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April, 2013

IPG Is Keeping It Current! See What We've Been Up To Lately!



Dear Friend:                                            
IPG is springing forward!
We are so excited about our most recent projects.  At IPG, we pride ourselves on being progressive, on staying current with the issues that matter most to our clients, friends and followers. 
Margie's blogging away on a new, exciting site, Courtney finished reviewing a very important book, IPG therapist Colleen Powers is doing some amazing work with kids, and we're continuing to show our support for Garden State Equality and the marriage equality movement.

Take a look below for more details! We look forward to continuing to grow with all of you this coming year.

Peace and love,
Margie and the Staff at IPG
Margie Is Blogging For 'Good In Bed!'


We are excited to announce that our Executive Director, Margie Nichols, has been invited by New York Times best-selling author Ian Kerner (of 'She Comes First' fame) to be a resident sexuality expert on his website!  She will answer reader questions and comment on sex and relationship issues as well as having her blog appear regularly on his site. 


Margie's blog, entitled 'Queer Eye For Sex: An LGBTQ Perspective With Margie Nichols,' seeks to shine a light on what gender and sexually diverse communities can teach everyone about sex, parenting, relationships and life in general.   For example, she writes about what 'vanilla' people can learn from the world of kink and how the experiences of gay parents can inform any parent with a child who is 'different.'


Click here to check out Margie's "Good In Bed" homepage!


Margie is also an ongoing expert consultant on Ian Kerner's weekly CNN Health blog, which you can find here and here!



Courtney's Review Of 'Sticks And Stones,' A Book On Bullying

Courtney recently blogged about Emily Bazelon's new book on bullying, a topic that we think is crucial to be thinking about right now. The book is powerful, intelligent and nuanced, and we think Courtney sums it all up pretty nicely! 

Below is an excerpt from Courtney's blog:

Basically, bullying is, in fact, a problem, but we talk about it and intervene like idiots. Bazelon tries to combat this problematic reality in 'Sticks And Stones,'... a necessary read if you work with young people, have children, or just know the media is full of shit when they report on these incidents and want to feel validated.


To read more, click here!

IPG Therapist Spotlight: Colleen Powers And Therapy For Children

Colleen Powers, MSW/LCSW has been working therapeutically with children and families for ten years, utilizing various types of play, art and family therapy to help children work through distress and return to the very serious job of growing up!  For the last two semesters, Colleen has been teaching a Play Therapy course at Rutgers University School of Social Work.  Colleen works in our Jersey City and Highland Park offices.  She lives in north Jersey with her husband and two young children.


'Working with children is fun, engaging and always interesting. Children are more flexible, understanding and resilient than many adults, and we can all learn from them. I feel so fortunate to work with children and families, especially within the supportive framework of IPG!'--Colleen


We're so proud to have Colleen as a part of our team, along with all our other amazing child therapists.  If you have or know a child you think might benefit from therapy, click here.


Please Take A Moment To Sign The Garden State Equality Petition For Marriage Equality

Garden State Equality, besides being the driving force behind New Jersey's strong anti-bullying laws, has been an amazing force behind the marriage equality movement in New Jersey.  Last year, marriage equality passed the state legislature, but the bill was vetoed by Governor Christie, who has said he will veto it again.  If you would like to encourage Christie to change his mind, click here to sign the Garden State Equality petition - and show your support for marriage equality!

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