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27th January 2015
This week's survey 
(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  


Our last survey results...

What do you do when a client tries to beat you down on price after you have agreed on a price and after the job is done. Typically they say this is not exactly what I wanted, can you make it cheaper?

  • How does making it cheaper suddenly make it exceptable or some how fix the error.
    I have struck this problem in the past. It is either exceptable or it is not. In the past I have done the job again, but I will not compromise on the price (Signwise Central Coast, James Smith) 

  • Tell them to bugger off. Especially as you would hope that the spec and your soft proof was signed off on prior to printing. There's a fine line between going overboard on customer satisfaction and being a successful long term business. If you let that one through to the keeper then you are making a rod for your own back. (Bigprints Pty Ltd. Rob Matthews) 

  • You say: "mate, you signed the quote form I gave you, you signed the artwork approval form I gave you, I have been as clear, honest and transparent as I can be, please show me the same respect". 

  • I do not tolerate clients who default on their commitment to pay for work done, I start legal proceedings ASAP. I do not start work without a signed approval to go ahead after producing a proof of the required work. If they do not like my price they can go and get (f^*#@d) it done elsewhere (without the proof I have produced). (Geraldton GraFX Signs, Bernie)

  • This is a common way for clients to avoid payment, what I say is, it will be cheaper if you pay the agreed confirmed price now. Because if I end up taking you to court it WILL cost you double..

  • Generally we refer them back to the quote that they have signed off on and the artwork approval form they have signed. Depending on the type of client and existing relationship we will either enforce payment, by debt collection if necessary. Or come to some sort of compromise to maintain goodwill. If the client is continously difficult we will relegate them to bad client status and insist on a deposit up front or full payment upfront or on completion/pickup. Business is a long term venture so ongoing relationship and reputation need to be factored in before you go too hardcore in the beginning. (Qld Signage Solutions, Wal Robinson)

  • Firstly I would ascertain the actual issue he has with the job. If a small rectification can be made to make him happy I would do it. If he persists he wants a price decrease and not any type of rectification I would class this type of client as a "D" rated client as he probably had this tactic in mind from the start. I would make sure that all our systems and procedures were followed correctly, from the initial consultation, design, quoting and proofing and production so that he "the Client" at all stages had approved and understood before commencing to the next stage. If all checks and balances are fine then I would politely remind him that at all stages of the production he had approved and did not raise any concerns on the project. I would show him the signed copies including the quoted price approval. Then I would politely request payment as we have deliver exactly what was requested to the price approved. If he still refuse to pay I would not waist any time chasing payment I would just hand the account over to our debt collection agency and begin debt recovery proceedings. Needless to say he would be cash up front after that.... ( Steve Baker Signs Pty Ltd.  Steve Baker)

  • A good question. Most printers I speak with say it is common for a quote to be given only to find that additional processes are needed - eg lamination, die-cutting, special colours or metallics etc. It is vital to re-quote for these value-adds and not 'throw them in.' Best quote from an old printer friend when asked for a much cheaper price: "Why should I spend time losing money on your order when I am busy making money on several others?"

  • 80 % of your profits come from 20% of your clients and 80% of your problems come from different 20% of your clients. Time to figure out which clients you want and which clients to advise to visit your opposition so they can enjoy the problem. This only happens with mismatched expectations and poor communication, not explaining what was going to be delivered and how payment within terms is required. Not a lot of sympathy if this ever happens.

  • I can't recall the last time this happened, these days we have online proof approvals, T&Cs, deposits and prepayments to avoid these situations.

  • It has been my experience that they can only beat you down on price if you haven't fully disclosed the nature of the work from the quality to the stock it is printed on. Always describe what you are providing in detail and don't discount! ( Kwik Kopy Phillip, Emilio)

  • It does not happen often but it probably does happen at some stage in a business. As long as you have a signed proof and quote and provided you are certain you are in the right, then sue the pants of the individual or company. The mere threat of legal action could bring them to their senses. Of course black list them for any fture business.

(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.


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2nd Hand Machinery/Auctions.


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New South Wales

(NSW, South Granville) Fatoba Digitrim 64

(Posted 16th January 2015) 

(NSW, Riverwood) Roland Soljet Print & Cut XC-540.
(Posted 15th January 2015)
(NSW, Central Coast) JV33-160BS ( 600cc Bladder )for sale
(Posted 8th January 2015) 

(NSW, North Sydney) Selling brand new (still in box) DCS UV 1024 HS Printer.
(Posted 6th January 2015)

(NSW, Gorokan) Wanted 137 or 1.6 meter printer cutter
(Posted 25th December 2014) 

(NSW, Sydney) Oce colorwave 600 ao plotter
(Posted 19th December 2014) 

(NSW, Miranda) 2 x Roland XJ-740 Printers for sale.
(Posted 17th December 2014) 

(NSW, Bankstown ) Roland Soljet SC540 6 colour print and cut
(Posted 28th November 2014) 

(NSW, Sydney) Graphtec CE6000-60 Almost New!

