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Dear (Contact First Name),

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the New York State Department of Health has been funded for another 5 years to manage the National Quality Center (NQC). This new funding cycle brings an exciting change as well - the integration of HIVQUAL activities into an expanded NQC. As you may know, HIVQUAL has been providing quality improvement coaching to Ryan White Part C and D grantees for over 15 years. Many HIV programs across the country have elected to participate in HIVQUAL Regional Groups, a peer learning opportunity which will continue, that brings local Ryan White grantees together to jointly improve HIV care. We are committed to provide you with state-of-the-art technical assistance and coaching services meeting your individual needs. Together, we can improve HIV care across the U.S.


Stay tuned, the best has yet to come from our combined program activities to benefit the larger Ryan White community.


Send us your comments.


Clemens Steinbock,

Director, National Quality Center


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> NQC News | NQC Has Been Refunded
> NQC News | A Special Goodbye - Ayndrea Greenfield
> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update
> NQC News | New HIVQUAL Publications
>...Real World Quality | Terri Moncus, RN
> Highlights from the NQC Collection | Successes in the Field - NQC Fellowship

> NQC News | NQC Has Been Refunded


As you read in the introduction, the New York State Department of Health has been refunded by the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) to maintain the National Quality Center (NQC). This new cooperative agreement with HAB offers the opportunity to merge NQC and HIVQUAL program activities to provide comprehensive quality improvement services to all Ryan White grantees. NQC will continue to offer four levels of technical assistance to you: dissemination of quality improvement resources, training and educational forums, on/off-site consultation/coaching, and communities of learning. A schedule of upcoming events will be published in the coming months and we encourage you to check the NQC website for our updated calendar.  


 The new NQC is proud to have been given the opportunity to serve the Ryan White community for another 5 years and together, we will make even greater strides in improving care for HIV-positive individuals.

The opportunity to work in tandem with HIVQUAL offers exciting new opportunities for NQC and also for Ryan White grantees. Both programs are part of the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute and both programs have shared many of the same coaches in the past. This meant that both programs communicated the same quality improvement methodologies and practices to grantees and worked hard to improve the quality of HIV care offered by Ryan White grantees. NQC and HIVQUAL will continue to offer leading edge technical assistance on quality improvement and strengthen the capacity for improving HIV care.

NQC News | A Special Goodbye - Ayndrea Greenfield  


It is with great regret that we announce that Ayndrea Greenfield is leaving NQC to pursue new opportunities. Ayndrea will be moving to Denver, Colorado to start a new chapter in her life.


So many of you have interacted with Ayndrea either through our face-to-face training programs, our national technical assistance calls, or at conference exhibits. Ayndrea has been a tireless advocate during her time at NQC. She has been a big part of what NQC is today and was instrumental in its success. She has taken over programs and brought in her own creativity and organizational skills to make the participants' experiences more enjoyable. She has acted as NQC's webmaster, organized our national technical assistance calls, managed our NQC exhibits at many conferences, and worked on many contracts with our consultants. The list goes on and on, and we could fill this e-Newsletter with her contributions. Suffice to say, she represents the spirit of NQC and is responsible for many successes since she started to work with us in 2007. The best of luck to you Ayndrea!


Join us in wishing Ayndrea well as she moves forward in this next phase in her life. She will be missed as a peer, friend, colleague and champion.

> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update:  


The HAB/NQC in+care Campaign is in its 10th month now and going strong. It is worth noting that over half of Ryan White grantees are participating in the Campaign and half of those sites have submitted data using the standardized Campaign measures. So far, 401 programs are registered for the Campaign with a potential to impact up to 425,444 people living with HIV (not un-duplicated). With renewed funding, the Campaign has been extended through December, 2013 so there is plenty of time to join us if you have been on the fence! All participants have free access to nationally renowned QI experts through our Campaign coaching component. In addition, all Campaign participants receive updates on important new strategies being implemented to improve patient retention across the U.S. The in+care Campaign also continues to offer important webinar presentations on the full range of topics and issues that affect patient retention in care. Please join us on the programs listed below or check out our saved webinars on our website listed under Resources. An exciting development to look forward to is the enhanced data analysis being conducted by the Technical Workgroup. Look for updates on Campaign data reports in the months ahead!

Learn more | http://incarecampaign.org


Partners in+care Update 

An exciting component of the in+care Campaign has been the Partners in+care activities. Much activity has been on the Partners in+care Facebook page - a forum for people with HIV (and those who care about them) from across the United States to share information on their health care and their experiences living with HIV. In addition to the Facebook group, we have an active listserv that exchanges information on common barriers to care and strategies consumers employ to keep their appointments. Finally, we offer monthly webinar programs to our Partners in+care community that examine issues important to consumers in terms of their staying in care. As with our other webinar programs, we save all our Partners in+care webinars on our website under Resources. While on our website, be sure to visit the Partners in+care page, which includes a special toolbox for consumers to use in strategizing their own personal retention in care and in discussing retention with their peers. There currently are more than 500 people with HIV and those who love them already signed up and sharing on the Facebook page and our listserv includes 140 participants! We are still enrolling new Partners in+care so please contact Michael Hager for more information | michael@nationalqualitycenter.org


Partners in+care Webinar | Reaching Out to Keep Our Friends in Care

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 4pm ET


Agenda: We all know people who know their HIV+ status, but are not in care. How do we work with our friends, family, lovers and others to make sure they get into and stay in care? Tyler TerMeer of the Ohio AIDS Coalition will talk about his experiences in working with loved ones on staying in care. In addition, we will have a panel conversation to flush out issues why our loved ones are not in care and how we can respond to make sure they lead happy and healthy lives. The panel includes Dr. Loida Bonney of Emory University College of Medicine and Daniel Bauer of Living Pozitively in addition to Tyler TerMeer!


