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11th June 2013
This week's survey

(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)

Last Week's Survey 

Do you produce artwork or layout without taking a deposit?  
  • Rarely. don't have time to do artwork for non go ahead jobs. I like to see some sort of commitment from the customer first.
  • Yes we do but lock the PDF and put our name in the artwork
  • I never use to, but now I do, I now call it a Commitment instead of a deposit. No commitment no Artwork. All artwork remain my property until full payment is made, if the client needs a proof for approval it will be supplied as a low resulotion bitmap only.
  • Generally no we don't however it is also dependent upon the size of the job, client reputation and size. The larger the client the bigger the expectation and we will only provide rough outlines and low resolution image renders.
  • generally no - occasionally there are exceptions
  • No. without deposit we don't do anything. we find it when we ask for deposit they take us more serious. by the way we have to pay the bills as well.
  • yes, very rarely take on a job where artwork creation is necessary prior to the quote being accepted.
  • Seldom, and only for existing clients.
  • No. Why spend the time when the "client" can then use your artwork to get other quotes
    (Brian Pretorious - Pretorian BMC)
  • Yes frequently, and most people in the trade are very honest and upfront.In large quotes we feel we need to show how we will use sheet and often customer's artwork is so poor that we have to show what it is that we are quoting to produce. However,sometimes we are asked to re quote jobs several times in different materials which we do only to find that our quotes and artwork are used openly to get better quotes from other companies some of whom simply say they will quote 10% less than us if customer receives quote from us.....AND sometimes our own artwork and samples come back to us for quoting!!! Sometimes people asking for detailed quotes are in our own industry and asking for quotes that they will use as their own quotes. These people are in our own industry!!! not shy of wasting our time and abusing the fact that we have set up our systems to return quotes promptly and honestly. We therefore sympathize with those that are cheated when trying to do the fair thing when those who cannot appreciate that time and intellectual property are being stolen and can only say that those who operate like this can not understand that the skills we use, improve each time we produce work honestly, are skills they have yet to master...perhaps they will always be too busy taking shortcuts and cheating others that the basis of their own operation is shonky, bereft of skills and lacking honesty which will show itself in all aspects of their work.
    (Jana Vale - Lasermade)
  • We do if it is a long term customer that usually proceeds with orders otherwise we charge.
    Linda Wilcox - Wilcox Safety & Signs)
  • Intellectual property is more valuable than an actual item so why do people within this industry find it necessary to provide proofs to people they do not even know for FREE just to win a job. If you go to a graphic design firm do you think they would do a design and supply it to you for free. I think NOT! If there are still sign companies out there providing designs and proofing for free to one off clients or people that they don't have contracts with then you need to rethink your business strategy and structure. You are only devaluing your own skills and cheapening this industry.
  • Yes, but only once we have done a quote for a job.
  • Most of the artwork that comes to the company is pretty well print ready or it made need a couple of minor adjustments so therefore its not worth charging. If we had to construct artwork we would charge the client instalments before proceeding and final payment before handing it over, everything is paid before leaving the factory.
  • Sometimes we have to, particularly with laser or router cut signage you need the design approved to be able to properly cost.
  • As a general rule no but there are always exceptions. However if I know they are getting other quotes then no we won't supply artwork without deposit
  • If it is a regular customer, no, we do not charge a deposit unless it is a very large job. If it is a new customer we seek verification of bona fides and if a large job then we may seek a deposit.
  • Are you serious....deposit for layout and artwork?
    I think you will find is many country areas we don't even charge for layouts or art work!
    I know that I don't, nor do any other signies in this town. I did try a few years ago but the customers complained bitterly and went elsewere.
    Nar...doesn't happen here!
  • Never, 50% deposit up front always, unless regular customer. Or it will be shopped around to all in the trade and china.
  • unless it is an established client, I NEVER do any artwork until the quote is accepted & a 'permission to proceed' agreement form is signed by the customer.
    Otherwise you will end up doing a lot of free artwork for people.
  • Yes, but only for established clients. If they are new, then deposit needs to be put up, unless it is simple & they are actually in the workshop with us. But I would give them nothing they can take away.
  • Depends on the client. No previous sales history with client, deposit required before any artwork is produced. small sales history, minor drafts, low quality versions before deposit is received.Long term clients receive better services again.
    (Warren Van Den Heuvel - Pure Image Signs)
  • Businesses that provide artwork to prospective clients with out any deposit or financial committments obviously are desperate for work or don't have a good business sense. By doing so you are just continuing to help devalue the sign industry.
  • No. We used to do artwork without charge until we realized that agencies were using us for their proof services but going on price.
    (Kevin -
  • We don't do anything until we have an official order form. For existing customers, our terms state we reserve the right to charge for setup if an order is cancelled and/or the artwork is changed. For new customers, it's cash with order.
  • I do produce artwork without a deposit. I believe it helps. But I usually fax the artwork so client does not have the electronic version. I get caught a few times, but not enough to worry. Email quotes and proofs are a nightmare. You lose a job for a few dollars and they have the artwork and ideas you give.
  • We do not produce any artwork without a deposit. It is our most valuable asset the 20 years experience that we put into it and the others do not have
    When we did we lost the customer forever they go with our artwork to somebody that only knows how to copy and reproduces it at a cheap cost and we loose the order. Of course they got the idea artwork for free and they do not need to charge for it
    (Jose - Visual Link)
  • Yes, but I think we should change that. Under the current economic climate I believe it is too risky not to take any deposit before commencing work. when ordering on line you must pay before your goods are dispatched and I know from experience, more and more business are following the same pattern. I believe it safeguards business being done by dodgy people.
    (Ans - Alpha Print Group)
  • No, only after receipt of a 50% deposit. We changed our policy last year and it has dramatically reduced wasted time (and time wasters). If everyone did the same so customer expectations changed, our industry would be much better off.
    (Neil Esplin - Signs On Time) 
Our survey questions are sent in by readers. If you have an idea for a future survey please send an email to Your suggestion may be on the minds of many others. 
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New South Wales

