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12th August 2013
This week's survey

(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)

Last week's survey 
Should we be accountable for poor workmanship and incorrect material being used on jobs? An example would be using 3-5 year material being sold as 7 year or materials with low UV tolerance being sold as premium material. 

(This survey has been criticised as the dummest on record - we agree. Yet, it was posed by one of our readers. All respondents, without exception say YES, we should be accountable)
  • Definitely you should be accountable if you use the wrong material, even if you use the correct material and it fails. You should stand behind your products and workmanship
  • You can't be serious even asking!!! The prime rule of customer service is to accept responsibility for all aspects of jobs that you invoice for. The success or failure of your business rests on the ability to generate new business, not spending time and money on callbacks and you reputation goes down the drain...
  • A big YES! You should always be accountable for failure using sub standard products.
    Selling wide format digital media I see two main types of signage manufacturer (and everything in between) I see those that use a high level of service and a high quality product - they tend to look after a high end customer that sees the value in what they are paying for because they themselves can't afford hiccups or failures. It's no co-incidence that this same Signage manufacturer has less quality issues and failures. As a supplier, they are also probably the easiest to deal with.
    At the other end of the spectrum I see the customer that's only skill is to keep dropping their price to get work and therefore naturally use sub standard materials. These customers experience the highest levels of failure because they are not using a product suited to the application. What's even scarier is that a lot of them don't even know the difference! In most cases you can upgrade to a higher quality product for as little as $1-$4 a square metre and wipe out a whole range of issues.
    I guess it takes all types to look after all types!
  • Absolutely. Its our responsibility as manufactures to been informed and to inform clients of the materials used. Since when has lying been a good way to run your business.
  • Of course we should not be accountable for any of our work or the materials we use. Any problems will always be the customers, suppliers governments, my parents, my childrens, the school system, the health system, the police, the militarys or the medias fault. The problem never originates from my efforts or superior skills. I can remember making a mistake once but it was over 30 years ago so I have consigned that to history. Even asking the questions demonstrates your lack of understanding of the difficulties and technicalities of such a complex operation as making a sign. Perhaps the problem could have been caused by you!! Man up guys, outsource your responsibility. Follow the example of Kevin Rudd if you need help.
  • Only if you want referrals and repeat customers. If you are a fly-by-nighter, then take no accountability for anything. You, as the business owner make the choices on what stock you hold, and it is your responsibility to ensure your staff are aware of specifications and use for each media. As for workmanship, it comes down to expectations and training.
  • ABSOLUTELY - It is actions like this that make the whole industry look bad. Somebody's cash grabbing attempt reflects poorly on the industry and the rest of us cop the flack. We are a professional industry and should act like we are exactly that!!!
  • We are accountable for everything we do, I couldn't imagine was sort of business wouldn't stand behind the products and services it sells. The only time I might disagree is when a sign is mounted to a surface we have recommended against, then the onus could fall onto the customer. This can also work the other way. Its also annoying when you contract someone to help or do a job for you and they screw it up, but still expect to be paid or paid to fix their mistake!
    (Johann - Spot The Dog Graphics)
  • You definitely should be accountable for your poor work. Unfortunately it is the nature of the trade today, too many people with no qualifications being in the sign trade, not knowing the difference between good, or poor workmanship. If you are a reputable business, you should back your product.
  • As a reputable supplier selling Reputable brands we see this all the time in two different ways.
    (1)We see suppliers falsely representing Low quality, Low price products as Hi quality and either with no spec sheet or spec sheets with incorrect information. We have even seen the same product with different specifications from three different suppliers.
    (2)We also see end users ignoring the proof you show them of this, because they want to believe they are getting a great price and they want to believe that if it fails the supplier will compensate them.
    They need to understand that if it sounds too cheap then it is more than likely not what it is being represented to be.
  • I have over 30 years experience in this industry as a Tradesman & unfortunately due to the declining standards of tradesman, the advancement of technology, lack of regulation, poor perceived value of product within the industry and ever strangling IR laws that are forever removing any responsibility and accountablity from all including employees to suppliers for their work, performance and product. I have found that this is the age of blame shifting, lack of responsibility & accoutability and with this comes poor workmanship, poor product & lack of respect. No one deems themselves responsible or accountible anymore.I remember when I was a young tradesman we were all empoloyed as "Labour Only Subcontractors". You held your ability, knowledge & professionalism in the highest esteem and took pride in your workmanship. If you did poor workmanship or used incorrect product you took responsibility and rectified all issues "AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE" not the employers or the clients(including materials).
    To answer the Question in more detail...
    AS AN EMPLOYEE - YES you should acknowledge & be accountable including financially for labour and materials if you are at fault for POOR WORKMANSHIP.
    AS AN EMPLOYER - YES you are accountable to ensure your team work well, work safe, are trained correctly and have the correct tools and products at their disposal to do the work with GREAT results.
    AS A SUPPLIER - YES you are accountable to ensure your products do as YOU state and have life expectancy as YOU indicate. You should have the integrity to replace all defective material, machinery or product as well as assisting any organisation with any Financial loss that they may have occured due to your product failure etc.
    Unfortunately idealistic behaviour such as Honesty, Respect, Trust, Accountability & Responsibility may be a thing of the past.
  • NEVER have this problem....How would you know ? 3 yrs after sign install and the sign fades and vinyl fails and client was quoted on 7yr the ink still is only 3-4yr.
    We always use poly 7yr and laminate all outdoor stuff and match the lam to material. Use the same stuff from the same supplier so I know what was used. And note it on the artwork.
  • Yes, as that is either incompetence or deliberately and falsely misleading the customer. My business is run on honesty and integrity, which I pride myself on!
    (Sheena Bigalke -Action Signs & Graphics)
  • Customers should receive the goods they are charged for - Charging for premium products and then supplying inferior materials is a sure way of going broke in the long term. If you do under supply, be prepared to redo the work at no charge.
    (Nelson Pollard - Nelsigns PTY LTD)
  • I read this a few times thinking it must be a "trick" question. If you're stupid enough or ignorant of the vinyl types or dishonest enough to use the wrong materials or have done a bad installation of course you're accountable! The only people that would do this are those that have bought a cheap machine & intend to make a quick buck & get out of the business in a couple of years before the faults are obvious. This gives us all a bad rep. People that do this can obviously undercut everyone and make it harder for reputable businesses. Customers don't like being told that their choice of previous supplier was wrong & they've been duped into paying either a cheap price for what they thought was going to be a quality job or that they've paid top dollar for a product that isn't the correct quality. On one occasion when a customer has insisted I use cheaper vinyl for his job to take the cost down marginally, I made sure that it was noted on all paperwork & Invoice that he was advised against it.
  • yes. we should.
  • Yes, Yes, Yes if we want ti be regarded as professionals we should be accountable fir wirjmanship and in-correct materials being used AND being promoted.  
    Apart from sign makers who need to be accountable the suppkiers and their manufacturers should back up their products snd back tbe companies who use their products.


