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                    November 2014  
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Do you have a project with an elevator? Would you like a checklist to help you in considering the several coordination aspects that contribute to elevator design? With the help of an elevator consultant, SE University has compiled a Coordination Checklist to assist structural engineers in their coordination with architects and elevator consultants during the design phase. 


From elevator clearances and loading to structural detailing, this Elevator Checklist serves as an overall starting point for your design coordination efforts. 


The Checklist is divided into 4 Sections: 


A. Elevator Geometry and Clearances
B. Elevator Design Loads
C. Elevator Structural Analysis
D. Elevator Structural Drawings and Detailing the full article on the SE University Blog 



The first 50 people to email [email protected] will receive a copy of the Coordination Checklist at no charge!


What should an engineer do when confronted with a situation in which there are ethical concerns? What resources can be used in decision-making, and are there examples or case studies that might clarify the issues? 

In the November 2014 SE University session, Ethics in the Professional Practice of Engineering, Vincent Drnevich, PhD, PE, from Purdue University, shared his views on ethics for professional engineers. During this session, he presented a list of 11 steps in "making value-laden decisions," providing engineers with a practical guide for ethical decision-making. 

Vince also presented information on the NSPE Board of Ethical Review, and presented a case study reviewed by the board, to highlight step 5 from his list more

We are excited to announce that we have hired Cathleen Jacinto, SE, PE, to expand the technical content for SE University™. This will include additional information to further enhance the Innovation Hub of the SEU Resource Center™ as well as technical content for web seminars. Cathleen created "Coordination Checklist for Elevator Design," the first article in today's newsletter.  


Cathleen worked as a structural engineer in Chicago for 14 years, including 10 years at Thornton Tomasetti and 4 years at T.Y. Lin International. She has a BSCE from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) and a Master's in Structural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). A licensed SE and PE in Illinois, Cathleen lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and two daughters. She can be reached via email at [email protected], or you can also connect with her on LinkedIn at



In December, SE University will present two sessions on Concrete Mix Design: Guidelines for Reviewing Concrete Mix Designs, and Concrete Mix Design & Admixtures.



Guidelines for Reviewing Concrete Mix Designs 


On December 10th, we will be welcoming Art Dell, PE, from SOHA Engineers, for an SE University session on Guidelines for Reviewing Concrete Mix Designs. This will be a one hour session, from 12:30 - 1:30 pm EST.  


Review of concrete mix design submittals is a common part of the structural engineer's services. These submittals can be complex since they typically include not just the mix design itself but also all of the background data related to the concrete mix including test results, product data, and certifications. To assist engineers in the review of these submittals, the SEAONC Construction Quality Assurance Committee developed and published a guideline document for review of concrete mix designs. This session will be based on these guidelines, and will focus on how the project specifications for concrete are used to guide the mix design process and to inform the mix design review. The ACI 318 requirements for proportioning concrete mixes will be discussed, and a sample mix design will be presented and reviewed. 


Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, December 5th. 


Concrete Mix Design & Admixtures 


On December 17th, we will be welcoming Tarek Khan, FACI, from BASF Constructions Chemicals, for an SE University session on Concrete Mix Design and Admixtures. This session will be 1.5 hours, from 12:30 - 2:00 pm EST.


This session will cover concrete mix design and the role of admixtures that are used to produce high performance structural concrete. Participants will learn about the relationship between strength, water-cement ratio, and total cementitious content. Additionally, common and specialty admixtures will be covered in detail, including their effects on the: 

  • Fresh properties of concrete
  • Hardened properties of concrete
  • Concrete mixture designs
  • Durability and sustainability of structures

Handouts and registration emails for this session will be sent to SE University companies on Friday, December 12th.


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In preparation for the end of the year, we'd like to remind you that upcoming SE University sessions can be used to help you meet your continuing education requirements. If additional hours are needed, please contact Lisa Willard to discuss how we can help you.


Engineers in the following state have license renewals due on November 30th:

Illinois SE


ALL engineers in the following states have license renewals on December 31st:


North Carolina





SOME engineers in the following states have license renewals on December 31st:


New Mexico


North Dakota







*These states do not have continuing education requirements.


In addition to the states listed above, there are other states that may require renewal based on your initial date of licensure or other rules for that state. Please check your license information to confirm your renewal dates.   

For more information about license renewal, please visit our Continuing Education Requirements by State page, where you can click on states in which you are licensed to see the license renewal date, as well as the continuing education requirements for that state. If you would like a complete summary of all 50 states, a PDF file is available for download below the map. This option can also be selected if you are viewing the page from a mobile device.

We hope that you find this information beneficial. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Willard.


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Concrete Mix Design and Admixtures


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