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24th February 2014
This week's survey


(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)

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Last week's survey results...

  • Absolutely, they should be teaching the brush. Agreed, not much brush work is done these days, but when I did it, it taught me a sense of proportion for lettering, kerning, uniformity, and control. Many apprentices these days may be a wiz on the computer, but, not all fonts are correct, and you need to know these fundamentals when "creating" work that is different, and a bit challenging.
    Also, there are times when it is very appropriate to use the brush, even today. How can this happen if an apprentice doesn't have a clue how to use one. Keep up the good work to all teachers that are persevering with the brush.

  • The apprenticeship name seems to have moved to SIGNMAKING rather than SIGNWRITING, which is an appropriate move for these times. However I think being able to form text with a brush is still a basic skill. Being able to brush letters helps form a good understanding of letter shapes & that is the basis for typography. Brushing brings the apprentice in touch with real world surfaces & also helps with an understanding of layout design.

  • Traditional "Signwriting" is just that 'signwriting'. It is a skill that is acquired over many years of hard work, practice & patients, it is a skill that will remain with you. In this "need it yesterday world" a hand written sign is not a viable option, so the computer generated sign is the way the client will go. Maybe brush work should only be taught as an advanced/add on, subject only. Some of the things learnt in traditional signwriting should be still taught, such as Letter spacing(kerning), letter balance, etc. You can always tell if the person who generated that computer finished sign has any knowledge of how to make a sign look right or if it might as well have been done in MS word.

  • Sadly as much as I hate to say it I think it's outdated. There isn't much call (if any) for a hand painted sign these days but what I don't see is many sign shops offering the service either. This is mainly because the modern sign shop can't signwrite and the other reason is because they are on auto pilot to offer digital, like everyone else that can press a button. The smart sign shops are offering a point of difference from the pack - If you can offer to paint a sign that is going to outlast a digital print x3 then you can probably charge 3 times as much based on the durability of the sign. Signwriting is a dying art so I'd suggest keeping the skills up anyway and who knows maybe it will return to the glory days for a select few who can offer a durable long lasting sign - shock horror!

  • It should be offered as an elective subject (Sign Concepts SA, Julie Rochester)

    What a waste of time, a lot of apprentices need to be taught how to stand, how to listen, how to work, how to appreciate... I love my trade now and did enjoy it 25 years ago with a brush in hand but employers don't need apprentices with brush skills. (SIGNTEXT AND PRINT. Stephen Shipton)

  • Quote:" ... there appears to be scarcely any signwriting work in the real world." As far as the statement refers to BRUSHWORK, that is about the most insulting thing I have read in a while. Perhaps many shops, the cowboys and the quickie stickies are not interested in brushwork, but like gilding and glass chipping, brush painted letters, stripes and scrolls are still relevant aspects of the trade.We have a couple of plotters, and a cnc router, but still hand rout certain jobs, and brush through a few litres of enamel a month on different jobs.There is miles more profit margin, from a materials perspective, in a painted sign than a big vinyl one. There are many times the labout component can be comparable, if one uses one's brains in designing an EFFECTIVE layout, as opposed to the brainless and ineffective pressing of buttons that become excuses for so many 'signs' seen these days.Secondly consider longevity: I've had big signs and billboards we hand painted, still look OK after 18 years. What digital print can compare with that - especially in a rural ares where the local community has a long memory, and you care about your work.Thanks for the question! (Traditional Signs,  Ian Stewart-Koster)

  • NO - It is not practice in mainstream industry anymore.. Remove it from core and place it as an elective. The national training package does not have a core unit on Body wrap application???????????? no wonder industry self train and don't put on apprentices anymore! 'Signage' Cert III Trade needs a major overhaul today. The industry is listed in 2014 as "skill shortage trade" with massive incentives to employ an apprentice. (Streamline Enterprises Pty Ltd , Ashley Paige)

  • Yes they should, it is important to have a grass roots understanding of the trade of SIGNWRITING!!! It doesn't have to be intensive but should at least be a module along with basic marking out skills. In reality the Signwriter is probably a dying trade which will go the way of the Blacksmith to be replaced by unqualified people if no regulations are brought in or broken up into specialty areas such as Sign Manufacturers, installers, printing, design etc. That is of course if we don't simply import everything from China, shan me we can't import jobs for ourselves while where at it.