Dial-in#: 866.394.2346

Participant Code: 397 154 6368 #


URL: http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/incarecampaign


in+care Campaign Journal Club Webinar | IAPAC Guidelines. MThompson, MD,et al.

Wednesday, September 25, 2012 3pm ET

Agenda: Drs. Melanie Thompson, Michael Mugavero, Victoria Cargill, and Robert Gross will review the new International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) Guidelines with Campaign participants. 30 minutes will be saved for questions from the audience. If you have any specific questions you would like to have addressed, please mail them to Michael@nationalqualitycenter.org in advance!




Dial-in#: 866.394.2346

Participant Code: 397 154 6368 #

URL: http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/incarecampaign



in+care Campaign Webinar | Identifying Patients at Risk for Falling Out of Care


Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 3pm ET

Agenda: Justin Goforth, Director of Medical Adherence and Case Management at Whitman-Walker Health in Washington, DC will share his three-pronged approach to identifying patients at risk for falling out of care and the improvement projects his clinic has in place. In addition, Rose Farnan, Infectious Disease Program Manager at University of Missouri will discuss her clinic's success in identifying patients at risk for falling out of care. Lastly, Campaign staff will unveil enhanced analyses from our Technical Working Group examining Campaign data to date.


Dial-in#: 866.394.2346

Participant Code: 397 154 6368 #

URL: http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/incarecampaign


For more information contact Michael Hager | michael@nationalqualitycenter.org

















> September 2012 | Issue 50 | Volume 6  

Quick Links


> Upcoming Events | June - July 2012 

> Sept. 20, 3:00 pm (ET) | National TA Call | Retention in Care


> October 1 | Next Campaign Performance Data Submission

> NQC News | New HIVQUAL Publications 


NQC is pleased to announce that HIVQUAL and JSI, Inc., together with HAB, have published two articles in Issue 23 (2012) of the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. One article "Improved Quality of HIV Care over Time among Participants in a National Quality Improvement Initiative" examines how engagement in a quality management capacity building program
for enhancing capacity
was associated with continuing improvement in quality of HIV and primary care.


Read the article | click here


The other article "Evaluation of Regional HIV Provider Quality Groups to Improve Care for People Living with HIV Served in the United States" examined how the HIVQUAL Regional Groups have effectively promoted peer-to-peer learning, develop QI leadership, strengthened quality management capacity, and improved quality of care for the HIV population.


Read the article | click here

> Real World Quality | Terri Moncus, RN


Ms. Terri Moncus has been a tireless worker at the Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc. since 1996. In 2002, she relocated to the Rural Model Clinic to focus on care management for individuals living with HIV. It seems that quality was second nature to Terri because as soon as she assumed the duties of case manager, she started tracking quality measures for the Rural Model Clinic and implemented patient feedback surveys.


Over time, Terri has been responsible for numerous improvements at the Rural Model Clinic. Tracking measures and implementing patient surveys are just 2 aspects of Terri's quality work. She recognized the need to obtain additional education and obtained a Counselors Certification in HIV/AIDS Program. She regularly attends, and is asked to present at, state and national meetings on various aspects of HIV/AIDS. She was also instrumental in transitioning to Quantiferon testing from TST skin testing for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) at the Rural Clinic. Quantiferon require just one visit as opposed to TST skin testing which requires two visits. In just the first year alone, her effort led to a 45% improvement rate in TB testing. Recognizing that patients were not returning to have their TB test read in part because some had to travel up to two hours to the clinic. "I was looking for a way to do something better" Terri stated, and she found one. "We have found 100 patients with LBTI" who may or may not have ever known they were infected.


Ms. Moncus actively works with staff at all levels to promote quality health care and helps promote patient awareness and community activity within the Rural Model Clinic as well. Ms. Moncus is a member of the organization's Quality Improvement Committee and provides detailed feedback on all quality improvement activities at the Rural Clinic. Terri is also a quality improvement force within the larger organization - Albany Area Primary Health Care. "I am interacting with all the different groups in the Albany Area Primary Health Care" stated Terri. The staff value Terri's input and see her as a source of important information. She tries to be the "point person keeping up with HRSA / HAB recommendations" to keep staff informed.


Terri's commitment and selflessness is best summarized by this statement in a recent communication about her NQC Quality of Care Award: "...I could not have done any of this without the support and hard work of all the staff of the Rural  Model Clinic. I am proud to say that as a group we are committed to quality and that has made my job a pleasure!"

 Highlights from the NQC Collection |  

 Successes in the Field - NQC Fellowship


NQC offers a number of "hands-on" learning opportunities for grantees and consumers. Hundreds of Ryan White grantees have already taken part in NQC learning opportunities and have gone on to lead quality improvement efforts in their organizations.


September 20 | National TA Call | Successes in the Field - NQC Fellowship

Learn how NQC Fellows have taken advantage of the learning opportunity the Fellowship Program presents to build successful quality improvement initiatives. The Fellowship offers multiple learning modalities including the chance to work with an expert NQC quality improvement consultant to develop a project tailored to your interests.


Topics to be discussed include:

-  Site visits with NQC expert consultants; lessons learned

-  Working with a national organization to implement quality improvement principles and practice

-  Implementing local quality improvement projects


To register | http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/e45xvknbknd/event/event_info.html


To learn more about the Fellowship | http://nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/5847/21482

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