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Cleaning and maintenance of concrete parking structures tends to be an afterthought for design engineers, but proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of these structures and produce happy owners in the process. Regularly scheduled cleaning of expansion joints and washing down of the structure can reduce buildup of hazardous chemicals that cause the structure to deteriorate more quickly.

In the April 2016 SE University Session, Evaluation and Repair of Precast and Post-Tensioned Concrete Parking Structures, Otto J. Schwarz, PE, SE, of Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis Engineering and Surveying, P.C., reviewed the importance of maintaining these structures to prevent having unnecessary repairs within the lifespan of the structure. Providing a regular maintenance schedule to the owner at the completion of a project can be a great way to bolster your relationship and may lead to future business.

Otto provided two resources to access manuals for regular maintenance ... read the full article and access these manuals from PCI and NPA on our SE University blog.



Do you use a Finite Element Analysis program for modeling masonry elements? Do you have a thorough understanding of what factors are being used by your program for stiffness modification, and how the mesh sizes are being set in the model?


In May 2016, Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE, with FORSE Consulting, gave a presentation on Masonry Analysis and Design with FEA Software. During his presentation, Sam covered the application of finite element analysis with masonry elements, and also spoke about utilizing FEA software to gain a significantly better understanding of the element behavior than traditional and simple software, and maximizing the capabilities of masonry building elements.  


As part of this session, Sam advised about the need to consider many factors when using the many commercial software programs available ... read the full article and access Sam's recent article in STRUCTURE Magazine from our blog.


Aldo E. McKay, PE Protection Engineering Consultants
In an effort to "Pay It Forward," SE University is happy to announce our "SEU Speaker Inspires" program in which our speakers can designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE University to make a donation to help improve our world.

In March 2016, Aldo E. McKay, PE, of Protection Engineering Consultants, gave a talk on Implementation of the ISC Physical Security Design Requirements for Federal Buildings for SE University. He chose the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund ( for the donation of the month. This fund is a part of the Jimmy V Foundation but focuses on cancer research for minority groups.

Aldo said the following about the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund, "I have been touched by cancer like many people. As an engineer, I have seen how research helps us improve the way we design, analyze and build infrastructure. I truly believe that with our current technology, it is just a matter of time before a cure for cancer can be found. If we support cancer researchers, it will expedite the process of taking the cure from test tubes to patients more quickly."
Otto J. Schwarz,  PE, SE Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis

In April 2016, Otto J. Schwarz, PE, SE, from Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis, gave a talk on Evaluation and Repair of Precast and Post-Tensioned Concrete Parking Structures for SE University. He chose the North Carolina State University Department of Civil Engineering ( for the donation of the month, as he received a great deal from this program in pursuit of his master's degree.

In remembering his time spent in the NC State Department of Civil Engineering, Otto recalled, "The type of experience provided at their Constructed Facilities Laboratory is extremely valuable for young engineers pursuing a career in Structural Engineering or materials science. Also, I owe an immense amount to Dr. Mike Lemming for providing an in-depth, practical, and functional knowledge of concrete chemistry and physical properties."

Thank you, Aldo and Otto, for helping structural engineers with your SE University sessions, and for your designation of the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund and the NCSU Department of Civil Engineering as SEU Speaker Inspires Organizations!


Summer is here! You may have license renewals coming up, and as always, you can use the upcoming SE University sessions to help you meet your continuing education requirements. If additional hours are needed, please contact Lisa Willard to discuss how we can help you.


The following states have license renewals on June 30th:


Oregon (Last Names S-Z)

Kentucky (Last Names L-Z)

Rhode Island*


South Carolina


West Virginia



The following states have license renewals on July 31st:





The following states have license renewals by September 30th:

District of Columbia* (August 31st)

Louisiana (September 30th - some engineers)

*These states do not have continuing education requirements.


In addition to the states listed above, there are other states that may require renewal based on your initial date of licensure or other rules for that state. Please check your license information to confirm your renewal dates.   
For more information about license renewal, please visit our Continuing Education Requirements by State page, where you can click on states in which you are licensed to see the license renewal date, as well as the continuing education requirements for that state. If you would like a complete summary of all 50 states, a PDF file is available for download below the map. This option can also be selected if you are viewing the page from a mobile device.
We hope that you find this information beneficial. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Willard.

On June 8th we will be welcoming Carol Post, PE, SE, from Thornton Tomasetti, and Cathleen Jacinto, PE, SE, from FORSE Consulting and SE University, to present Best Practices to Improve Structural Construction Documents: Managing Expectations and Minimizing RFI's & Change Orders. This session will be held from 12:30 - 2:00 pm EDT.  

Structural Engineers would love to have construction documents that are 100% complete, but that can be an ivory tower wish. There are often many unknowns outside of the Structural Engineer's control that are not finalized in time to coordinate into the structural designs - such as elevators, MEP "stuff", exterior wall, and all the other latecomers. This SE University session will suggest ways to improve the bid and construction drawings, including the use of Coordination Checklists found in the SEU Resource Center. It will also encourage honest conversations prior to issuance of construction documents, thus leading to managed expectations rather than change orders. While the session has a focus on steel bid and construction drawings, many of these best practices can be applied to structures of any material.

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, June 3rd.
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June 8, 2016
Best Practices to Improve Structural Construction Documents
Carol Post, PE, SE
Thornton Tomasetti

Cathleen Jacinto, PE, SE
FORSE Consulting/
SE University

June 22, 2016
SEU BIM Forum: Tips & Tricks in Revit Structure
Betsy Werra
E.L.Werra Consulting

 This session will be one hour

July 13, 2016
Advancements in Force Transfer Around Openings in Wood Shear Walls
Karyn Beebe, PE
APA - The Engineered Wood Association 

This session will be one hour


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