  • If we look at America there seems to be a resurgence in actual brushwork, maybe that's what we should be looking at, not forgetting our roots, why we took up sign writing in the first place. Signwriters were craftsmen now any one is a signwriter as my customers tell me "you only stick on plastic stuff". Technology has helped our trade but we need to remember the basics.

  • It seems a contradiction to teach redundant skills. But there is more to it than how to slide paint on a surface with a brush to make it look like a helvetica letter form. In the times we live in there is little to no sign creation going on by signwriting companies; we are now merely a point along a continuum to get someone else's image blown up to sometimes gargantuan proportions. The technical details of how we do it interest only us, shop talk and so forth. It seems absurd to imply that brush lettering has any place in the current landscape. However there is a growing trend (and who knows how long it will last) of a return to the personal touch. All the large digital prints are impersonal; they have no connection with our home; they are high tech. fabrications posed by models, designed by someone far outside of our ambit. Many people are tired of that, and that's where the hand done job comes in.The result is that many establishments are looking to the past when hand done was the norm and classic designs were graphic instead of some vapid smiling model. The fact is though, you can't live on it; there is not enough opportunities. But there is some. there is nothing artist about being a sign producer; nothing whatsoever. However a signwriter who has a chance now and then to wash the oil out of his/her brush, pour out some paint and come up with a pleasing image using their hands has a pleasure you cannot find in the present sign industry. When those skills stop being passed on, they're lost forever; then the personal touch will be relegated to some amateur who creates awful images with no skill or appeal and people will be forced to roll some image on vinyl. One more thing; there is far more waste of un-bio-degradable materials in the modern uses with vinyl laying and digital imaging than there ever was with signwriting, but that may not matter to some. I still believe there's a place for it, and I find it whenever and wherever I can frequently.

  • Yes of course, that it what makes our trade what it is. Other wise change the name of the trade to Sign maker.

  • Yes they should, there are still Clubs that have Gold Leaf Honour Board. (Max Ellis Signs Pty. Ltd, Ian Ellis)

    As long as the latest in industry relevant technologies and techniques are being taught, a unit or two in "old-school" signage and design practices really can't go astray. Students might find themselves resentful of the idea of being forced to learn about practices that they perceive as tired and useless today, but there is a lot of understanding that can be gained by returning to our roots. By putting 'down' a computer and picking up a brush/scalpel/pencil, you're forced to slow down, actively think about and engage with your design, media and work space in ways that modern digital systems often allow us to take for granted. I had a design 101 course that saw computers completely banned, I hated it at the time but the tasks I had to complete really did have a positive impact on my knowledge and future work.. (Stahls' Pacific,  Daniel Graus) 

  • Traditionally signs were created using a brush, yet sadly the economics of the times has forced businesses to resort to making signs with electronic devices, thus tending away from the brush. Maybe renaming the course to signmaking rather than signwriting could clarify the difference. At all costs the art of using a brush to create a sign should be kept alive. (Emma ward SIGNS, Emma Ward)

  • No

  • I don't see why not, it teaches them a lot more than just brush skills, such as layouts, colours, text and kerning. I'd say barely 1 in 1000 of our jobs involve any significant amount of painting, but it's good to know our signies have the skills if required. There's plenty of sign shops who don't do routing, wraps, etc, but we wouldn't be producing very well rounded signwriters if they didn't also learn these skills.

  • The only person worth calling a signwriter is just that - someone who can signwrite by hand. Everyone one else is a signmaker. It would be ashame to see signwriters die out! 

  • How can you call yourself a signwriter, if you have no brush skills, you are a vinyloligist, or worse, a graphic designer. I have printers & vinyl cutters, but still use a brush every week, I dispute that there is no work for a trades qualified signwriter in the so-called "real world", this is just the attitude of people who can't use a brush & don't know any better. (Grafton SignArt, Lance Stapleton)

  • While the romantic image is very appealing-the reality is that Brush Signwriting is not a viable career choice for a youngster nowdays.I remember spending an entire morning trying to get a helvetica bold "S"correct on a "for sale" sign, it was in red paint -100mm high -and every time I got it wrong, I had to wipe it off & try again.The speed & skill required to make this a career then, based on endless hours of practice,day in ,day out, is completely out of reach now.

