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16th March 2015
This week's survey 
(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  


Our last survey results...

Do you feel that everybody operating a business in our industry should be trade qualified and prevented from opening a business if they are not qualified? 


  • Sounds like a nice idea, however with the significant capital costs of equipment these days, it is unrealistic to limit the industry to trade certified people, we would simply end up like the building, trades, the larger companies employ a certified or registered person and they carry on like any other business in our trade, just another added impost in reality, all trades have their cowboys, and eventually they are found out.
  • What an excellent way to stifle and suffocate any industry. Limit the ownership from investors while you are at it. Innovation only happens when reasonable people are unreasonable and do not accept the current norms. You need to challenge the status quo to make change and progress, to bring on new technology.
    The only people that will support this weeks proposition will be riding their business to oblivion. I support training but support innovation more. Business economics will determine which businesses survive, a Government rule book is not needed. (Max, Metal Sign & Label Pty Ltd)
  • Yes, because then you could have me exterminated or jailed or something appropriate. Obviously we are not welcome in the industry despite being here and operating a legitimate sensible business for over 12 years. Much better that we sell to someone who is trade qualified but with no experience or sensibility with customer service or business management. Taking offers now....
  • Yes they should be qualified
  • No, this would be a regressive step and prevent entrepreneurship. Licensing systems already exist for critical work such as sign erection and safety via local councils but trade qualified flatbed UV operators, Epson operators?? Trade qualified franchisees of SignWave & Signarama? Never going to work. Training is enough.
  • No. This is an issue that is brought up by the old time sign guys every few years. The very fact that sign franchises like Sign A Rama and Signwave run so many succsessful sign companies while each year sign companies run by tradies go broke and close their doors. Those franchise sign groups have good business managers coupled with good sign tradesmen. There is now over 150 franchised sign companies in Australia and between them they employ well over 400 Australians and used at least 190 qualified sign trades people. Those old sign companies need to upgrade their management skills rather than laying their demise on sign franachises.
  • Of course! Our industry is really under threat, Alot of qualified tradesman are not going to be able to make a living and be forced to shut shop, all because we have "backyarders" buying printers and under quoting on all our jobs. 



(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.


If you have a subject that you would like us to survey, please send your subject to Thanks.) 



This week's Special Offers from industry suppliers

SupplierThe offerAvailable whereOffer expiry date
250 Custom Printed Full Colour Neoprene Stubby Holders, $3.25 each +gst & Freight
Nationally31st March 2015
Roland DG trade in deals
30th March 2015
30-40% off 3mm & 5mm White Chief Flute in various sizes. 
NSW & Melbourne15th March 2015
SigmatecKeder Rope Banner Edging 20% off
Nationally30th March 2015
1 roll Sihl 3334 Matt Aqueous Paper 1524w x 30m 160gsm (code 158654) @ $115+gst
Adelaide31 March 2015 or until sold

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New South Wales


(NSW, Waterloo) Roland XJ-740
(Posted 13th March 2015) 

(NSW, Ingleburn) PosterPrint Pro V14 - RIP Software
(Posted 6th March 2015) 

(NSW, Newcastle) Mimaki CJV30-160 - 2x4 (CMYK)ES3 Inks
(Posted 5th March 2015) 

(NSW, Deniliquin) Gerber Edge FX printer and GS15+ plotter
(Posted 25th February 2015) 

(NSW, West Ryde ) XAAR 318 Printheads
(Posted 23rd February 2015) 

 (NSW, Lilyfield) Used Mutoh Value Jet 1604 printer $2000.00
(Posted 20th February 2015) 

(NSW, Sydney) 1 Dilli Flatbed ( annapurna)
(Posted 16th February 2015) 

(NSW, Wauchope) Roland SP 540v with take-up,
(Posted 15th February 2015) 

(NSW, Wetherill Park) AGFA Anapurna M Flatbed Printer.
(Posted 10th February 2015) 

(NSW, Ashfield) Roland VS-540i
(Posted 2nd February 2015) 

(NSW, Carlingford) Roland BN20 with metallic setup
(Posted 30th January 2015) 

 (NSW, Central Coast) A virtually brand new Gandinnovations Jeti 1224 True Flatbed. 
(Posted 28th January 2015)
(NSW, Sydney) Slitter Rewinder in perfect working order.