(NSW, Cardiff) WANTED - Printer 2500 mm wide or larger for use as a banner printer with ECO Solvent inks. Any brand considered but Mimaki would be ideal as this is what we currently operate.Tel: 02 49567496 
(Posted 7th June 2013)  

(NSW, Sydney) Chasing stand for HP Designjet 4000, preferably in the Sydney Metro area - Contact Bruce 02 9449 8717 

(Posted 3rd June 2013)   

(NSW. Erskinville) Digital Sublimation Print Software, Ergosoft TexPrint v.2008 Rip and print server for professional textile print production. Licensed to run two printers up to 1800 mm wide. New price $4500 sell price $2900. Tel: 02 95573900
(Posted 31st May 2013)

(NSW. North Richmond) Roland GX500 vinyl cutter in perfect working order and good condition. Asking $3500.00 ono. Phone 02 4571 1423
(Posted 27th May 2013)

(NSW, Silverwater) Svecia Semi Auto 1600 x 1200mm screen print machine. Includes 60" OZ-Cure UV Dryer. Very good working order. Will separate. $7000.00 for both. PH:  0412 188 630 .
(Posted 23rd May 2013)
(NSW, Silverwater) UV Dryer OZ-Cure 60" wide. Very good working order- $4000.00 PH:  0412 188 630
(Posted 23rd May 2013)
(NSW, Silverwater) M & R Saturn Semi Auto Screen Printer- 900 x 600mm format. Good working order- $1500. PH:  0412 188 630
(Posted 23rd May 2013)
(NSW, Carrington) POLAR 137x GUILLOTINE
A high-speed cutter employed for the accurate cutting of materials such as paper, card board,
chip board, plastic foils, etc. and handles sheet sizes with a diagonal of 137 cm/ 54 inches.
Pickup Only.  $ 105,000 +GST. Contact Peter on 0249202700 or
(Posted 23rd May 2013)
(NSW, Carrington) ROLAND SOLJET PRO II V SJ-1045EX, 1220 to 2641 mm (48 to 104 in.)
4 colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) or 6 colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, and light magenta)
Maximum 1440 dpi, Pickup Only. $ 46,500+GST. Contact Peter on 0249202700 or
(Posted 23rd May 2013)
Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX ink, the XC-540MT features six colours, CMYK+Metallic Silver+White (CMYK+Mt+W).
Printing/Cutting width   19.68 to 54 Inches/8.31 to 54 Inches.
Pickup Only.  $23,500+GST. Contact Peter on 0249202700 or
(Posted 23rd May 2013)