    There was a book published recently -and a film made of this romantic image of the signwriters trade.The brutal reality is that of all the "Signwriters"featured - I could only pick 2 or maybe three who would have got a job in my day in the 1970's/80's in New Zealand.The Quality was poor & more indicative of a hobby, than commercially viable graphic production.
    Well made traditional signs stand out because of the skill in layout & production.Sad as it may seem, it is almost impossible to pass on those skills in the modern world.This is the age of the vinyl adhesive sticker-the next era will be the roll-up digital screen. (Juggernaut Graphics Ltd,  Don Caird)

  • Absolutely! We should also be teaching them basic air brush techniques and artistic pictorial painting along with screen printing skills using solvent and water based stencils. I have travelled all over Australia and around the world and found work using my brushes and other skills everywhere I went. Technology is great but the one thing I have always found difficult to replicate in techinology is the small but intricate personal touches we create using a brush. I have only recently performed gold guilding work with hand written base letters and shadowing on a vintage timber boat, I have hand written besser block walls for clients. The work is there, unfortunately due to technology and limited mind sets people seem to believe that printing or computer cutting is the only way. Technology is only a tool, not a tradesman, not the be all and end all. When my technology (printers) break down we do not stop, we go back to our "One arm bandit" and heaven forbid - manually screen print if we can, we get our brushes out and write when required. If we do not teach our young apprentices these skills and creative behaviours/mindsets they will be lost, we would just producing machine operators and not true tradesman/craftsman and women. (Steve Baker Signs Pty Ltd., Steve Baker)

  • hi. the word signwriter means a brush person. that's it. should it be taught?. yes i say. gives layout skills. we have to many graphic designers are taking over our trade. more sign shops need to employ more apprentices. our trade is splintered and need to get back to the basis and this starts with the brush.

Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.


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  • Roland ColorCAMM Pro PC50.  Cutter only.  $600
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(QLD, Yatala) Mimaki plotter.  It's an 8 month old, extremely little use Mimaki CG130-FX with max cutting width 1300mm.
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(Posted 9th January 2014) 
(QLD, Brisbane) Signblazer Hotshot. Original USB dongle, disk and manuals. Program and Versaworks Password. Patch disk included for Windows XP, Vista, W7 & W8 32/64 bit. Patch disk available separately. Mike 0418151829
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(QLD, Redcliffe) Roland SP540V Printer/Cutter with take up roller. 54 inch - 1370mm wide printing and contour cutting. Includes take-up spool and stand. For more information please ring 0738853355. $10,000 inc. GST
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(QLD, Sheldon) Seiko HP Triangle inksCYAN LT CYAN MAGENTA BLACK - 80% approx and New LIGHT MAGENTA 100% - removed from running machine that has been upgraded to bulk system. $500 ono call Jason
0412 179 962 QLD
Posted 12th December 2013)


2MM @ $39 PER SHEET,
3MM @ $49 PER SHEET.
CALL STEVE (07) 3390 3796  OR  0432 452 081 BULK DISCOUNTS ALSO.
(Posted 7th December 2013) 

(QLD, Gold Coast) - Mutoh ValueJet 1204 complete sign setup Great Condition inc. printer, software, $1500 of ink, some media. $4995+Gst perfect for anyone call 55632284
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(QLD, Gold Coast) ,DGI VT111-98DF Solvent Printer.

- 2.5m Wide. - 4 Colour, - 8 Heads. - In working order, - MAKE AN OFFER. Tel:07 5576 8124.

(Posted 25th November 2013)


(Wanted) (QLD,  Brendale) Wanted Roland Printers for spare parts.

Contact Paul 1300 423 826

(Posted 15th November 2013)