Our survey questions are sent in by readers. If you have an idea for a future survey, please send an email to Your suggestion may be on the minds of many others.

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(NSW, St Leonards) Mimaki JV3 250 SP
In Good working condition. Prints up to 2500mm wide media.. Currently running successfully using Bordeaux bulk ink system. Also Includes take up & air extraction filtration system ($2,500 value). 4 Col CMYK. Mild solvent inks. Collection only at buyers cost ncludes PhotoPrint 10 Rip software ($1,000 value) with Dongle. Contact $9,950.00 ONO.
(Posted 11th August 2013)


(NSW, St Leonards) Roland SC-540 Print & Cut machine:
6 Colour prints & cuts up to 1372mm media. Was in good working order but now requires new Assembly Main Board (Approx. $2400.00 plus labour) Otherwise great for spare Parts Includes some inks.. $2,500.00 ONO. Contact
(Posted 11th August 2013)


(NSW, St Leonards) Roland Head Board (SJ645 - W811904020).
Brand new authentic Roland part. Never used. Suits Roland Soljet ProII / FJ-540 / CJ-540 / SC-545EX / SJ-1000 Printers. $850.00 ONO. Contact
(Posted 11th August 2013)


(NSW, Pymble 2073) Hotronix Magnetic Clam Heat Press  28 x 38cm. Excellent Condition $500. Comes with some digital film and masking film. Call Sam 0410 502 186
(Posted 7th August 2013)


(N.S.W. Sydney WANTED used cnc router

for a sign shop size 2400x1200mm or bigger, contact Sam 0410800857, limited budget looking for affordable price.

(Posted 6th August 2013)


(NSW, Regents Park) Mimaki CJV30-160 Print and Cut.

Brand new in box (Clearance Stock) $19,500 ex gst. Contact Morgan 0417171778

(Posted 5th August 2013)


(NSW, Regents Park) For Sale; Mimaki CJV30-160 Print and Cut.

Demo unit, in as new condition. Comes with remaining inks CMYKLcLm White and Silver configuration. Priced to sell $18,500 ex gst. Contact Morgan 0417171778

(Posted 5th August 2013)

(NSW, Rosebury) HP Z6200
60" Large Format printer. Pigment Inks. Bought new 1.8.11. Printed only 7200 m2. $12,000 inc GST.
(02 9663 5333)
(Posted 29th July 2013)

(NSW, Quakers Hill) Mutoh 1618
EcoSolvent Printer, with take up unit and Mutoh SC Pro Vinyl Cutter 4 years old, fully serviced 1600mm wide $18,000ono. Tracey 0418 210 798
(Posted 26th July 2013)

(NSW, Rosebery) Canon Wide format iPF8100 printer,
44" (1.11m) wide. Running perfectly. Recently had both printheads replaced with new items. Reasonable amount of ink left. All nozzles firing perfectly. Comes with lots of rolls of paper and canvas, worth hundreds. Comes with two roll paper holders, one for 2" core rolls and one for 3" core. Takes cut sheet paper too. Huge colour gamut from the 12 inks. Unbelievable quality and fast, quiet economical printing.
Pickup is in Rosebery, NSW 2018. This unit is large and heavy and requires removalists to move properly. Some ink will be lost during the move, because the print heads have to be drained before it can be moved.
Inspections welcome, call me on 0419631619 for an appointment.
(Posted 23rd July 2013)


