Vol. 7, No. 2: February 2016  
Annual Donation to the Charles Darwin Foundation

For the fourth consecutive year, Tropical's Blue Foot White Shrimp program made its annual donation to the  Charles Darwin Foundation in the Galapagos Islands.

Donations to the Charles Darwin Foundation support the CDF's mission to ensure the conservation of the environment and biodiversity in the Galapagos Archipelago by providing knowledge and assistance through scientific research and complementary action. 
Through our Blue Foot White Shrimp program we have committed to contribute to the conservation of Ecuador's fragile Galapagos Islands by making a donation to the CDF for every pound of Blue Foot White Shrimp sold.

The funds we accumulate for our annual donation come directly from the sale of Blue Foot White Shrimp produced in Ecuador by Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscilla and distributed by Tropical.

In 2015, donations to the Charles Darwin Foundation helped to:

Save the Mangrove Finch

Restore Baltra and South Plaza Islands

Plant Endemic and Native Seedlings

Tag and track the behavior of 365 sharks

Experience the culinary taste of responsibly sourced shrimp! Blue Foot White Shrimp are sweet, succulent and crisp.

Available as:Sizes:
Easy Peel
Peeled & Deveined (P&D)21/25
IQF, custom retail bags and block

Call your sales representative for product details and pricing!
(800) 277-3459
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See You at Seafood Expo North America 2016
In just a couple weeks we will be exhibiting at the largest seafood event in North America, the Seafood Expo North America 2016.
Stop by booth #333 to say hello, meet with our sales representatives and learn about the fresh products Tropical has to offer.  Samples of fresh tilapia, shrimp, cobia, trout, cod and salmon will be prepared by Swiss Chef Stanti Schonbachler from the Victorian Inn located in Vermont. 

Don't miss your chance to sample our products and find out why Tropical is a leader in the fresh seafood category!  

If you'd like to setup a meeting with any of our team members, please let us know - we'd be happy to meet with you!
To setup an appointment please e-mail one of our sales representatives: 

See you at booth #333 March 6th - 8th! 

Click here to view floor plan.
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Q: Why do saltwater fish drink more water than freshwater fish?
 A: Saltwater fish need to drink more water than freshwater fish. Since seawater is saltier than the liquids in a fish's body, water inside the fish is constantly flowing out. If they didn't drink to replace the lost water, saltwater fish would dry up like prunes.
Source: Britannica Illustrated Science Library. 2008. Fish & Amphibians.
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Poached Shrimp with Salsa Verde and Fennel Salad

Think Latin!
This scrumptious recipe was created for Tropical by Chef Sam Filloramo. It lets the shrimp shine on its own while bringing the best out of Latino cuisine! 

Click here for the recipe.  
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This month Marie (Breezy) Jackson, Staff Accountant, celebrated her 8th year working at the Tropical office. Congratulations and Thank You for your dedication!

On the 15th of this month, Rosie Barmann, Administrator A/R, celebrated her birthday - Happy Birthday! 
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