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October, 2012



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IPG Therapist Alison Grant, MSW, LCSW

Alison, a longtime IPG therapist known for her warmth and sense of humor, works at our Jersey City office and as a part-time professor at Rutgers School of Social Work, teaching a number of courses.

The emails Alison receives from her IPG clients show how much she's loved as a therapist, and how much she's helped them with her interactive, non-judgemental approach.  Alison's insightful feedback and listening skills are always mentioned as being critical to her clients' growth.

Alison received her Masters of Social Work from New York University, began work in the substance abuse field and as a Program Director before joining IPG.

Alison is partner to Dave Levin, mother to their son Gabe and to Rufus The Wonder Dog, who sometimes comes to work at IPG.  We love Rufus! 
IPG video feature:

Alison Grant, MSW, LCSW, talks about what's special about working at IPG:

What's special about ipg?
Did you know?  IPG, besides offering general counseling and mental health services to everyone, has specialties in sex therapy as well as with LGBTQ clients and other sexual minorities, including alternative lifestyles.  We have 5 AASECT certified sex therapists on staff as well as 12 IPG therapists in our sex therapy training program.  Once our therapists complete the 2 year certification program, IPG will be the largest organization providing sex therapy in the Northeast.

Highland Park, NJ
Jersey City, NJ 
Freehold, NJ
New York City

Please call 800.379.9220 for an appointment at any of our offices.

The Institute for Personal Growth, P.C. 


Margaret Nichols, Ph.D.

Executive Director


Serving the community since 1983.




Dear Friend:                                            

We're happy to send you IPG's latest e-newsletter.  With this issue we kick off some new features:

Our"SPOTLIGHT" - a profile of an IPG staff member.  We'll spotlight one of us in each issue, starting in this issue with Alison Grant, LCSW, one of the great IPG therapists.

IPG video - our therapists have made, and continue to make, videos on various topics of psychotherapy and often about IPG.  We post them on YouTube under ipgcounseling, and many are on our website as well.  We hope you find them informative, and sometimes even entertaining - check them out!

And don't miss our ongoing blog feature.  This issue's blog, "A New View of the Mommy Wars", deals with parenting styles - do they really matter?  It's an interesting read.  We have many additional blogs on our website that are both informative and thought-provoking, on lots of different topics, and we post new blogs a few times a week.

We're excited to have a new blogger joining us - Courtney Zehnder - who has some really interesting, often amusing, things to say about pop culture and media.  Her take on how these matters relate to mental health, gender and LGBTQ issues is sure to make you think.  Look for Courtney's blog weekly on our website and excerpted here on occasion.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter - we're continually working to improve it, so look for more features in the future!

                                  Peace and love,
                                  Margie and the staff at IPG

Margie's blog:  A New View of the Mommy Wars:  What If You Don't Matter At All? 

In recent months there has been a show of rebellion against what some have called the fetishization of motherhood, including some articles that even question that most sacred of cows (no pun intended):  breast-feeding.

The Time Magazine cover story of May 2012, "Are You Mom Enough?" is the most well-known of these, but other similar articles have appeared in the New York Times, progressive magazines and online blogs.  No less a mainstream figure than health columnist Jane Brody has questioned the science behind breastfeeding!

The critiques are of 'intensive parenting' credos, the best known of which is called 'attachment parenting,' and they have been of several types.  Some attack the science; the science behind attachment parenting claims is essentially non-existent and even our beliefs about the importance of breast feeding in a First World country may not be grounded in fact.


[Please click here to read the rest of this article on our blog page.  And check out our other blogs and our website while you're there.]
New groups for gender-variant teens and their parents

Our new groups have started - and they've been greeted by enthusiastic young people and their parents and guardians.  The groups are being led by IPG therapists Evangeline Croix, Manda Gatto, Mina Vargas and Stephanie Sasso.  The turnout has been so great that we needed a larger space, so we're holding the groups at The Pride Center in Highland Park
We at IPG are really happy to provide these services to this under-served population.

Oh, and we'd like to thank The Pride Center in Highland Park for letting us use their wonderful facilities!  You guys are great!

Thanks for reading - and for being a friend to IPG.  We value our relationship with you and look forward to seeing you!  Peace and love, Margie Nichols and the IPG staff.  
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