(NSW, Wollongong) Demo clearance Sublimation heat press. Oil heated drum heat press 1700 wide working width with table. Twin shuttle heat press great for sports wear. 3 PHASE power needed on heat presses. Please call for pricing  Craig  0448 911 333
(Posted 14th May 2013)

(NSW, Kingsgrove) Wanted - used ESKO Kongsberg cutting table, all models considered.
Wanted - used PVC welder, KEDAR welder
Wanted - used pallet racking
We will consider from any state, call Glenn  0414 437 077
(Posted 9th May 2013)

(NSW, Wyong)  ROLAND AJ-1000 ONLY 210 PRINT HOURS serviced regularly. Print speeds of up to 90 sq m/hr $40,000. Tel: 0243533036
(Posted 23rd April 2013)

(NSW, Moorebank) Roland BN-20 (CMYK + Metallic) 20 inch Print & Cut Machine.
14 months old, hardly used in perfect condition.
Includes Transport, Installation, Full Training and Software. $7,000+GST. Contact Dan on 0448888128
(Posted 15th April 2013)
(NSW, Moorebank) Roland VS-640 (2 X CMYK) 64 Inch Print & Cut Machine with Take Up Unit and Optional Blower/Dryer Unit.
Just serviced and warranty until 2/06/2014.
Includes Transport, Installation, Full Training and Software. $20,500+GST. Contact Dan on 0448888128
(Posted 15th April 2013)
(NSW, Moorebank) Roland VS-640 (2 X CMYK) 64 Inch, Print & Cut Machine with Take Up Unit.
Just serviced and Warranty until 12/07/2014 Includes Transport, Instalation, Full Training and Software. $18,000+GST. Contact Dan on 0448888128
(Posted 15th April 2013)

(NSW. Wollongong) JV3-75SP Old stock but still  in the box comes with 8 x ES3 solvent ink and Photoprint software $4500.00
JV3-160 SP Old stock but still in the box comes with 8 x ES3 solvent inks and Photoprint software $7700.00
Please call Leigh (QLD)  0427 981 344  Craig (NSW)  0448 911 333
(Posted 9th April 2013)

(NSW, Brookvale) Mechwood Edge Bander, Model M5 Edgemaster,Semi Automatic. Pre Glued Machine, Up to 2mm PVC Edging, Pneumatic Cut Off,Top & Bottom Radius Trimming Cutters. Used but good condition
 0402 337 494
(POsted 25th March 2013)
(NSW,Brookvale) Rotory Paper trimmer designed to cut large and oversized papers including plan, signs, banners, papers, photos, and large digital printouts
Tel:  0402 337 494
(Posted 25th March 2013)
(NSW, Brookvale) KIP 3000 wide format Digital Copier/Printer/Scanner. Excellent condition recently serviced. Ideal for multiple application. NSW, Brookvale
Tel:  0402 337 494
(Posted 25th March 2013)

(NSW, Sydney) We have 2 printers onsite that we are looking to sell.
HP Laser Jet 5550dtn
HP Laser Jet 9050dn
Both printers are functioning and in good condition, we simple have an excess of
machines and require the spaces vacated.
We are open to offers for the purchase and pick up of both the machines above.
 02 9394 7712
(Posted 22nd March 2013)
(NSW, NOWRA) COMPUTER ENGRAVING MACHINE SURE GRAVE 2516i. Brand new, never used.Computer Engraving machine from suregrave comes with programs, cutters,manuals and tool box.
$13,000 For further details please ring  (02) 44210021
(Posted 21st March 2013)
(NSW, Wetherill Park) Sublimation Roller Heat Press - Large 50cm Oil Heated Drum for serious production, 1.65m working width, spanish made paper feed tension clutch, 2 feeds for fabric and protection paper, 3 automatic take-ups, 3 phase power. Great condition, can see working, made for 1 person operation. $22,000 neg. Email for pics. Phone Mark  0413 233 324
(Posted 21st March 2013)