(QLD, Blackstone) Roland VersaCamm VS-640 Printer with take-up roller + Royal Sovereign heat assist Laminator with take-up roller. Items were purchased new December 2010 and has a full service history with very little use. $21,000 Please call 0423 552 032 or email  Equipment relocated at buyers expense
(Posted 6th November 2013) 
(QLD, Emerald) Summacut D75 Vinyl Cutter. "In good condition and in full working order" Cut Width: 30.7-inch maximum
Cut Speed: 44 inches-per-second maximum. Can be inspected and tested before collection
Cost $1500.00 ONO
Pick up Emerald QLD 4720
Contact Andrew or Jack 0749 821 767 or
(Posted 31st October 2013) 
(QLD, Gold Coast) Roland Print & Cut 540c. good condition. Prints well. Has some spare cartridges. Best Offer
07 55305569
(Posted 28th October 2013) 
(QLD, Gold Coast) 2 x Konica Minolta KM512 LN 42pcl Printheads. Printer compatibility: Agfa :Anapurna Mv / :Anapurna Mw and many more. $650 + GST. 0404 689 825
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(QLD, Gold Coast) Vutek UltraVu parts sale. Mainly boards and some other parts also. 0404 689 825 for more details
(Posted 28th October 2013) 
(QLD, Gold Coast) Annapurna M Flat Bed UV printer. 1500 wide hybrid. 6 head, VGC  INC Latest Version Wasatch RIP and 12litres Ink.
Asking $39K. please call  0407 493365 or
(Posted 25th October 2013) 
(QLD, Brendale) Seiko 100s 2.6m Wide Format Solvent Printer. Upgraded to HP10000 connectivity and media feed. Comes with Onyx Productionhouse v10x. Comes with 6 new print heads. $13,000.00 plus gst. Paul 0408 474 860
(Posted 22nd October 2013) 
(QLD, Brendale) Latex Printer. HP DesignJet L25500 - 60 in excellent condition. Perfect prints every time. No banding. $10,500.00
0408 474 860
(Posted 22nd October 2013) 
(QLD, Brisbane) Neolt 2m wide slide cutter. In good condition, unused and therefore excess to our needs. 0417784563
(Posted 11th October 2013) 

(QLD, Brisbane) GBC Catena 65 600mm wide roll laminator -
Hot or cold film compatible, top roll has re-winder. In good condition, unused and therefore excess to our needs. . 0417784563
(Posted 11th October 2013) 
(QLD, Brisbane) Oce CS4142S 9600dpi scanner, upto 1m wide scanning. In good condition, unused and therefore excess to our needs. . 0417784563
(Posted 11th October 2013) 
(QLD, Brisbane) Oce Colorwave 600 Colour printer. 4 Years old and very light use its whole life. 32 seconds for A0 poster. 4 roll machine, GREAT CONDITION.  0417784563
(Posted 11th October 2013) 
(QLD, Brisbane)  Oce TDS600 B&W Plan Printer and Copier. In good condition, unused and therefore excess to our needs. 0417784563
(Posted 11th October 2013) 
(QLD, Mount Crosby Brisbane)  - Paper Drill. Citoborma Drill 111 Nagel paper drill made in Germany, drilling capacity 50mm ,  near new condition.
(Posted 4th October 2013)

(QLD, Mount Crosby Brisbane) - Wire Binding Machine,
QUPA D310 electric wire binding machine all metal construction, foot control, punches up to 25 sheets, near new condition.
(Posted 4th October 2013)

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(QLD, Albion) Verdi Twin 305 Cutter.
Cuts up to 305cm, fully automatic. Cutting saw and electric knife blade. Comes complete with laser alignment and 2 HP dust collector. Excellent near new condition. Price $13,500.00 Phone 07 3262 1977
(Posted 30th September 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane) Digital Printing Equipment.

Mutoh ValueJet 1604 printer with Vizion bulk ink set-up, Mutoh 1400mm cutter with optical eye, Vizion Cold Electric Laminator, Vizion media dryer/ take up 1600mm, PosterPrint software (will require light license). Plus other items. Enough to start a sign writing business. The equipment has not been used in over 2 years. The printer will need to be serviced and checked out but won't cost much to get up and running. Total package $10,000. open to offers on single items. If you wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact me. Tel: 0406266586
(Posted 25th September 2013)

1 X 1220 X 50M $200 INC GST DELIVERED
Tel: 0407 375 157
(Posted 9th September 2013)


(QLD, Caloundra) Roland GX24 with stand and Cut Studio software
. Machine in excellent condition used only to cut samples, no commercial runs. Price $1750. Tel: 07 54921460
(Posted 7th September 2013) 
(QLD, Maroochydore) Ezy Taper on Stand Sign Applicator / Laminator 1535 mm wide roller ,Mount 13mm thick substrate, has application handles both side, as new vgc as new , Paid $5500.00, worth $4500.00 sell $3000. 
Save Time, Save Money, Work Faster, Better Finish,  
Online for tutorials on how to use for all sorts of applications How did you live without one. Don't buy a laminator! Buy Ezy Taper and do more faster. Call 0417077706 
(Posted 4th September 2013)
(QLD, Maroochydore) Plokmatic 61 - Booklet maker..Good condition. $1500
07 5455 0216 
(Posted 4th September 2013)
(QLD, Maroochydore) 2nd hand Canon IFP8100
Ability to print in unprecedented quality and speed along with the multiple media handling options and software suite, the iPF8100 is the ideal solution for professionals.
 07 5455 0216
(Posted 4th September 2013)
South Australia