(NSW, Blacktown) One year old, Roland VERSACAMM SP-540i with Cutter ! Used weekly but not daily, maintained regularly (cleans & cutter re-alignment via software). Sad to part with unit but it's time to move onto something else. Comes with a few rolls of vinyl and whatever ink cartridges are still with me. $9000, a cheap price for a quick sale, will not go lower though.Purchased from Positive Camtech.
(Posted 23rd July 2013)


(NSW, Lismore) EZY TAPER on Stand Sign Applicator / Laminator 1535 mm wide roller ,Mount 13mm thick substrate, as new vgc as new , Paid $5500.00, worth $4500.00 sell $3750 ono. Save Time, Save Money, Work Faster, Better Finish, See online for tutorials on how to use for all sorts of applications How did you live without one. Dont buy a laminator! Buy Ezy Taper and do more faster.Urgent.
(Posted 17th July 2013)


(NSW, Newcastle) Wanted: Manual or Electric/Mounting and Laminating Machine. Anything over 1400mm wide considered. Must be in good condition and local. Tel: 0431097877
(Posted 3rd July 2013)


(NSW, Sydney) Roland CJ500, PRINT and CUT Machine up to 1,370mm wide.
Excellent working condition, Origional owner. Why continue outsourcing when you can purchase this economical, low maintenance machine. 6 colour, Origional Roland Pigment ink with stand and take up roll. Price $3,500 (ONO) + Bonus spare inks and a variety of substrait rolls included. Call Glen on 0418 271 742 .
(Posted 18th June 2013)


(NSW, Brookvale) Heat seeker textile dryer 3.0m x 1.2m variable speed & heat controls, $12,000 Carousel, 4 station Ergo Jig, $5,000 Flash curing unit, twin lamp, $2,500 Will split or take $15k the lot, with squeegees and inks and shelving included.=
Graham, 0418 609 698
(Posted 18th June 2013)


(NSW, Auburn) Seiko 64S 1.5m with software and Epson stylus pro 7500 with $3000 to $4000 of Inks for $3800. Located in Auburn NSW. Please call Jim on 0414454649.
(Posted 11th June 2013) 


(NSW, Cardiff) WANTED - Printer 2500 mm wide or larger for use as a banner printer with ECO Solvent inks. Any brand considered but Mimaki would be ideal as this is what we currently operate.Tel: 02 49567496
(Posted 7th June 2013)


(NSW, Sydney) Chasing stand for HP Designjet 4000, preferably in the Sydney Metro area - Contact Bruce 02 9449 8717
(Posted 3rd June 2013)


(NSW. Erskinville) Digital Sublimation Print Software, Ergosoft TexPrint v.2008 Rip and print server for professional textile print production. Licensed to run two printers up to 1800 mm wide. New price $4500 sell price $2900. Tel: 02 95573900
(Posted 31st May 2013)


(NSW, Silverwater) Svecia Semi Auto 1600 x 1200mm screen print machine. Includes 60" OZ-Cure UV Dryer. Very good working order. Will separate. $7000.00 for both. PH: 0412 188 630 (Posted 23rd May 2013)
(NSW, Silverwater) UV Dryer
OZ-Cure 60" wide. Very good working order- $4000.00 PH: 0412 188 630
(Posted 23rd May 2013)


(NSW, Silverwater) M & R Saturn Semi Auto Screen Printer- 900 x 600mm format. Good working order- $1500. PH: 0412 188 630
(Posted 23rd May 2013)


(NSW, Carrington) POLAR 137x GUILLOTINE A high-speed cutter employed for the accurate cutting of materials such as paper, card board, chip board, plastic foils, etc. and handles sheet sizes with a diagonal of 137 cm/ 54 inches. Pickup Only. $ 105,000 +GST. Contact Peter on 0249202700 or
(Posted 23rd May 2013)


(NSW, Carrington) ROLAND SOLJET PRO II V SJ-1045EX, 1220 to 2641 mm (48 to 104 in.)
4 colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) or 6 colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, and light magenta)
Maximum 1440 dpi, Pickup Only. $ 46,500+GST. Contact Peter on 0249202700 or
(Posted 23rd May 2013)


(NSW, Carrington) ROLAND SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT. Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX ink, the XC-540MT features six colours, CMYK+Metallic Silver+White (CMYK+Mt+W).
Printing/Cutting width 19.68 to 54 Inches/8.31 to 54 Inches.
Pickup Only. $23,500+GST. Contact Peter on 0249202700 or
(Posted 23rd May 2013)


(NSW, Wollongong) Demo clearance Sublimation heat press. Oil heated drum heat press 1700 wide working width with table. Twin shuttle heat press great for sports wear. 3 PHASE power needed on heat presses. Please call for pricing Craig 0448 911 333
(Posted 14th May 2013)