(VIC, Cheltenham) FOR SALE Roland VS540 Print and Cut running dual CMYK 440ml cartridges. Always serviced by Roland, still has warranty. Lives in controlled print room so is in perfect condition. Takeup reel and Ink included. Ready to go. $16,000+GST ONO
Call Glenn 0425 270 899
(Posted 5th June 2013)

(VIC, Dandenong) Screen Printing Machine with UV Dryer. 2004 Sias Area Ultra P. Print Bed 3800x1600mm. Comes with 18 screens meshed in 140T various sizes, Squeegees, Coaters & Footprint of printing machine & dryer 10.5x2.8mtrs. MAKE AN OFFER TODAY! Contact Marc 03 9706 4755
(Posted 5th June 2013)


(VIC, Tullamarine) 2 x Mimaki JV3 160 SPT Solvent Digital Printers $8000 each
1 x Hot and Cold Laminator KALA 1600 wide $9250
1 Hand Lamination rollers $650
1 Screen Printing exposure table with Vacuum 1800 x 1500 $1500
1 Screen Drying Oven 1800 x 1500 x 2000 with Trays
Various Real Estate advertising Boards
11 Bays of Pallet racking $1000
Contact Lyndon 0418 528 524
(Posted 30th May 2013)

(VIC, Campbellfield) Vutek PV200SC. 2004 Model. Converted to 4 colour.
Operational, but has issues. Suit either enthusiast to fix, or wrecked for spare parts. Buyer to Remove $15,000. Tel: 0414775526
(Posted 27th May 2013)


(VIC, Dandenong South) TECO 2 phase induction motor for sale.  $800.00. Tel:  0402 918 207
(Posted 17th May 2013)

(VIC, Dandenong South) Argon Screen Printing Machine. Clamp Shell. Vacuum Base 940 x 720.  Excess to our needs.  Not sure if still working as it has been in storage for a few years. $700.00. Calender / Roller heat press. Good condition. $7000. Tel:  03 9768 2332
(Posted 14th May 2013)


(VIC, Dandenong) Screen Printing Machine with UV Dryer. 2004 Sias Area Ultra P. Print Bed 3800x1600mm. Comes with 18 screens meshed in 140T various sizes, Squeegees, Coaters & Footprint of printing machine & dryer 10.5x2.8mtrs. MAKE AN OFFER TODAY!
(Posted 7th May 2013)


(VIC, Moorabbin) Stylus Pro 9900 Printer. The new generation 44 inch large format printer that deliver even higher levels of image and colour quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Check the specs on
Asking $6500.00. Tel: 0400 175 100
(Posted 30th April 2013)


(VIC, Dingley Village) New Print head 2 EPSON DX4 SOLVENT (Mimaki - Roland) for SALE - $650 each 0408270722
(Posted 25th April 2013)


(VIC, Bayswater North) HOT PRESS HGP360. Glass top vacuum press 1190mm x 1800mm. Suitable for laminating, mounting and sealing of canvas, board and foam core. $5,500.00. Call Joel 0422003060
(Posted 19th April 2013)
(VIC, Dandenong) Mimaki JV5-160S 64 Inch, Super High Speed Solvent Printer.
Running 4 DX-5 heads! (2 are new with receipts) 5 Years old, working well.
$9,000+GST. Contact Ernie on 0428180407
(Posted 15th April 2013)


(VIC, Caulfield) Grapho Octopus UV Flat Bed printer with roll feed. Hardly used since new. Can print doors, banners substrates up to 2 mtrs wide X 9cm depth $10,000 Tel:  03 95236026
(Posted 8th April 2013)