(SA, Reynella East) jv3 needs new head

$2700, bulk ink system (sa) Tel: 0401425769

(Posted 30th January 2014)

(SA, Adelaide) Mimaki JF-1631
large format, UV-curable inkjet printer
. 1200X1200dpi CMYK + White & Clear. 1.6m x 3.1m vacuum table. Good condition needs 2 x Printheads. $30,000 ono. Contact
(Posted 10th September 2013)
Western Australia

Wanted (WA, Bayswater) Vinyl Slitter, 

at least 1380 wide. Working condition. WA (must be able to ship if in another state). 

Contact Martin 0431 485 575

(Posted 18th December 2014)

(WA, Perth) Seiko V-64s 64" Solvent Printer.
6 Colour running genuine Seiko EX low odour inks
Includes genuine Seiko dryer unit
Fast and efficient, selling due to upgrade to 2.6m printer.
$7000 o.n.o

Call on  0412 135 966 

(Posted 22nd October 2013)

(WA, Perth) Canon imagePROGRAF 8100 44" Graphic Arts printer  12 colour using genuine LUCIA pigment ink including
Printer Stand (ST-43)
Printed less than 100 metres of canvas, surplus to requirements.
$4500 o.n.o.

Call on  0412 135 966 

(Posted 22nd October 2013)

(WA, Perth) Summa DC3 Plus  Thermal ribbon printer 900mm wide
With automatic cut function.
Comes with some unopened foils in various colours.
Ideal for short run labels and resin doming.
$3000 o.n.o

Call on  0412 135 966 

(Posted 22nd October 2013)

(WA, Perth) Urgent Require USED or Demo 42" HP Latex in good working order,
Also good 8000s or 9000s Machines and used HP UV Flatbed. Tel: 0417743288
(Posted 18th September 2013)

(WA, Busselton) Guillotine. Halfco 1370 x 1.2mm cut as new , only used to cut composite ali Geoff 0417 911 252 
(Posted 28th August 2013)


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 New South Wales


(NSW, Western Sydney) Service Technician

An opportunity for an experienced support technician  with experience in wide-format inkjet printers.

Key responsibilities in this role will be:

-Provide high level technical on-site support. Resolve issues related to software, hardware and configuration

-Effectively communicate and obtain the appropriate data needed to resolve the service call

-Interface with other engineers to resolve customer issues

-Provide a technical leadership role while working with customers and dealers

-Use complex tools and excellent troubleshooting skills to identify, analyse and resolve technical issues

-Maintain customer issue data in a call tracking database

-Understand and explain related technical issues through product knowledge and reported issues

-Participate in conference calls, as necessary, to resolve customer issues

-Respond to urgent after hours customer calls, as necessary

-Recall or relate known or prior issues/status/fixes to newly reported issues

-Accomplish department and organization mission by completing related results as needed

Previous experience servicing within the wide format digital Inkjets market is an advantage.  You will have ability to work independently as well as part of a team, flexibility, strong aptitude for customer applications, excellent customer service skills and good communication skill. Prefer a degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science with 2-3 years of related work experience. Photoshop and Illustrator experience preferred. Base salary + car allowance.

Please forwarding your resume to . Please note only applicants shortlisted for this role will be contacted.

(Posted 18th February 2014)



Established Northern beaches Graphics Business looking for a talented team member with a positive outlook and good communication skills. We encompass Graphic Design with all forms of Signage, digital printing and dye sublimation.
The ideal candidate must have at least 3 years experience. Required are skills with illustrator, vinyl cutting and application, general signage and a drivers licence. Graphic design background and experience with Roland printers an advantage.
Close to public transport. Please forward resumes and references to: 
(Posted 28th October 2013)




(VIC, Melbourne) Area Sales Manager - Consumables & Hardware, for Melbourne.

