here


Past TA Calls and Resources

Linking Minds, Improving Care: Coordinating Ryan White Program Parts in your Region,March 2011


Cross Part Collaboration, December 2009


Cross Part Collaboration for Quality Management, April 2008


HAB/NQC Cross Part Quality Management Collaborative

The HAB/NQC Cross-Part Quality Management Collaborative was designed to improve statewide collaboration across all Ryan White Parts (Parts A, B, C, D and F).The goals of this unique Collaborative were to: 1) enhance alignment of QM goals to meet legislative mandates and expectations; and 2) carry out joint quality-related activities that result in better coordination ofHIV services across Parts.The ultimate purpose of the Collaborative was to advance the quality of care for people living with HIV within each participating state.

Learn more about the collaborative and access tools |
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