(VIC, Carrum Downs) "Eye - One" x-rite colour calibration system, complete set in excellent condition, comes with Certificate of Performance. Please contact David  0409 183 176 , Location Melbourne
Selling $900 incl GST
(Posted 3rd April 2013)

(VIC, Parkdale) Agfa Sherpa 43. Best offer or free. Has not been used in 5 years, may work or may be good for just parts.
(Posted 2nd April 2013)


(VIC, Melbourne) Hi, i am after a DONGLE for a SP300 for running versa works. Give me a call on 0450664771
(Posted 17th March 2013)


(QLD, Gold Coast) DGI VT111-98DF Solvent Printer, - 2.5m Wide; - 4 Colour; - 8 Heads
- In working order; - MAKE AN OFFER
TEL: 07 5576 8124
(Posted 29th May 2013)

(QLD, Maroochydore) Summa S75 T series cutter we purchased this cutter brand new and only used twice. Has True Tanginial Head and can cut 3m dg3 not a problem. also made a flat bed table for it which can bolt on or off. $7000 Tel: 0408887298
(Posted 28th May 2013)

(QLD, Underwood) MUTOH ValueJet 2606 100 inch (2500mm)Wide GRAND FORMAT BANNER PRINTER. Bulk ink system, In working condition perfect for large banner prints.$6950.00
Phone 0415 219 520 for more info.
(Posted 27th May 2013)

(QLD. Gold Coast) Mimaki CJV30-160 Print and Cut In excellent condition very little use complete with take up rollers, Rasterlink software and variety of print media. phone Dennis 0410751381 $13,500 ono
(Posted 27th May 2013)

(QLD, Windsor) EcoSol MAX 440ml Inks. 2xCMYK + 1xLC&LM. Inks never used and still in original plastic. Quick sale $1000 for 2 x CMYK sets, $200 for 1ea LC&LM. John  0417 784 563
(Posted 15th May 2013)

(QLD, Sandgate) Roland SC-500 (54") (Good for Parts) Externally in good condition, 6 colour. When printing, quality was very good! Genuine Roland heat system. Manual & some software can be given. $1600 - All reasonable offers considered. Contact: Trent  0411 88 48 71
(Posted 9th May 2013)
(QLD, Gold Coast) Roland SolJet Pro II Print & Cut SC-540. Heater with auto take up reel. 7x440 spare EcoSol cartridges. Versaworks. Great Condition $12500 plus GST ONO. 0755305569 0412306991
(Posted 8th May 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane) CNC Router/Engraver 1200 x 1200 x 100 mm. Excellent condition, had very little use. 3hp , 24000 rpm Spindle motor. Includes Type 3 software for XP, 2hp dust extraction unit, range of collets and tool bits. Also has spares kit including boards and motors. Price $5,750 or  0428 042 804
(Posted 3rd May 2013)
(QLD, North Brisbane) Roland XC540, excellent working order, serviced every 3 months, complete with 1 to 2 full sets of ink. $15,200, Call  0422 268 687
(Posted 2nd May 2013)
(QLD, Gold Coast) - Seiko 104s 2.5m wide format printer. New heads, can run on either OEM inks or BULK aftermarket ink. All working except for the take-up which needs attention. Nice quality prints. Surplus to our needs as we have upgraded to a 2.6m Latex. For further info please call Peter on  0421 382 666  or email BEST OFFER BY END OF MONTH AND IT'S YOURS! We need the room!
(Posted 1st May 2013)
(QLD, Gold Coast) - Konica Minolta 6500 (65 pages per minute) SRA3 sheet-fed printer complete with fiery RIP. Includes 8000 sheet high capacity feeder, booklet maker, folder, stapler and scanner. Will print 350gsm card stock and anything below. Excellent condition with 2/3's of life capacity still remaining. Recently had full programed maintenance and ready to go for new owner. Perfect for those who wish to enter the digital print market with a high quality, high speed printer. We have just upgraded to a faster machine and this is surplus to our needs. See working. Phone Peter on  0421 382 666  or email to arrange a demo. $12,000 plus GST - an absolute bargain!
(Posted 1st May 2013)