Spandex Asia Pacific is a national organisation and a wholly owned subsidiary of a global corporation specialising in the Sign and Graphic Arts industries. The company is regarded as the leader in these markets and the roles of our Area Sales Managers are critical to our success.  

Your major challenge will be to grow and develop sales in your designated territory. A strong commercial and sales related understanding of the industry, or related industries, will enable you to source new business as well as maintaining and maximising sales from our current customer base.  You must be a team player, a good communicator and negotiator.

An excellent salary, commission structure with significant earning potential and fully maintained vehicle plus superannuation will be offered to the successful candidates.

To apply, please send your resume to:  

(Posted 17th January 2014)


(VIC, Carrum Downs) Sign Production/Digital Printing.
Our team is looking for new junior member, that would like to make a career in large format digital printing. You will start from learning the art of sign and display assembly and will progress to operate of our UV printer, Kongsberg cutter and more. Knowledge of computer design is necessary, some heavy lifting is expected. We are Melbourne based in Carrum Downs, Tel 0409 183 176.
(Posted 9th November 2013)




(Wanted) (QLD, Gold Coast) "Work Wanted" 20 Y.O Male with 2x years experience in the sign industry looking for a job on the Gold Coast. His previous employer just closed down. He can be reached by ph: 04500-39938 or email:  
Own transport & Willing to drive anywhere.
(Posted 10th February 2014)


(QLD, Brisbane) Area Sales Manager - Consumables & Hardware, for Brisbane to Cairns 

Spandex Asia Pacific is a national organisation and a wholly owned subsidiary of a global corporation specialising in the Sign and Graphic Arts industries. The company is regarded as the leader in these markets and the roles of our Area Sales Managers are critical to our success. Your major challenge will be to grow and develop sales in your designated territory. A strong commercial and sales related understanding of the industry, or related industries, will enable you to source new business as well as maintaining and maximising sales from our current customer base.  You must be a team player, a good communicator and negotiator.

An excellent salary, commission structure with significant earning potential and fully maintained vehicle plus superannuation will be offered to the successful candidates. To apply, please send your resume to:  

(Posted 24th January 2014)

(QLD,Townsville) Sales Executive - Sign & Display, Townsville, QLD
About this Position 
Manage and grow your own sales territory in our Sign & Display segment. Based at our Townsville site, you will create relationships with new customers, continue to manage our existing customers and drive awareness of our brand into the marketplace. On a daily basis you will liaise with customers and our internal sales team, generate sales, negotiate on pricing, suggest suitable or alternative products and ensure your customers are satisfied.  
Key Responsibilities 
-    Grow the Sign & Display business within Far North Queensland, with emphasis on the Townsville, Cairns and Mackay market; 
-    Assisting with the range stocking policy in the Townsville warehouse; 
-    Actively seek new business; 
-    Liaise with customers regarding new products, product deletions and price changes; 
-    Meet and exceed sales targets; and 
-    Create and deliver Value Propositions with tangible benefits to the business.   
Skills and Experience  
-    Previous experience in and knowledge of the Sign & Display and digital industry; 
-    Strong sales skills and ability to consistently meet and exceed sales targets; 
-    Resilience; 
-    Effective time management and negotiation skills; 
-    Effective communication and customer relations skills; 
-    Self-confident and a positive attitude; and 
-    Sound knowledge Microsoft Excel/Outlook.  
Remuneration and Benefits 
-    Training and career development opportunities 
-    Competitive base salary 
-    11% superannuation 
-    Vehicle allowance 
-    Lap top, phone, internet 
-    Work life balance 
-    Free on site car parking 
How to Apply 
Click on the Apply button or for further information contact Nicole on 03 9765 0810. 
(Posted 23rd January 2014)


Wanted (QLD, Brisbane) Work wanted -

Cnc flatbed router operator/programmer, engraving machines and pantographs, infilling, spraypainting. General signmaking. Forklift, worksite/cherry picker tickets. Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Any work appreciated. 0488919523.
(Posted 13th December 2013)


(QLD, Brisbane) SALES PERSON, Seeking a highly motivated sales person, with experience in Advertising Billboards or large format printing Signage industry. to work on a good retainer plus commission basis, full time long term position available to the right person.