(NSW, Kingsgrove) Wanted - used ESKO Kongsberg cutting table, all models considered.
Wanted - used PVC welder, KEDAR welder
Wanted - used pallet racking
We will consider from any state, call Glenn 0414 437 077
(Posted 9th May 2013)



(ACT, Canberra) INKS x 6: Canon BCI-1421PM (Photo Magenta), BCI-1421M (Magenta), BCI-1421Y (Yellow), BCI-1421PC (Photo Cyan), BCI-1421C (Cyan), BCI-1421BK (Black) Paid $292/each Sell for $150/each. Tel: 0404 895 938
(Posted 1st July 2013)


(VIC, Wallan) Summa DC3 Thermal Printer

ex cond $7000 also Full Solvent ink & Flush CMYK  C2ltrs M3ltrs Y2ltrs K2ltrs Flush 6ltrs $600 ono Tel: 0408 123 300

(Posted 7th August 2013)

(VIC, Moorabbin) Roland SC500 SolJet 6
colour print and cut. Perfect working order, see working, ideal for someone starting out, $3500.00 Tel: 03 9555 0001
(Posted 31st July 2013)

(VIC, Carnegie) FOR SALE Roland VersaCamm SP540V with take up roll.In excellent condition. Well looked after. Bought to test cartridges/paper but never went ahead. Price $8000+GST ONO Contact: 0411 699 858
(Posted 31st July 2013)

(VIC, Campbellfield) I have Roland SP540V Bulk in Setup with Takeup Roller for Sale : $7000. Always Serviced Roland Technician. Also BRAND NEW in the box never opened. Graphtec CE5000-60 $2000. RRP:$3000
Call me on 0402 56 56 56 or email me for any enquires
(Posted 24th July 2013)

(VIC, Tullamarine) 2 x Mimaki JV3 160 SPT Solvent Digital Printers $5000 each
1 x Hot and Cold Laminator KALA 1600 wide $6000
1 Hand Lamination rollers $250
1 Screen Printing exposure table with Vacuum 1800 x 1500 $500
Contact Lyndon 0418 524 584
or (03) 9338 9022
(Posted 15th July 2013)

(VIC, Sunshine West) 2010 Inca Spyder V (4 Colour & White) digital flatbed Printer and accessories. Comes with recently installed brand new heads (12/7/13) with spares, rip hardware package and colourgate production server. Serviced by Fujifilm Australia every three months. Selling due to upgrade. Asking $175,000.00+GST Tel: 03 9311 9755
(Posted 12th July 2013)

(VIC, Melton West) Roland SP 540v print and cut machine with bulk ink set up. Take up roll, the machine still prints awesome never had any problems serviced every three months. Selling due to up grade. Asking $10,000 Ono call 0457 711 824
(Posted 11th July 2013)

(VIC, Melton West) Roland SP 300 print and cut machine in perfect working order, currently using bulk ink system. Selling due to up grade. Machine is about 6 years old and serviced every 3 months. Tel: 0457 711 824
(Posted 11th July 2013)

(VIC, Mt Waverly) 2012 Roland 54" LEC-540 CMYK+White+Gloss. 4 Colour print, Spot white, spot varnish, spot gloss/matte, emboss and texture print , contour cuts, perf-cuts. print and cut Take up machine. Under warranty (almost 2 years remaining). Serviced by Roland technicians. Selling to upgrade to a larger machine. $55,000 plus GST Pick up from Mt Waverley, Victoria. Call 0433776076
(Posted 3rd July 2013)

(VIC, Mulgrave) SIAS MULTIFORMULA: TWO COLOUR in line Sias screen print machine, manufactured 1992. Sheet size to print; 1820 x 1480 x 6 mm. Comes with squeegee's; scrapers; screens; take up box, it's working but surplus to requirements. Call 03 8769 0107 or 0408 336 330
(Posted 24th June 2013)

(VIC) Brunswick Roland Versacamm VS-640 with take up roll great machine just serviced selling to upgrade to a PRO4 XF-640 $23,000 Tel: 0448237777
(Posted 23rd June 2013)

(VIC, Seaford) Mighty Hat Press - Heat Press - good quality. As new Condition for applying heat transfer labels to hats. $500
Cold Laminator - manual type - 1300MM wide. Good condition - great for mounting prints to sub-straight $550
Victoria Numberplates: "DSIGNZ" Great for Signwriter / Designer. Black and White. $500
Tel: 0412 908 152
(Posted 19th June 2013)

(VIC,East St Kilda.) Electric Cold laminator for quick sale. 1440mm wide appplikator 4R plus Emseal brand. In perfect working order. Demonstration welcome.Qucik sale price $1500. Tel: 03 95371110
(Posted 19th June 2013)

(VIC, Ballarat) FOR SALE ROLAND Pro III XC540-MT 1370mm/54".(CMYK+Metallic & White).
This machine has not had allot of use and is surplus to our needs.
$17,000+GST. Phone: Adam Heath 0417 588 898 
(Posted 18th June 2013)