(Posted 26th November 2014)
(NSW, Caringbah) 1 X Roland SP-300v Eco Sol Print And Cut Printer.
(Posted 26th November 2014) 

(NSW, Wetherill Park) AGFA Anapurna M Flatbed Printer
(Posted 24th November 2014) 

(NSW, AUBURN) Twinjet 3.2m Width Eco-Solvent Printer for Sale
(Posted 17th November 2014) 

(NSW, Parramatta) Creo Scitex Dolev 800v Film Imagesetter
(Posted 31st October 2014)

(Posted 24th October 2014)

 (NSW, Wollongong) Doming machine
(Posted 19th October 2014) 

(NSW, SYDNEY) DTG M2 Direct to Garment Printer

(Posted 15th October 2014)
(NSW, West Gosford) Speedstar digital label printer
(Posted 15th October 2014) 

(NSW, West Gosford) EFI RASTEK 652
(Posted 15th October 2014)

(NSW, Artarmon) Hydraulic Guillotine
(Posted 14th October 2014) 

 (Posted 6th October 2014)

(NSW, Kingsgrove) NUR FRESCO parts

(Posted 5th October 2014) 

(NSW, Kingsgrove) Wanted in any condition Mimaki JV33
(Posted 5th October 2014)


(VIC, Melbourne) HP FB700 uv printer.
(Posted 21st January 2015) 

(VIC, Swan Hill) GS6000 For Sale
(Posted 10th December 2014) 

(VIC, Airport West) Solid Australian made Multicam CNC routing machine for sale. 

(Posted 30th November 2014)
(VIC, South Yarra) HP DesignJet Z6200
(Posted 28th November 2014) 

(VIC, Melbourne) Roland FP 740 Dye Sublimation Printer
(Posted 26th November 2014)

(VIC, Mildura) Laminator Applikator 2R Heat Assisted 1420mm
(Posted 24th November 2014)
(VIC, Riddells Creek) Roland VersaCAMM┬« VS-540 
(Posted 16th November 2014) 

(VIC, Brighton) Canon IPF6450 24" Graphic Arts Printer for Sale
(Posted 8th November 2014) 

 (VIC, Ringwood) (Wanted) Vertical Substrate Cutter)

(Posted 14th October 2014) 

(VIC, Pascoe Vale) GraphTec FC8600-60 Cutting Plotter
(Posted 13th October 2014) 

(VIC Heidelberg). Roland XC-540 print & cut for sale.

(Posted 7th October 2014)


(QLD, Brisbane) Used HP L25500 $2500
(Posted 12th January 2015)
(QLD, Alexandra Hills) Roland SP540V
(Posted 10th December 2014)
(Posted 3rd December 2014)
(QLD, Wynnum) Signblazer Hotshot Rel 6
(Posted 13th November 2014)
(Posted 12th November 2014)
(Posted 10th November 2014)
(QLD, Jimboomba) LIGHT TABLE
(Posted 26th October 2014)
(QLD,Sunshine Coast) Cutting Plotter-60"
(Posted 20th October 2014)
(QLD, Alexandra Hills) Roland SP540V
(Posted 20th October 2014)
(QLD, Slacks Creek) Seiko V64S
(Posted 2nd October 2014)
Northern Territory
South Australia


(SA, Adelaide) Roland VS640 Printer/Cutter
(Posted 8th December 2014)  

(SA, Blair Athol) HP9000s. 

(Posted 13th October 2014)


Western AustraliaRE
         TasmaniaACE HERE
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 New South Wales  


(NSW, Glebe) Production Manager
(Posted 8th December 2014) 

(NSW, Sydney, Lewisham) - Sales person required / Neon Glass Bender / Cnc Router Operator
(Posted 8th December 2014) 

(NSW, Port Macquarie) Signwriter / Installer
(Posted 28th November 2014) 

(NSW, Sydney) Signage Sales Representative Required.
(Posted 26th November 2014) 

(NSW, Sydney) Print & Production Coordinator - Redfern.
(Posted 30th October 2014) 

(NSW, Western Sydney) Service Manager Australia 

(Posted 21st October 2014) 

(NSW, Central Coast) Work wanted: Semi retired Signwriter 
(Posted 21st October 2014)

(NSW, Marrickville) signmaker installer required

(Posted 8th October 2014)





(QLD) Applicant from the UK requires position preferably in Queensland 

(Posted 4th November 2014)

(QLD, Brisbane) Signwriter/Installer

(Posted 3rd November 2014) 

(QLD, Sunshine Coast) Experienced Signage Professional
(Posted 30th October 2014) 

South Australia


(SA, Adelaide) Sales / Account Manager - Sign Manufacturer - ADELAIDE
(Posted 17th December 2014)

Western Australia

(WA) Area Sales Manager - Aftermarkets and Hardware 

(Posted 25th November 2014) 



Businesses for sale/wanted
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Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash
Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash


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