(Posted 18th October 2013)


(QLD, Currumbin) Casual Sales Rep, for easy to place signage products to existing clients, Good pay for right person, flexible hours, Tel: 07 5598 8840

(Posted 26th September 2013)


(QLD, Brisbane)Signage Manufacturing.

Experience in all aspects of the sign industry, wide format printing through to dispatch. Please forward resume to marce.
(Posted 19th September 2013)


Western Australia 


(WA, Perth) Sales Executive - Sign & Display role in Perth?

Manage and grow your own sales territory in our growing sign & display segment selling inks and consumables. Based in our Malaga site. Competitive base salary + commission + car + super.
To apply, forward your resume to
(Posted 3rd September 2013)


South Australia


(SA, Adelaide) WIDE FORMAT ROLL & FLATBED DIGITAL OPERATOR (Pre-Press) Duties include, Pre-Press, colour correction/matching, preparation of files, design work, ripping and printing to  multiple devices. You must be able to work in a busy environment with tight deadlines.  Wage negotiable based on experience. Resumes to:
(Posted 13th January 2014)


(SA, Woodville) Digital Sublimation Print Manager - A highly motivated individual with experience in graphic design would be preferable for this role. Visit to view full job add, 

(Posted 15th October 2013)


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(Posted 20th January 2014)


(WA, Esperance) Established 40 years,

Large premises, All plant & equipment, Owner Retiring. 0890713565 

(Posted 18th November 2013)


(QLD, Yeppoon) Complete Sign Business  

Well established - prime position - huge client base - little opposition

All equipment & files. Details 0409 581 135 

(Posted 3rd November 2013)


 (NSW, Northern Beaches) Wide Format Digital Printing + Finishing Business. 

1)    Wide format flatbed UV digital printer, CMYK+White, print area 3.200mm x 1650mm x 30mm. top speed 80 sm/hr

2)    Multicam CNC router, 3D capabilities, air extraction system, 2500mm x 1830mm x 150mm cutting area
3)    Laminator 1600mm, eyeletting machine, ultrasonic welding machine, guillotine 1320mm, Forklift, Toyota HiAce van, Pallet Racking, computers.
4)    Client database, approximately t/o $500K/p.a.
Selling at less than machinery value, $150,000, ono + SAV for quick sale. Owner retiring.
Tel: 0406 995 001 

(Posted 23rd October 2013)


(QLD, Maroochydore)  Printing, Signage, Stickers, and T-Shirt Printing. Business for Sale.

Wide format Roland vs540 cutter/printer , Rolland GX24 cutter, emseal Laminator, mounting machine, ricoh printer, guilotine, letter folder, t-shirt press etc. All only 2 years old and under warranty. Busy main road frontage next to lights.

Owner needing to retire - 1 man operation,
(Posted 6th October 2013) 


(VIC,Kilmore) Sign business on country Victoria for sale.
Established over 25 years. Huge client base, no opposition. All equipment & huge factory on main highway. Contact 0409 952 119
(Posted 11th September 2013)


(NSW, Sydney) Sign Business, Established 23 years.
Owner retiring, solid client base in good area with potential to grow services offered. Would suit energetic partnership or owner operator...or boost your current business with our client base. Will be sold at equipment value only..who wants a bargain? 0417 500 399 02 9584 9215
(Posted 12th August 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) Signwriting business for sale, printers, laminators, cutters, stock. everything must go. Complete Business Package For Sale, price Negotiable call 0448 016 680
(Posted 2nd August 2013)

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TAFE NSW - January 2014 
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The amazing Ross Sisters -  (from 1944)
The amazing Ross Sisters - (from 1944)

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A woman received a call that her daughter was sick.

She stopped by the pharmacy to get medication, Got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys inside. The woman found an old rusty coat hanger left on the ground. She looked at it and said "I don't know

how to use this." She bowed her head and asked God to send her HELP.

Within 5 minutes a beat up old motorcycle pulled up. A bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull

rag. The man got off of his cycle and asked if he could help. She said: "Yes, my daughter is sick. I've locked my keys in my car. I must get home. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?" He said "Sure." He walked over to the car, and in less than a minute the car was open. She hugged the man and through tears said "Thank You SO Much! You are a very nice man." The man replied "Lady, I am NOT a nice man. I just got out of PRISON yesterday, I was in prison for car theft." The woman hugged the man again sobbing,  "Oh, thank you God! You even sent me a Professional!"

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