Vol. 7, No. 4: April 2016  
Expanding Our Tilapia Network

We are proud to announce the expansion of our tilapia network with the integration of two tilapia producers, GeneSeas Aquacultura Ltda and Netuno, to our farm cooperative.
Founded in 2001, GeneSeas is a 100% Brazilian company specializing in seafood. GeneSeas is completely integrated with optimal practices throughout the entire process, from hatchery to processing. Netuno was founded in 1993 and has established itself as a highly competitive company devoted to providing the highest quality products. 

Both companies are mindful of the sources of the seafood they provide globally by minimizing waste and energy use in packaging, transportation, and storage. 

We understand that our tilapia network is expansive and a somewhat complex, so this month we'll focus on GeneSeas' tilapia operations. 

GeneSeas has farms located in the Alha Solteira reservoir, which boarders the states of Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Today, Geneseas has over 800 cages spread between Santa Fe do Sul and Aparecida do Taboado
At the farm, GeneSeas takes specific measures to ensure that our tilapias are carefully nourished.  To ensure that the feed volume ratio is exact and it provides every tilapia with the necessary nutrients to grow into a strong and healthy fish; tablets with production management software are used during the feeding of the fish and throughout the growing cycle.
The cold chain is maintained from the moment the fish leaves GeneSeas' processing facility, to the moment it arrives to the city of Sao Paulo, where it is then flown directly to the United States.
GeneSeas is renowned for the quality of its products, passion for its business, innovation and environmental sustainability. They produce a sustainable and chemical free product, while generating more than 500 direct jobs in Brazil.
GeneSeas is committed to responsible farming and enrolled in the Global Aquaculture Alliance - iBAP program to certify their farming practices as responsible and sustainable.
Due to the geographic diversity of our farms, we are better able to avoid unexpected obstacles or delays due to natural causes or transportation issues. For Tropical, expanding our tilapia network allows us the flexibility to substitute any day's harvest. Despite our complex structure, our tracking systems enable us to track every fish all the way back to the source.

For more information on all our products call (800) 277-3459 or 
visit us at www.eattilapia.com

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Q: How many eggs can a tilapia lay at a time?
 A: Mature females lay between 35 - 1,000 eggs at a time and may raise 3-12 broods in a year.
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Tilapia Stuffed Portabella

Tilapia Stuffed Portabella
Think Italian Food!
Rich, cheesy and simply elegant - a dish that will leave your guests asking for more! 

Click here for the recipe.  
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This month we welcomed Liz Garvey to the Tropical office. Liz will be assisting our founder to stay on track and well organized! Welcome to the team!

Matthew Busko, Logistics Coordinator, celebrated his 5th year working at the Tropical office! Congratulations and thanks for your hard work! 

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