(QLD, Brisbane south side) Surplus 8ft x 4ft sheets of white composite ($299 + gst for 10) Call Helen 3390 3796 or pick up at 173 Redland bay rd Capalaba. Delivery can be arranged at $35 per sheet.
(Posted 23rd April 2013)
(QLD, Pialba) Bargain Buy - UV Flatbed Digital Printer. 2008, Flora Printer F1 - 180UV with full software ready to go PLUS a second 2006 LJ II1800-UV flatbed printer (used for parts). This is a fantastic opportunity to get into the UV flatbed market and save a fortune by printing directly onto substrates. This machine is capable of printing CMYK plus White.  Printable surface area is 1.8 m wide by maximum width of your media with max media thickness of 48mm. Machine has had some new heads installed. At a comparable price of $135,000 new, this is a bargain buy at only $50000 for both. Flaar Report available. Contact Darryl 0418797544 or
(Posted 22nd April 2013)

(QLD, Gold Coast) Mutoh 1614 Printer, Immaculate condition, Very little work. Mutoh auto take up system, Prints perfectly. Fast and Reliable Mutoh wave technology $8,950 + GST Phone  0415 219 520
(Posted 16th April 2013)
(QLD, Underwood) Roland XC-540 54 Inch Print and Cut Machine with Optional Dryer Unit.
Just serviced and warranty until 11/13.
Includes Transport, Installation, Full Training and Software. $18,000+GST. Contact Dan on 0448888128
(Posted 15th April 2013)
(QLD, Underwood) Roland XC-540 54 Inch Print & Cut Machine with Optional Dryer Unit.
Just serviced and full Warranty until 06/2014.
Includes Transport, Installation, Full Training and Software. $18,500+GST. Contact Dan on 0448888128
(Posted 15th April 2013)
(QLD, Gold Coast) Roland Hi-Fi JET PRO II 1370mm wide Print & Cut hardly used. Prints up to 28 mē/hr (300 sqft/hr) Powerful and easy-to-use Roland ColorRIP™ RIP included $5490.00 + GST. Phone  0415 219 520
(Posted 25th March 2013)
(QLD, Gold Coast) Wanted. Epson GS6000 in good working order,Cash buyer. 0438136869
(Posted 25th March 2013)
(QLD, Gold Coast) DTG Viper Direct to Garment printer. Double Platen and tshirts included. Please email for further information. Tel:0431054876
(Posted 14th March 2013) 


South Australia  

(SA, Lonsdale) Mimaki JV33 160 Solvent Printer. Current model printer complete with brand new bulk inking system still in its box. Excellent condition with low use at around 10-15 hours per week. Printer has been professionally cleaned and shutdown ready for transport. $16,900. Telephone  08 8384 4800

(Posted 19th April 2013)

(SA, Woodside, Mount Barker) John Heine Sheetmetal Guillotine. Cut .8 sheet 1200mm, Manual, Good Condition. small footprint, suit a small sign shop. Price $2,000.00 negotiable. PH:  0457 860 024
(Posted 22nd March 2013)

See all the 2nd hand machinery available at Wide Format Online magazine. 

Click here

Advertise your vacancies in the magazine with the most wide format printer readers (+/-40,000 per month) in our region and/or our newsletters with the largest and most focused database on wide format printing available in the ANZ region.
If you would like to run an ad in this section AND in Wide Format Online magazine just
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Cost is @1.30 + GST per word
For free ads only in Wide Format Online magazine, just
Photos can be added at $12.00 + GST, Send the photo (125 pixels wide) to