(VIC, Geelong)1 mimaki jv3 160s and jv3 160sp for sale with spare parts will need heads. Must Sell. $2200 all up.. Phone 0409 183 965 
(Posted 16th June 2013)

(VIC, Cheltenham) FOR SALE Roland VS540 Print and Cut running dual CMYK 440ml cartridges. Always serviced by Roland, still has warranty. Lives in controlled print room so is in perfect condition. Takeup reel and Ink included. Ready to go. $16,000+GST ONO
Call Glenn 0425 270 899
(Posted 5th June 2013)

(VIC, Dandenong) Screen Printing Machine with UV Dryer. 2004 Sias Area Ultra P. Print Bed 3800x1600mm. Comes with 18 screens meshed in 140T various sizes, Squeegees, Coaters & Footprint of printing machine & dryer 10.5x2.8mtrs. MAKE AN OFFER TODAY! Contact Marc 03 9706 4755
(Posted 5th June 2013)

(VIC, Tullamarine) 2 x Mimaki JV3 160 SPT Solvent Digital Printers $8000 each
1 x Hot and Cold Laminator KALA 1600 wide $9250
1 Hand Lamination rollers $650
1 Screen Printing exposure table with Vacuum 1800 x 1500 $1500
1 Screen Drying Oven 1800 x 1500 x 2000 with Trays
Various Real Estate advertising Boards
11 Bays of Pallet racking $1000
Contact Lyndon 0418 528 524
(Posted 30th May 2013)

(VIC, Campbellfield) Vutek PV200SC. 2004 Model. Converted to 4 colour.
Operational, but has issues. Suit either enthusiast to fix, or wrecked for spare parts. Buyer to Remove $15,000. Tel: 0414775526
(Posted 27th May 2013)

(VIC, Dandenong South) TECO 2 phase induction motor for sale. $800.00. Tel: 0402 918 207
(Posted 17th May 2013)

(VIC, Dandenong South) Argon Screen Printing Machine. Clamp Shell. Vacuum Base 940 x 720. Excess to our needs. Not sure if still working as it has been in storage for a few years. $700.00. Calender / Roller heat press. Good condition. $7000. Tel: 03 9768 2332
(Posted 14th May 2013)
(QLD, Brighton) Roland VP540i 1.5 years Roland Warranty remaining,fully serviced very low hours,excellent condition.
Ezy Taper Platinum 1530
Trimax 1.6M Rotary trimmer
Trimax 1.6M Board trimmer
Roland Gx 24 plotter
Automatic T-shirt heat press
Everything listed plus assorted media and inks $23,000 ONO
(Posted 31st July 2013)

(QLD Narangba) Mutoh Spitfire Extreme 1.6 m Wide Format Solvent Printer 8-Colour CMYK Orange Green Lc Lm. All in good working condition with take up Roll. $6500 Call Mark 0407 376 777
(Posted 29th July 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) EPSON Stylus Pro 7600, in very good condition, genuine reason for sale. 0422 397 732
(Posted 26th July 2013)

(QLD, Sunshine Coast) Canon iPF8000 Printer for sale. Purchased in 2009 with extremely low print workload, as new condition and in perfect working order. $2500 ono Tel: 0412423270
(Posted 15th July 2013)

(QLD, Cedar Vale) Refine Vinyl Cutter & Plotter. Complete with PCSign Letter 12.0 Software, 5x Cutting Knives, Plotter pen, Cords, Dust cover and Stand. Unit is in good condition and has had very little use. Cutting width 620mm. Bed Width 720mm. $400. Tel: 0412493713.
(Posted 15th July 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) - Epson Stylus Pro 9700 Take Up System. Brand New in box. Contact Mark on 0404 689 825 for more details
(Posted 11th July 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) - Mimaki JV3/JV3SP Part Out. Most parts for any Mimaki JV3. For Enquires contact Mark on 0404 689 825
(Posted 11th July 2013)

(QLD, Burleigh) MUTOH Valuejet new heads good condition always serviced + take up roller. some inks $4850+gst
Tel: 0412040041
(Posted 11th July 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) Seiko 100s 2.5m Colour Painter wide format printer. New Heads. 6 Colour inc stand alone dryer. BEST OFFER. Call Peter on 0421 382 666
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(QLD, Underwood) HP Designjet T1200 44-in PS version - relocation sale - surplus to our needs - immaculate condition. Genuine inks only used. RRP 20k. Asking $7500 onco Email:
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(QLD, Underwood) Mimaki JV33 160 - relocation sale, new DX5 printhead installed with cables, capping assembley & full set of dampers. Genuine mimaki inks. Got all the options & RIP. Like new. $9 900 onco Email:
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(QLD, Hervey Bay) UV Flatbed Digital Printer. 2008, Flora F1 - 180UV with full software PLUS a second 2006 LJ II1800-UV flatbed printer (used for parts). Capable of printing CMYK plus White. Printable surface 1.8 m wide. This is a bargain buy at only $50000. Flaar Report available. Contact Darryl 0418797544 or
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane) GCC Stellarjet 2500mm wide Hybrid UV Large format Digital Printer, roll to roll, sub-straights up to 50mm thick, prints 6 colours, Software & computer included runs controller version 1.04.00, housed in climate controlled & dust free room, still in use for demonstrations, $5,000.00 Tel: 0409634605
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane) Seiko 64s 1.6m Wide Format Solvent Printer. All in good working condition. Print Heads in very good condition. $12,000. Phone Paul 07 3040 3506.
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) ROLAND AJ-1000 WITH MESH KIT in immaculate condition.The AJ-1000 has been designed as a multipurpose printer for all sign shops. With print speeds up to 90 sq m/hr. This printer will print to the highest resolution on one setting and run hundreds of meters of non-backed mesh on another,2600mm wide printing this AJ-1000 will do it all.For a demonstration please Phone 0415219520
(Posted 8th July 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane, Acacia Ridge) Roland SC-540__ for sale (Grenadier SP-1400c). Bulk ink system and serviced by Colour Grafix. Tel: 07 3275 7900 or 0410 564 244
(Posted 4th July 2013)

