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January, 2013

We have a surprise for you! Introducing IPG E-books.



Dear Friend:                                            
New year, new opportunities!
We were busy bees leading up to the new year! All of us at IPG really wanted to find a way to thank everyone for their continued support; our brand new e-books were what we decided upon.

It's clear to us, every time we log into Facebook, that people's favorite posts are the 'Morning Mirth' and 'Noontime Pause' photos and captions. So we decided to compile some of our and your favorites from each category and send them your way! If you ever need a good laugh or an inspiring quote, we hope you'll open up one of our e-books and find what you need.

Here's hoping that 2013 is the best year yet!

Peace and love,
Margie and the Staff at IPG
Our Morning Mirth E-book


We love to laugh. Even more than that, we love knowing we make all of you laugh. In this e-book, you'll see some of our and your favorite 'Morning Mirth' posts from 2012. Honestly, we wish we could take more credit for these gems. Enjoy!


Click here for your free copy of 2012's Morning Mirth E-book!


Our Noontime Pause E-book

It has been a real privilege and joy to know that our 'Noontime Pause' posts have helped people through difficult times in their lives. Whether it be grief, stress, self-doubt, or whatever else may come a person's way, we aim to provide you with a brief moment of calm and relief during your day. 

Click here for your free copy of the 2012 Noontime Pause E-book!

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