(NSW, Minto) Customer Service/TelesalesOwing to our growth, we are in need of an additional experienced person to fill a full time (8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.) Customer Service cum Telesales Role. The role is varied and busy. Knowledge regarding print media and substrates will be favorably viewed.  
If you are a motivated person with a can do approach to any challenge that may arise on a day to day basis, we would like to hear from you.  
Resume to:
(Posted 30th May 2013)
(NSW, Sydney) Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) is a privately owned Australian company that imports and distributes aluminium composite material, graphics media, industrial fabric, decorative fabrics and films, decorative building products, engineered stone, packaging materials and exhibition systems throughout Australasia with distribution centres in all major capital cities.
Due to expansion and growth our Customer Service Department requires a motivated Customer Service representative with minimum 3 years customer service experience.
What skills do you need?
* Passion for first class customer service
* Positive and can-do attitude
* Exceptional attention to detail
* Computer literacy and confidence in using multiple applications
* Ability to work under pressure
* Initiative
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Reliability
* Building Industry knowledge a bonus
Is that you? ... Your role will involve...
* Handling telephone and email sales for a key brand
* Resolving customer issues
* Liaising with our field sales team and other internal staff to ensure high service levels,
* Recording and maintaining accurate information in custom database; and entry and tracking of sales orders.
We can offer you...
* A competitive remuneration package
* Full training and support
If you would like to become part of a dynamic growing organisation, apply now.
Applications should be directed to Jennifer Dolden, NSW Customer Service Manager, HVG - at
(Posted 28th May 2013)
(QLD, Ipswich/Brisbane) Work wanted - I am looking for Employment. excellent Offset, Digital & wide format printer, with installation experience.estimating, stock control & outsourcing.100% reliable, honest & hard working.please e-mail for full CV.  (Posted 25th May 2013)

(NSW, Sydney) We are offering a full time position for a sign application 
who will be head of production who is motivated and enthusiastic to join our team. All applicants must meet the following criteria:
- ability to communicate with colleagues and management in a professional manner
- ability to follow directions well
- ability to work with and handle vinyls for applying on vehicles and panels
-wrapping of cars is a bonus
-some experience required
-pay negotiatble
-ute provided 
Tel:  0416227767 
(Posted 13th May 2013)
(QLD, Coopers Plain) Signwriter/ All rounder 
Immediate start for right person.  Experience in Graphic design/digital print and Vinyl cutting and applying.  Email or phone  07 33444333   (Posted 13th May 2013)  
(QLD, Brisbane North) Busy Safety sign business is seeking an industry sales person
to help drive our organisation into several key markets. Must have proven sales skills. Please email an intro letter & resume. Tel:  07 3284 9326

(QLD, Brisbane South Side) Work wanted

Need Competent Friendly Help ? Qualified Experienced Signwriter reliable self employed 30yrs.
broad industry skills , creative artistic talent.  seeking regular subcontract work Brisbane southside based.
will travel , hourly rate plus costs. Jules  04 11 10 10 10
(Posted 17th April 2013)

VIC, Carrum Down) Experienced Banner Sewing Person , we required experienced person to sew banners and help with production of displays
Please email your resume to
(Posted 3rd April 2013)

(NSW, Liverpool) Experienced Vehicle Wrapper,
Cut Vinyl and Digital Print Applicator required for busy sign shop. Must have at least 4 yrs experience in vehicle wrapping and vinyl installation. Experience with Illustrator and Flexi-Sign desirable but not essential. Must have an attention to detail. Please email your resume to
(Posted 2nd April 2013)

Progressive signage and printing company with the latest technology seeks a well qualified tradesman (min 10 years) with a wide variety of experience in both digital printing and sign fabrication. Required: Min 3 years of large format printing both flat bed and roll to roll. Ability to meet tight deadlines, manage and motivate production personnel, including apprentices, to achieve high volumes accurately and on time. Knowledge of laminators, routers, vinyl plotting and relevant materials and finishing processes.
Tel: 0411074779
(Posted 27th March 2013)