(Posted 28th January 2015)
(NSW, Maroubra) Oce Colorwave 600 ao plotter
(Posted 27th January 2015)
(NSW, South Granville) Fatoba Digitrim 64

(Posted 16th January 2015) 

(NSW, Central Coast) JV33-160BS ( 600cc Bladder )for sale
(Posted 8th January 2015) 

(NSW, Sydney) Oce colorwave 600 ao plotter

(Posted 19th December 2014) 

(NSW, Miranda) 2 x Roland XJ-740 Printers for sale.
(Posted 17th December 2014)



(Posted 6th March 2015)  

(VIC, Cheltenham) HP 9000s Printer in good condition
(Posted 27th February 2015) 

(VIC, Hastings) Canon ipF 6100 for parts.
(Posted 27th February 2015) 

(VIC, Melbourne) Epson Stylus Pro 9900
(Posted 24th February 2015) 

(VIC, Melbourne) KODAK 1200i (encad)   

(Posted 10th February 2015)  


(Posted 10th February 2015)  

(VIC, Mernda) HP Latex 360 Printer for urgent sale .    

(Posted 4th February 2015)
(VIC, Melbourne) Looking for Mimaki JV3 S or SP not in running order. 

(Posted 30th January 2015) 

(VIC, Melbourne) HP FB700 uv printer.     

(Posted 21st January 2015) 

(VIC, Swan Hill) GS6000 For Sale    

(Posted 10th December 2014)




(QLD, Bethania) Graphtec FC5100-150
(Posted 15th February 2015)
(QLD, Brisbane) HP L25500 Latex
(Posted 6th February 2015)
(QLD, Aspley) Roof rack for Commodore
(Posted 4th February 2015)
(QLD, Brisbane) Used HP L25500 $2500
(Posted 12th January 2015)
(QLD, Alexandra Hills) Roland SP540V
(Posted 10th December 2014)
(Posted 3rd December 2014)
Northern Territory
(NT, Darwin) Looking for spare part for our ROLAND VERSA CAM SP 540V.
(Posted 10th February 2015)
South Australia


(SA , Golden Grove) Roland RS-640 VersaArt with take up roll
(POsted 30th January 2015) 

(SA, Adelaide) Roland VS640 Printer/Cutter
(Posted 8th December 2014)  


Western AustraliaRE

(Posted 10th March 2015)

         TasmaniaACE HERE
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 New South Wales  



(NSW, Seven Hills) Large Format Cutter Operator
(Posted 2nd March 2015) 

(Posted 27th January 2015) 

(NSW, Glebe) Production Manager
(Posted 8th December 2014) 

(NSW, Sydney, Lewisham) - Sales person required / Neon Glass Bender / Cnc Router Operator
(Posted 8th December 2014) 






South Australia


(SA, Adelaide) Sales / Account Manager - Sign Manufacturer - ADELAIDE
(Posted 17th December 2014)

Western Australia

(WA, Malaga) - Sales Executive- Sign & Display 

(Posted 13th February 2015) 




Businesses for sale/wanted
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Hearing Hands - Touching Ad By Samsung
Hearing Hands - Touching Ad By Samsung

Not Welcome in Church
A young couple wanted to join the church, the minister told them, 'We have a special requirement for new member couples. You must abstain from sex for one whole month.'
The couple agreed, but after two-and-a-half weeks returned to the Church. 
When the priest ushered them into his office, the wife was crying and the husband was obviously very depressed.
'You are back so soon...Is there a problem?' the priest inquired.
'We are terribly ashamed to admit that we did not manage to abstain from sex  for the required month.' The young man replied sadly. The priest asked him what happened.
'Well, the first week was difficult.... However, we managed to abstain through sheer willpower. The second week was terrible, but with the use of prayer, we managed to abstain. However, the third week was unbearable. We tried cold showers, Prayer, reading from the Bible....anything to keep our minds off Carnal Thoughts.
One afternoon my wife reached for a can of paint and dropped it. When she bent over to pick it up, I was overcome with lust and I just had my way with her right then and there. It was lustful, loud, passionate sex. It lasted for over an hour and when we were done we were both drenched in sweat,' admitted the man, shamefacedly.
The minister lowered his head and said sternly, 'You understand this means you will not be welcome in our church.'
'We know.' said the young man, hanging his head, 'We're not welcome at Bunnings, either.'
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