(QLD, KINGSTON) Roland SolJet ProII - Print&Cut SC-540 - Bulk Ink System Installed - $7500ono Tel: 0409 223 031
(Posted 4th July 2013)

(QLD,Blackstone) Roland VersaCamm VS-640 Printer with take-up roller + Royal Sovereign heat assist Laminator with take-up roller. Items were purchased new December 2010 and has a full service history with very little use. $29,000.00 Please call 0423 552 032 or email Equipment relocated at buyers expense
(Posted 26th June 2013)

(QLD, Toowoomba) Roland XC540 Pro III with dryers and take-up unit. Serviced since new by Sign Essentials. Great workhorses but now one is surplus to needs. 2007 Model $13000 or 2011 Model $17500. Tel: 0402 546 596
(POsted 23rd June 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) Roland SP540V in tip top condition along with Guillotene, laminator, rolling table, all stock and spares along with software etc.
$16,500.00 phone Clint, Graphic Promotions 0408 894127
(Posted 19th June 2013)

(QLD, Sunshine Coast ) Mutoh Toucan Full solvent printer 2200mm wide printer is working on CMYK but can print on CMYK Lc Lm with 2 new heads also includes Air Extractor Unit price $5000 Chris Taylor 0418 411 544
(POsted 19th June 2013)

(QLD, Townsville) Roland AJ1000 grand format printer. Approx. 5 years old.
Good condition, needs 1 replacement head to be in good working order or as is for spare parts.
Make an offer. Geoff Gracie 0400 455 405 .
(Posted 18th June 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) DGI VT111-98DF Solvent Printer, - 2.5m Wide; - 4 Colour; - 8 Heads
- In working order; - MAKE AN OFFER
TEL: 07 5576 8124
(Posted 29th May 2013)

(QLD, Maroochydore) Summa S75 T series cutter we purchased this cutter brand new and only used twice. Has True Tanginial Head and can cut 3m dg3 not a problem. also made a flat bed table for it which can bolt on or off. $7000 Tel: 0408887298
(Posted 28th May 2013)

(QLD, Underwood) MUTOH ValueJet 2606 100 inch (2500mm)Wide GRAND FORMAT BANNER PRINTER. Bulk ink system, In working condition perfect for large banner prints.$6950.00. Phone 0415 219 520 for more info.
(Posted 27th May 2013)

(QLD. Gold Coast) Mimaki CJV30-160 Print and Cut In excellent condition very little use complete with take up rollers, Rasterlink software and variety of print media. phone Dennis 0410751381 $13,500 ono
(Posted 27th May 2013)

(QLD, Windsor) EcoSol MAX 440ml Inks. 2xCMYK + 1xLC&LM. Inks never used and still in original plastic. Quick sale $1000 for 2 x CMYK sets, $200 for 1ea LC&LM. John 0417 784 563
(Posted 15th May 2013)

(QLD, Sandgate) Roland SC-500 (54") (Good for Parts) Externally in good condition, 6 colour. When printing, quality was very good! Genuine Roland heat system. Manual & some software can be given. $1600 - All reasonable offers considered. Contact: Trent 0411 88 48 71
(Posted 9th May 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) Roland SolJet Pro II Print & Cut SC-540. Heater with auto take up reel. 7x440 spare EcoSol cartridges. Versaworks. Great Condition $12500 plus GST ONO. 0755305569 0412306991
(Posted 8th May 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane) CNC Router/Engraver 1200 x 1200 x 100 mm. Excellent condition, had very little use. 3hp , 24000 rpm Spindle motor. Includes Type 3 software for XP, 2hp dust extraction unit, range of collets and tool bits. Also has spares kit including boards and motors. Price $5,750 or 0428 042 804
(Posted 3rd May 2013)