We specialise in all types of signage including Vinyl cutting, Wide format digital printing, CNC profile cutting and manufacturing of Illuminated signage, pylons, 3D lettering, and building signage.
Vehicle Wrapper, Cut Vinyl and Digital Print Applicator:
Desirable: Experience in vehicle graphics, car, boat and van wrapping.
You will be responsible for preparing and installing vehicle signage whilst also attending to our clients general signage requirements.
You must have 3 or more years experience in vehicle wrapping, an eye for detail, conscientious, reliable, work well under pressure, take pride in your work  and want to join our dynamic, professional team.
Signwriter, Sign Manufacturer, Sign Installer:
Desirable: Experienced in all forms of signage manufacture including Illuminated signage, pylons, 3D lettering and building signage.
You will be responsible for fabricating and installing LED lit 3D acrylic & aluminium letters, illuminated signs, ACM fabricated sign panels, Steel & aluminium sign frame fabrication, pylons as well as all other general signage.
You must have 3 or more years experience in sign fabrication, have a positive "can do attitude" and strong work ethic, attention to detail, commitment to quality and productive output, flexibility to work early or late hours and travel if necessary, confident with working at heights and heavy lifting, white card & EWP tickets (preferred) and experience in the sign industry is a must.
Graphic Designer - Signage:
Desirable: Experienced in designing all types of signage including Vehicle & Boat wraps, Vinyl cutting, Wide format digital printing and CNC profile cutting
You will be responsible for creating artwork from simple way finding signs to colourful and impressive vehicle wraps or eye catching displays. This is a chance for someone with creative flair to show their talent on a sometimes large canvas!
You must have 3 or more years experience designing signage for the sign industry, be creative, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Flexisign (or similar) and be able to provide a portfolio including visual examples of your sign industry experience
These are all full time positions with excellent wage packages on offer to the right applicants, depending on their experience and ability.
Please email your resume by COB Fri 19th April to, fax 08 89844624 or just give us a call  08 89844474
(Posted 26th March 2013)

(NSW, Sydney) Product Support - Sydney
Company Background: Roland DG Australia is a market leader of digital format printing machines based in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.
Roland DG is seeking a Product Support person with relevant experience to join our team to
assist Roland customer's located in Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand.
You will be joining a dynamic team in a well established company with twenty five years of
operating inside of Australia.
Final salary will depend on qualifications and experience.
*    Proven track record in a product support role
*    Excellent oral and written communication skills
*    Good interpersonal skills
*    Strong time management skills
*    Must be computer literate
*    Maintain and build relationships
*    Experience and knowledge of Roland Versa Works
*    Experience in the operation of Roland production printers.
*    Exposure to design programmes eg. Flexi design, Corel draw
*    Team player
Benefits of the Role:
*    Competitive salary
*    Great team environment
To apply for this great opportunity, please send your resume to
To be eligible to apply for this position you must have an appropriate Australian work visa.
(Posted 26th March 2013)

(NT, Darwin) Signwriter / Designer wanted.
Immediate start. Above award wages. Knowledge of Signlab / Photoshop desirable. Work with flatbed / latex printers / cnc router also desirable.
Contact Brad -  0439 874 123
(Posted 20th March 2013)

(NSW, Sydney) We are offering a full time position for a sign writer/installer or production manager
who is motivated and enthusiastic to join our team. All applicants must meet the following criteria:
- ability to communicate with colleagues and management in a professional manner
- ability to follow directions well
-drivers license is NOT a requirement
- ability to work with and handle vinyls for applying on vehicles and panels
-some experience required
Call John on  0416227767
(Posted 7th March 2013)

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(QLD, Sunshine Coast) Sign & Sticker business for sale
. established over 10yrs Roland Printer, laminator & vinyl cutters, shop on busy main rd with cheap rent, have other commitments sell at bargain price. PH  0402 728 917
(Posted 22nd April 2013)
(SA, Port Pirie) Sublimation, vinyl cutting and photo enlarging business.
Epson 4880 hybrid + inks; 52" vinyl cutter; cap/hat / t-shirt/flat and mug heat presses. Heaps of blanks, paper and vinyl etc $6399 ono TONY - 0438600054
(Posted 22nd April 2013)

(VIC, South East Melbourne) Signage & Digital Print Business for Sale.
Roland VP-540 Printer.Main Road Location. Excellent Potential. Est.-1996. $45,000.  0418 351 615 .
(Posted 3rd April 2013)


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