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to see the wide range of counseling and therapy services we offer, including individual, couples, family and sex therapy.

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The new
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our website is complete!

If you haven't looked at our site for a while, be sure to check it out:  click here to take a look.  We did an almost complete re-design to make it more informative:

- We've added many pages on various topics in psychotherapy.  For example, we have pages on depression, anger, relationship issues,  stress, sexual problems, substance abuse and on and on.

- We also have added resource pages - both websites and print libraries.  Check these out to find many topical websites, books and articles that may be of interest to you.

- One of our favorite new features is a great video of many of our therapists talking about therapy, about what it means to them to be a therapist and about therapeutic issues.  This video is definitely worth checking out. 

We hope you love our new site as much as we do!


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Dear Friend:                                            

Welcome to IPG's latest e-newsletter - we hope you've been enjoying a happy and healthy 2012!  We sure have, especially the super-mild winter, and we've also been enjoying our wonderful clients, working to improve IPG and creating new programs to better serve you all.

One of the changes you'll notice right away is our new banner at the top of the page.  This is one of many changes to IPG's appearance - we wanted to freshen up.  Our new website also has this new banner and a different appearance - we hope you like the way it all looks.

Look around this page to learn more about what's new at IPG.  Among other things, we'll start excerpting one of our blog articles in these emails.  For starters, you'll find an excerpt from Dr. Margie Nichols' latest blog.  To read the rest, please follow this link to our blog page.  You'll find additional blogs there as well.

Enjoy your summer!

                                  Peace and love,
                                  The staff at IPG
Arguing Couple

Margie's blog:  Couples Counseling for One

Early in March, Elizabeth Bernstein reported in the Wall Street Journal on a study that followed 300 long-term heterosexual couples for five years.  All couples received relationship skills training- a.k.a., behaviorally based, here-and-now couples counseling-  but some received it 'solo' - in other words, only one partner, usually the woman, got counseling.  Both groups experienced improvement in their relationship.  Those couples where only one partner attended sessions did just as well as those where both were present, but what was most telling is that the happiest couples were the ones where women got the training without their male mates.  The lead researcher noted that women learned relationship skills more easily and were better at teaching their partners.

I've been thinking about this article for the past few days because it opens up a whole new modality of therapy:  solo couples counseling.  [Please click here to read the rest of this article on our blog page.  And check out our other blogs and our new website while you're there.] 

New Gender Spectrum Groups Forming at IPG

We are excited to announce the formation of two new supportive therapy groups - one for gender non-conforming or transgender youth ages 13 and up, and the other for parents or guardians of gender variant youth of any age.  IPG has a number of parents and young people reaching out to us concerning these issues, so we thought it would be helpful to create these new groups for people to have a place to discuss, to learn and to meet.
And, of course, both groups are facilitated by our staff of licensed professionals. 
The first introductory sessions (free of charge) for both groups will be on June 16, from 1:00-3:00 in our Highland Park office.  Please RSVP the office at 732-246-8439 to let us know you're coming. 
Upcoming Events for IPG:

May 20 - Highland Park Street Fair
June 3 - Asbury Park Jersey Pride  
June 16 - Gender Spectrum Groups kickoff
September 9 - Red Bank Street Fair
September 30 - Hoboken Arts and Music

Please stop by and say "hi" at all the public events! 
Thanks for reading - and
being a friend to IPG.  We value our relationship with you and look forward to seeing you!  Peace and love, Margie Nichols and the IPG staff.