(QLD, North Brisbane) Roland XC540, excellent working order, serviced every 3 months, complete with 1 to 2 full sets of ink. $15,200, Call 0422 268 687
(Posted 2nd May 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) - Seiko 104s 2.5m wide format printer. New heads, can run on either OEM inks or BULK aftermarket ink. All working except for the take-up which needs attention. Nice quality prints. Surplus to our needs as we have upgraded to a 2.6m Latex. For further info please call Peter on 0421 382 666 or email BEST OFFER BY END OF MONTH AND IT'S YOURS! We need the room!
(Posted 1st May 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) - Konica Minolta 6500 (65 pages per minute) SRA3 sheet-fed printer complete with fiery RIP. Includes 8000 sheet high capacity feeder, booklet maker, folder, stapler and scanner. Will print 350gsm card stock and anything below. Excellent condition with 2/3's of life capacity still remaining. Recently had full programed maintenance and ready to go for new owner. Perfect for those who wish to enter the digital print market with a high quality, high speed printer. We have just upgraded to a faster machine and this is surplus to our needs. See working. Phone Peter on 0421 382 666 or email to arrange a demo. $12,000 plus GST - an absolute bargain!
(Posted 1st May 2013)
South Australia

(SA, Adelaide) 33 x Roland PC60 Ribbons various colours. $350 for the lot. Ph 08 8377 0548
(Posted 19th July 2013)

(SA, O'Halloran Hill) Roland PC60 Printer Cutter. Very little work since new heads. Loads of tapes. $2000
Tel: 0417 800 964
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(SA, Prospect) Teckpro UV3000 Flatbed and Teckpro S3200 Roll printer,
UV3000 appears to function but requires print head repairs & S3200 had some water damage but has been running since. Both are sold as is where the buyer is to dismantle & remove, both were around $400K in 2007. Sell both for $16,000 inc GST.
Contact Barrie on 0412 575 864
(Posted 3rd July 2013)
Western Australia

(WA, Malaga) Millenium full colour badge & ID card printer

in excellent condition and comes with heaps of consumables, (enough to recoup your outlay and some). No longer required, is only about 12 months old and hardly done any work. Tel: 0418 918 099

(Posted 5th August 2013)

(WA, Perth) Roland Soljet ProIII XJ640
1550mm print CMYK+LM,LC excellent condition including RIP and inks $15,500 ono
Tel: 08 9493 5500
(Posted 15th July 2013)

(WA, Perth) 2 x Seiko Colourpainter 64S printers for sale. Haven't printed in a year but good for spares.Tel: 0412 182345
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(WA, Beaconsfield) Konica C6501 Production Printer Copier. Excellent machine with fantastic Colour output and reliability. Has spare Fixing unit for SRA3 and spare Toners. Serviced and maintained by Konica. Upgrading to new machine. Would keep as backup but dont have the space. All genuine offers considered. $15,000 inc gst Tel: 0893315453
(Posted 1st July 2013) 
New Zealand
(New Zealand, Hawera) Ioline Super 88 complete setup including computer and software plus light boxes and large supply of special light box material old customer list available. Tel: 6462788395
(Posted 12th July 2013)
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(WA, Malaga) Manage and grow your own sales territory in our growing sign & display segment. Based in our Malaga site. Competitive base salary + commission + car + super. 
To apply, forward your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Posted 30th July 2013)

(NSW, Mt Kuring Gai) Exciting opportunity within the printing industry. Immediate start with training and long term job security and a opportunity for overtime with local large format digital print company in Mt Kuring Gai.
Some large format digital print experience is desirable although training will be provided for the right person.
You will be responsible for:
- The daily running and effective operation of the printer, laminator and cutter
- Maintenance of the machinery
- Effective use of materials
- Quality control
- Packaging end products.
- Professionalism
- Good management of work flow
- Good time keeping
- Strong attention to detail.
Ability to self manage as well as working as part of a team.
Tel: 0400 427 082
(Posted 25th July 2013)

(VIC, Swan Hill) We are seeking a skilled individual to become part of our team as a Sign Maker/Production all rounder who has a great knowledge in creative sign design. Tel: 03 50322725
(Posted 17th July 2013)

(NSW, Rosebery) Printer required by display company 3 days per week to operate print room and vinyl cutting. Experience essential.
Please email resume to or call Eddy on 9669 1700.
(Posted 10th July 2013)

(NSW, Broadmeadow) Large Newcastle signage/print company. Looking for experienced printer operator, to run flatbed and solvent printers (using Onyx rip). Tel: 02 49695700
(Posted 26th June 2013)

(NSW, Tweed Heads South) Qualified Signwriter required. Progressive business requires highly motivated person who will be dealing directly with customers. Experience Corel Draw, large format printers, vinyl application & installation essential. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop advantage. Please contact Tony on 07 5523 3553 or email CV to
(Posted 23rd June 2013)

(QLD, North Brisbane) Experienced talented sign installer required with sign manufacture, assembly & installation skills. Vinyl application skills essential - experienced in all shop duties is an advantage. For further details : or 07 3285 8166
(Posted 19th June 2013)

(Indonesia) Currently my job is a technician, handling jeti machine in indonesia(solvent and uv). i am looking for technician job in Australia in any areas ASAP. email me for more detail cv
(Posted 16th June 2013)

(New Zealand, Mount Muanganui) New Position Created - Printer / Presser & Dispatch
Continued growth means we have created an extra role - to ensure we meet client demands. The role is primarily for sublimation heat pressing and sublimation printing duties. Enjoy an innovative environment with creative and motivated team. Tel & Fax numbers: 0064 7 5756305

(Posted 11/06/2013)

(NSW, Minto) Customer Service/Telesales, Owing to our growth, we are in need of an additional experienced person to fill a full time (8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.) Customer Service cum Telesales Role. The role is varied and busy. Knowledge regarding print media and substrates will be favorably viewed.
If you are a motivated person with a can do approach to any challenge that may arise on a day to day basis, we would like to hear from you.
Resume to:
(Posted 30th May 2013)

(NSW, Sydney) Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) is a privately owned Australian company that imports and distributes aluminium composite material, graphics media, industrial fabric, decorative fabrics and films, decorative building products, engineered stone, packaging materials and exhibition systems throughout Australasia with distribution centres in all major capital cities.
Due to expansion and growth our Customer Service Department requires a motivated Customer Service representative with minimum 3 years customer service experience.
What skills do you need?
* Passion for first class customer service
* Positive and can-do attitude
* Exceptional attention to detail
* Computer literacy and confidence in using multiple applications
* Ability to work under pressure
* Initiative
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Reliability
* Building Industry knowledge a bonus
Is that you? ... Your role will involve...
* Handling telephone and email sales for a key brand
* Resolving customer issues
* Liaising with our field sales team and other internal staff to ensure high service levels,
* Recording and maintaining accurate information in custom database; and entry and tracking of sales orders.
We can offer you...
* A competitive remuneration package
* Full training and support
If you would like to become part of a dynamic growing organisation, apply now.
Applications should be directed to Jennifer Dolden, NSW Customer Service Manager, HVG - at
(Posted 28th May 2013)

(QLD, Ipswich/Brisbane) Work wanted - I am looking for Employment. excellent Offset, Digital & wide format printer, with installation experience.estimating, stock control & outsourcing.100% reliable, honest & hard working.please e-mail for full CV. (Posted 25th May 2013)

(NSW, Sydney) We are offering a full time position for a sign application who will be head of production who is motivated and enthusiastic to join our team. All applicants must meet the following criteria:
- ability to communicate with colleagues and management in a professional manner
- ability to follow directions well
- ability to work with and handle vinyls for applying on vehicles and panels
-wrapping of cars is a bonus
-some experience required
-pay negotiatble
-ute provided
Tel: 0416227767
(Posted 13th May 2013)

(QLD, Coopers Plain) Signwriter/ All rounder Immediate start for right person. Experience in Graphic design/digital print and Vinyl cutting and applying. Email or phone 07 33444333
(Posted 13th May 2013) 



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Photos can be added at $12.00 + GST, Send the photo (125 pixels wide) to

(Posted 30th July 2013)

(NSW, Mid North Coast) Signage business for sale.
Roland SP-540v with computer and a long list of equipment. Solid client base, good profit and good growth potential. Owner looking to retire. Tel: 0418232905
(Posted 15th July 2013)

(VIC, Melbourne) Embroidery Company for sale, 3 machines with solid client base and good profit . Owner looking to concentrate on other areas. Ph. Sue 0409283428
(Posted 1st July 2013)

(QLD, Sunshine Coast) Sign & Sticker business for sale
established over 10yrs Roland Printer, laminator & vinyl cutters, shop on busy main rd with cheap rent, have other commitments sell at bargain price. PH 0402 728 917
(Posted 22nd April 2013)

(SA, Port Pirie) Sublimation, vinyl cutting and photo enlarging business.
Epson 4880 hybrid + inks; 52" vinyl cutter; cap/hat / t-shirt/flat and mug heat presses. Heaps of blanks, paper and vinyl etc $6399 ono TONY - 0438600054
(Posted 22nd April 2013)

(VIC, South East Melbourne) Signage & Digital Print Business for Sale.
Roland VP-540 Printer.Main Road Location. Excellent Potential. Est.-1996. $45,000. 0418 351 615 .
(Posted 3rd April 2013) 


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Girl sings like a man!
Girl sings like a man!

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In a Canberra Nursing home an old priest lay dying. 
For years he had faithfully served the people of the nation's capital. 
He motioned for his nurse to come near. Yes, Father? said the nurse. 
I would really like to see Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbot before I die?, whispered the priest. 
I'll see what I can do, Father, replied the nurse. 
The nurse sent the request to Parliament and waited for a response. 
Soon the word arrived; the two politicians would be delighted to visit the priest. 
As they went to the hospital, Kevin commented to Tony, I don't know why the old priest wants to see us, but it certainly will help our images. 
Tony agreed that it was the right thing to do at this time. 
When they arrived at the priest's room, the priest took Kevin's hand in his right hand and the Tony's hand in his left. There was silence and a look of serenity on the old priest's face.  
The old priest slowly said: I have always tried to pattern my life after our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 
Amen, said Kevin 
Amen, said Tony 
The old priest continued, 
Jesus died between two lying thieving bastards; and I would like to do the same....
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